The Amazing Race Do It For The Hood Do It For The Suburbs S15E05 (CBS)

Apparently, Mika will face her fear of heights. Teams are leaving with a locked briefcase to the marina. They face a roadblock. They must row their way to a yacht to meet the Sheik who will give them a watch. The time of the watch is the combination of the briefcase which holds their next clue. Teams must make their way to the Abra Station. Cheyne/Meghan are already gone when Brian/Ericka arrive. Sam/Dan want the BB players out. Brian is having trouble rowing. Ericka thinks that he’s so cute.

The BB players arrive at the wrong place. They also leave before the next team arrives. Teams face a Detour. In Gold, they must find a jewelry store to weigh out $500K in gold. In Glass, teams have to assemble a smoking pipe. Gary/Matt complete their Roadblock before the BB players arrive.

Meghan/Cheyne start assembling their pipe. Brian/Ericka arrive at the Detour. They do Gold. Dan/Sam arrive and also start paddling with their hands, imitating the BB players. Meghan gets flustered during their task. The BB players and Sam/Dan finish their roadblock. They have trouble with the combination. Sam/Dan open theirs pretty quickly. Tiffany rows to the yacht. Mika/Canaan arrive. Tiffany and Canaan complete the rowing part. The poker players leave.

Brian/Ericka have trouble with the weight of the gold.

Does a Muslim clock work different?
Clueless Mika

Mika says that she’s afraid of water too. What isn’t she afraid of? The BB players are still stuck. They are in last and open up the briefcase. Both Meghan/Cheyne and Brian/Ericka have trouble with their Detour. Brian/Ericka decide to change tasks. Meghan/Cheyne complete their Detour. They have to make their way to the Atlantis on the Palm Islands. They have to plunge down a gigantic water slide to get their next clue.

Brian/Ericka arrive. Sam/Dan arrive at their Roadblock. They decide to do Gold. The poker players do Gold. Mika/Canaan do Glass. Gary/Matt arrive at the Detour. Sam/Dan arrive at the jewelry shop. The poker players arrive. Maria borrow Sam/Dan’s calculator. They combine their forces. Sam/Dan and the poker players finish their Detour. They leave for the Palm Islands.

Meghan/Cheyne arrive at Atlantis. They have to slide. Meghan is scared of the sharks that are in a separated aquarium. The slide goes through the shark aquarium. Teams must search for Dolphin Bay beach. This is the pit stop for this leg of the race.

Meghan/Cheyne finish 1st. They win a Sea Doo each. The BB players arrive at the Glass detour. Ericka is frustrated. They can’t assemble their hookahs. Matt’s about to pass out. He’s dehydrated. Mika isn’t feeling too well either.

I wish I were naked right now.

Brian finally figures it out and they leave for the Atlantis resort. The BB players decide to do Gold instead. The poker players go down the slide. Sam/Dan are behind them. The poker players finish 2nd. Sam/Dan finish 3rd.

The BB players ask to use the jewelers calculator and he happily obliges. Gary/Matt finish their Detour. Brian says that he is scared of heights and Ericka is scared of water. Brian makes Ericka go first. They finish 4th. Mika/Canaan finish their Detour. They leave for Atlantis. Mika is scared of water and heights. It’s not looking good.

Gary/Matt finish 5th. Canaan tries to make her get into the slide, but she’s freaking out like a 5 year old. He tries to throw her into the slide, but she won’t. She resists too much. After Canaan backs down, she finally gets into the position. Canaan says that he hates her. They have two minutes to go down the slide. The BB players finish their Detour. They arrive at Atlantis and start smack talking to Mika. She’s a train wreck and they BB players go down the slide. Canaan goes down the slide. The BB players try to find the pit stop. Mika doesn’t go down the slide and they finish last.

The BB players finish 6th. Mika/Canaan are eliminated from the race.

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