A Terrarium Is Perfect If You Have No Place For A Garden

If you don’t have space for plants nor a garden, then maybe you should get a terrarium. We can’t seem to decide if this is retro-chic or geeky, but it will turn heads, there’s no doubt about that.

102209_rg_terrarium_01.jpgWe know that you can put plants all over your place without any problems, but some flowers need a special environment to grow, which is why a terrarium is kind of cool to have. You won’t need a greenhouse to grow those orchids! Stuck in between retro-chic and outright geekery, we think that this terrarium could work in some rooms. The Gabe Terrarium comes with a world map etched into its acrylic surface. You shouldn’t place it in direct sunlight, at the acrylic will multiply the heat. It comes with a handy humidity controller, making sure that your plants don’t go bad.

102209_rg_terrarium_02.jpgThe globe-like orb sits on a plastic pedestal. Good or bad, it’s certainly striking. It doesn’t look as good as the Apple Cube terrarium, but it’s a lot larger. It comes in either black or white. Also, it won’t break your budget. Expect to pay $100 for this wonder here.


[via DVice]

Turn Apple Cube Into Terrarium

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