Sanctuary Hero S02E04 (Syfy)

Sanctuary title card, via Wikipedia
Sanctuary title card, via Wikipedia

I have to say that the season premiere of Sanctuary impressed me quite a bit. From on online show, Sanctuary has developed a lot. The show has a lot more money poured into it. Plus, the story is just getting interesting, with Magnus and her acolytes fighting the Cabal.

The premiere impressed me enough to want to write something up for it. I watched all of last season while it was being aired, and I really enjoyed where the end of the season was heading. The Sanctuary is a place where all abnormals can go to seek Sanctuary from the modern world. Abnormals come in all different types, from vampires to Yeti. I know that it sounds a bit stupid, but the show matured well into its new TV format, especially towards the end of last season.

This season is no different. Well, actually it is, but things just keep getting better. We’ve got a dark conspiracy, a kidnapped daughter that’s been brainwashed, and the Sanctuary team trying to right wrongs.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

This was one of the best Sanctuary episodes yet. I liked how Kate becomes part of the Sanctuary team. It’s also interesting to see a few more soldiers to help out with missions. The story itself was also pretty good. Sanctuary is becoming a really great show.

* * * * *

A superhero is in town and he defends some guy from guys on motorcycles. Will and another guy are pursuing someone and the superhero interfered. The guy they were chasing is an empathy trying to set himself free from the mob. The other guy with Will is the new addition to the team.

Will and Magnus go to a construction site. Someone found the remains of a hatched egg. The foreman says that the 1st guy on scene isn’t here. He left. They find him and Will and Deckland go check it out. They find evidence of him chowing down on cats.

Henry is showing Kate around the abnormals. She gets a call from a friend who wants to see her. Henry has uncovered more evidence of the superhero. They get to him using a police scanner. When the Adjustor gets antsy, Will sedates him with a shot.

The hero is human and has no abnormal DNA. Will talks with Walter.

Kate is meeting her brother. He needs a favor. He owes a lot of money to Constantine. Kate delivers something to Constantine. It’s the steno tusks. He doesn’t want her money. He wants her to supply him with abnormals. She refuses and walks away.

Magnus has traced the type of abnormal that they are facing. It’s got a high-pitched shriek. They could use that to trace it. They tap into the city’s net.

The superhero is free. He broke through the Sanctuary.

Deckland and his team have found Joe’s remains. They also found the creature. It’s pretty big and insect-like. It escapes. Will comes to the scene to help out. Will’s intuition is correct. The creature is cocooning to change into its next shape.

Walter corrupted the data of the scan. They find out that Walter’s suit is made out of bugs, a sort of collective. They are the abnormals. He falls to the ground after trying to fly off. He gets back to the Sanctuary. They tell him that the suit is a parasite feeding on him. He says that he can’t take the suit off. It’s stuck. He fell in a hole on a company retreat 8 days ago. Something slipped on him. He hasn’t been able to take off the suit since. They try to take it off and fail. Magnus comes up with a way of killing the suit, but she doesn’t like it. Walter doesn’t want to kill the suit.

Kate gives her brother a punch in the stomach and 50 Canadian dollars. Constantine kidnaps him so that Kate complies. She agrees to get a lizard for Constantine in exchange for her brother and the Steno tusks.

Magnus and her team have found the creature. It’s gotten even bigger and the stunners aren’t working. She notifies Henry, who’s with Walter. Walter jumps at the opportunity to go after the creature and save lives. He arrives and starts battling it out with the creature.

Kate takes her brother and Constantine into the Sanctuary. Kate has no plans of helping them out. She drops Constantine in a tank. She lets his goon go to spread the word that Kate isn’t for sale.

With Walter’s help, they are able to capture it. Back at the Sanctuary, they are about to inject him with the toxin. The suit flows off him. Walter says that he wished it off.

Magnus has a talk with Kate. She says that she is having Kate’s stuff moved into more permanent quarters. Kate is surprised. She knows that Magnus knows. It’s a great scene and a good move.

A few months later, Walter has written a comic book about his experience with the suit.

* * * * *

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