Survivor Samoa Houdini Magic S19E07 (CBS)

Russell from Foa Foa prospered while Russell from Galu got taken out of the game due to dehydration and exhaustion. With him gone, there is no gender advantage at Galu. The boys decide to bring Shambo over to their side. Foa Foa is upbeat because Russell is gone. Galu still has a 8-5 advantage. The boys of Galu want to make Shambo as their chief. That’s stupid. It’s a quick process. Monica thought that it was stupid. She thinks that if there would have been a vote last night, she might have gone. But they were supposed to vote out Shambo. Dave thinks that Shambo is so stupid that she might screw something up. Luckily, she doesn’t know anything and they can’t tell her anything.

It’s time for the next challenge. Shambo says that she wasn’t shocked to be elected leader. There are 13 pairs of survival items. They need to uncover them and match them. The leader can decide to take the items. However, this will forfeit their point. The winning tribe will go on a sailboat. The losing tribe gets spied on by a member of the opposing tribe.

Laura gets the 1st pt for Galu. Galu wins the 1st match, but forfeits the pt in order to take home the fire starting kit that’s wrapped up in a tarp. Brett gets the next pt and they keep it. John matches for Galu and gets a pt. Laura gets a pt for Laura. Russell gets a pt for Foa Foa. It’s 6-3 for Galu. There are only 3 items left. Galu needs to match up one more item and they will win the challenge. Nat gets a pt for Foa Foa. Galu wins reward thanks to Monica. Shambo sends Laura over to Foa Foa. Mick thinks that they are cursed.

Laura says that she knew that Sham would send her. Shambo doesn’t like her. Russell says that he is a preacher’s son. Laura says that she studied theology and believes that women should be pastors, not men. Russell makes his usual play for Laura. He wants to have an alliance with her after the merge. He keeps working her. He tells her that Ben found the immunity idol and didn’t play it.

Galu arrives at the sailboat. The smart play would have been to send Monica, since she doesn’t help much during physical challenges and that she was on the way out. The sailboat is pretty awesome. It’s a traditional sailboat, kind of like a pirate ship or a trireme. They got beef stew, bread, and scones.

Laura tells Foa Foa that she rides a Harley with her husband. Liz isn’t interested in hearing Nat and Laura talk about spiritual books. This is happening while Liz is trying to start a fire. Russell thinks that Liz is being stupid. Nat is schmoozing Laura well.

It’s time for the next immunity challenge. Both tribes will paddle out to gather fish-shaped puzzle pieces. They will bring them back and assemble them. Shambo selects John, Monica, and Laura to sit out. Foa Foa is ahead because they were pushing their boat. Nat grabs the first piece. Dave gets Galu’s. Liz has one for Foa Foa. And another. Nat has the next set. Dave gets another. Liz gets the 5th set for Foa Foa. Dave gets the 3rd. Kelly has the 4th. Liz gets the last one for Foa Foa. Kelly has the 5th set for Galu and Dave gets the last one. Galu gets into the boat to paddle. Foa Foa is still pushing. Jaison is out of breath. The tribes are almost even. Liz starts working on the puzzle. Liz keeps shushing Jaison. Jeff says that there maybe gaps in the puzzle. Liz says that the fins are the pattern. Galu has got a rhythm going. Galu wins immunity in a commanding fashion. Russell didn’t like how Jaison gave up on the puzzle.

Russell talks with Mick about Jaison. Liz tells Jaison that something has to change. Liz wonders how they always lose their lead. Jaison is embarrassed. Russell mentions to Liz that Jaison going to go. Liz is thrilled.

At tribal, Jeff reminds them that they have lost 8 out of 10 challenges. Their performance is one of the worst in Survivor history. Liz says that she trusts her tribe 100%. It’s time to vote. Liz gets evicted by a 4-1 vote.

* * * * *

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