Stargate Universe Light S01E05 (Syfy)

SG°U title card, via Wikipedia
SG°U title card, via Wikipedia

I’ve never been a Stargate fan. I’ve tried watching SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, but never really found them compelling enough. I actually like the original movie with Kurt Russell, but the series never really interested me that much. One of my friends recently bought all of the seasons cheaply. I thought about watching them, but ran out of time. Scalzi is a creative consultant on this series and it looks pretty interesting, so I’ve decided to give it a go.

Now, before any bitching and hating starts― too late, it’s already started, I haven’t bothered to read, review, or watch any of the Stargate series, and I’m not going to. I’ve watched a couple of episodes and didn’t continue. I tried Stargate Atlantis, but didn’t like it. My friend told me that starting season 4, SG-1 was really good. I can’t really comment on that as I stopped watching the series after a few episodes.

Basically, I’m a new viewer of Stargate, but I’m not a science-fiction novice. It puts me in an interesting spot about reviewing this show. My point of view is from someone who hasn’t watched any of the SG shows, so this review and recap should be interesting to those of you who haven’t watched SG before. For the others, leave some comments and start a discussion.

Is the show good or bad? Read on to find out more.

Warning: spoilers ahead

* * * * *

Compared to the two-episode premiere, Air Part 3 was definitely better. Eli is becoming a leader, a role that he seems to be taking quite seriously. There were some beautiful desert scenes and beautiful helicopter shots. I liked how the crew is starting to bond. Scott, Greer and Eli have developed a good partnership, as well as intrinsic trust.

Could have done without the “oh my daddy/husband is dead” part. I hope this isn’t a recurring theme in this show. Otherwise, it was good.

Once again, there is an annoying part in the 5th episode. There are some long bits in the shows, ie the sex scene and the montage shots which are supposed to be inspirational. Doesn’t work for me. I think that involving the Telford and O’Neil characters is also a mistake. The other bad bits are when they exchanged personalities and go visit their family on Earth. Gag! I FF through those bits. Didn’t care for them.

Other than that, I think that it’s a good show. I’m looking forward to when they figure out more about the Destiny.

Now that they have got the basics, I hope that they will move onto more interesting aspects of their intergalactic journey, which hasn’t been really featured in the recent episodes. There were some great bits in the first two episodes, but since they had to deal with the basics, no one mentioned them.

I don’t really like Scott and Chloe’s relationship. Sucks balls. Scott is a bit robotic as an actor, but he manages to pull through.

The show should focus on Eli, because that’s the character to which most of the audience can easily relate to.

* * * * *

Colonel Young briefs the crew that there will be a lottery to chose 15 people who will leave on the shuttle for one of the habitable planets. Eli sees that Scott and Chloe have become involved. He doesn’t look happy. Scott and Chloe have sex.

Wray wants Young to choose everyone himself. He said that he would chose two people to guide the expedition. Wray wants to be on the shuttle. Young threatens to remove her name from the lottery. She begs him not to.

Scott thinks that he will be on the shuttle. He is the only qualified pilot, excluding Young. Scott is sure that the Colonel will pick her.

Eli is planning on leaving a message in a bottle for someone to find.

Rush says that the first two planets are no go. The third is hidden behind the sun. They will have to launch the shuttle blind. The odds are good. The orbit is located between the other two. Rush doesn’t want to leave the Destiny. He won’t leave it. Young will choose Scott and Johansen. Rush says that there will be people who will think that the lottery was fixed one way of the other.

It’s time for the lottery. TJ and Scott are already on board. Wray gets on board. James, the hot pilot, gets also chosen. Eli gives the Kino to Sgt Riley.

Young, Rush, Chloe, and Greer watch the shuttle leave. Greer and Young go for a walk. Greer says goodbye to the Colonel, who plans on walking alone. The Destiny enters the sun’s corona. The shuttle gets some readings back from the planet. There is oxygen and nitrogen, but not much CO2, which means that there barely is any vegetation.

Rush starts celebrating. They aren’t dead. The shields are protecting them. Just like I predicted, some kind of ram scoops open up to get some fuel from the planet. The power comes back on board. Systems are coming back online. They are in the star. They have flown through the corona. Rush says that the ship is powered by solar power. A counter starts going. Young communicates with Scott. They need to get back to the ship however they can’t. They are simply too far and the Destiny is accelerating away from them too fast.

Rush tells them to land on the planet. He will send them exact coordinates. He wants Scott to slingshot around the planet to get back to the Destiny. They just make it back.

The Colonel suspects that Rush knew all along that the Destiny would make this.

* * * * *

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