50 KM Night Bike Ride

Velocite Millennium titanium frame

I wanted to go out on a bike ride yesterday, but was busy with work. So today, after coming home, I went out on a ride. It was about 5:30PM. I came back at around 7PM. It felt really good. I was a bit slower than a few weeks ago, but it was still a good time.

I tend to leave my front gears in the biggest one and just change around the back ones. It makes more sense. There was a mean head wind on some parts of my course. Also, I noticed quite a bit of changes. There is a nice lit section now in Yonghe. They were putting in the lamps a few weeks ago and now I guess that they are finished. It’s a lot less dark, but it could do with even more lights. There is a bit of construction not far from the FuHe bridge. It’s cool though because there is an on ramp that is a short little climb. There are some new anti-scooter poles, which means that you have to slow down. The new ones are located on the start of the Xindian riverside park bike path and on the top of the Sioulang Bridge, on the way down into Taipei.

I might have mentioned it before, but it’s pretty much official. I’m getting sponsored by Velocite, a small boutique brand. I’ll be getting two frames from them. One will be a carbon fiber frame and another will be a titanium frame called the Millennium. For the carbon fiber frame, it will either be the Magnus or the Helios. Magnus is for short races and Helios is for multi-stage bike races.

The Millennium is perfect for long rides. It will deliver top of the line performance day in and day out. Since it’s made out of titanium, it will last an extremely long time. It only weighs 1.2 kg in my size, so that’s pretty low. It also comes with a CF fork. I’ll most probably make the Millennium my training bike. One bike will be equipped with Dura Ace and the other with SRAM Red. Highlights of the DA bike will include a BB30 Fission crankset from Stronglight and 960 brakes from TRP. SRAM Red bike will have Negative Gravity brakes finished in red. What made me choose Velocite? They adhere to strict EU QA, which is pretty neat. Their factory is located in Taiwan so I’ll have the option of trying out the bikes before making a purchase.

25 km   – 36:23      – 41.67 kph
50 km   – 1:14:44  – 39.47 kph – average speed 40.54 kph

After the ride, I was feeling a bit groggy. I had trouble concentrating on more than one thing at a time and I felt quite a bit tired. Tomorrow is a big day and I need to work on some more homework. My legs are all wrapped up for the night.

Today marks the day that I’ll be starting up my training again, after taking it easy for a few weeks. I’m going to combine running with biking, something that I’ve always wanted to do, but never really implemented. I’m going to go for a run tomorrow, either in the morning or during my lunch break at school. I’m not going to go crazy, only 6-8km. However, I’ll be doing this 5 times a week, at least. As for bike rides, I’ll start up my training like it was during the summer, 4-5 times a week regular 50-70kms and one long ride on weekends for 100-200km.

* * * * *


weekly km count: 0
monthly km count: 0
yearly km count: 27.2


weekly km count: 50
monthly km count: 50
yearly km count: 1317
(started in June ‘09)

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I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

5 thoughts on “50 KM Night Bike Ride”

  1. You make a good point as to why I don’t run on pavement any more. I use a Versclimber which is extrodinarily easy on my joints. And I don’t even have to worry about getting the right shoes…any ones will do!

  2. I used to run on a treadmill, but it’s way better and a lot more fun to run outside. Anyway, that’s my opinion. If the Versclimber does it for you, then there you go.

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