Survivor Samoa All Hell Breaks Loose S19E08 (CBS)

It’s time for the merge. Foa Foa is down to 4. Russell has got some ideas about what to do, but they will just be picked off if Galu sticks together. However, Shambo and the boys have irritated the girls.

At Galu, Laura thinks that Shambo doesn’t like her. There is some tension. Laura’s canteen is missing. Shambo isn’t turning it around and making it about her and how Laura is a cheerleader in high school. Erik is in his hole and thinks that Laura is a bitch since they all know that Shambo is nuts.

The treemail the tribes receive implies that they are merging. The tribes meet at a treasure chest. They get new buffs and some survival gear. They are going back to the Galu tribe and get a feast. Dave/Nat go off, John/Jaison talk as well. Russell sees that his old Foa Foa tribe is going after the other members to secure their position in the new merged tribe. Brett knows some Samoan and comes up with the new tribe name. It’s Aiga. Erik is confident because he’s got the immunity idol. Russell shows Laura his immunity idol and tells her that he will give her the idol if he makes it into the top 7. Laura doesn’t think that he will give it to her, but this means that they will blindside him.

Russell isn’t convincing her. He wants her to get rid of one of her boys. Laura says that none of her guys is leaving. She says that one of his guys or Shambo is going home. He tries the same thing to Monica. He doesn’t believe what Monica is saying. He does the same thing to Jack. Russell tells John that Laura needs to go. John thinks that this is doable.

This means that Russell is going to go home, unless he wins immunity. The next day, Shambo and Russell bond. Shambo says that Laura hates her. Russell thinks that it’s a good idea of getting rid of Laura. Shambo trusts Russell. Russell informs the rest of the old Foa Foa. Russell thinks that it is easier than with the other tribe.

It’s time for the individual immunity challenge. They are playing t-ball. There are two necklaces to win. Then genders are competing with each other.

Making love is my sport.

Dave gets 3. Jaison gets 0. Russell gets 4. Brett gets 0. Mick gets 2. Erik gets 0. John gets 5 and wins immunity. Nat and Shambo get 0. Monica gets 2. Kelly gets 3. Laura gets 4 and wins immunity. This is going to be interesting.

Erik tells the old Galu that as long as they can keep the old Foa Foa from winning, they will just knock them off. Shambo says that Erik and Laura are going to decide who is going to go. Laura tells Erik that Russell has got the idol. They think that they will just smoke it out and vote for Jaison. Erik tells John that Russ has the idol. John wants Monica gone. Erik doesn’t like the idea, but he kind of starts getting into it. John says that every old Foa Foa will vote for Monica. Dave think that Erik is crazy, but he thinks that Erik isn’t telling everything. Erik tells the old Foa Foa to vote for Monica, but they will make Russ believe that they are voting for him. That will flush out the idol.

Jaison doesn’t believe him and doesn’t like him. He wants every Foa Foa to vote for Erik and send him packing. Nat starts talking to Laura and Kelly to vote for Erik. Kelly tells Monica. They tell Dave. Everyone is scheming. Russell doesn’t know what is going on. Everyone knows that Russell has the idol. No one knows that Erik has an idol as well.

It’s time for tribal. Erik is cocky, cocky enough for everyone to vote for him. He also insults Jaison. He retorts with even more personal attacks against Jaison. Erik basically tells the old Foa Foa that they are assholes.

Russell plays the immunity idol before Jeff reads out the votes. Erik is voted out by a 7-2. Erik is voted out. Everyone on Foa Foa is smiling. Laura is also pleased.

* * * * *

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