The Amazing Race This Is Not My Finest Hour S15E06 (CBS)

Mika/Canaan were eliminated because of Mika’s fear of heights and water. Plus, the BB players heckled her good. Teams depart for Amsterdam. They will have to drive themselves to a monument for their next clue. The earliest flight leaves at midnight. This is an equalizer. Sam is an anthropologist. It’s an equalizer flight. The BB players admit that they heckled Mika/Canaan. Sam/Dan come out to the group.

Brian doesn’t know how to work the car once they land. He needs help. Ericka tells him to stop freaking out. It makes her freak out. Teams must now drive to Groningen and find the highest point in the city. It’s some kind of tower. The BB players don’t know everyone’s name, but they know Brian’s because of Ericka’s incessant screaming.

The teams face a Roadblock. They need to count the number of bells in the Martini tower. Sam and Meghan work together. Matt finishes 1st. They must drive themselves to a town named Vierhuzen and find a windmill. Sam/Dan finish with Meghan/Cheyne. Sam tells Tiffany the number of bells. Sam/Dan get into 1st place while Gary/Matt ask for directions. The poker players leave. The BB players leave. Only Ericka is left. She’s off by 19. They face a detour. Farmer’s game or Famer’s dance. They must dress up as farmers. In Farmer’s game, they must swim across a creek and play some farmer’s golf. In Farmer’s dance, they must learn a folk dance and perform it correctly. They must then eat a salted herring.

Ericka guesses 56. She has to start over again. She looks despondent. Meghan/Cheyne decide to do the golf while Gary/Matt do the dance. The poker players also do the dance. Sam/Dan do the games. Dan does well in the task while Meghan/Cheyne have to start over. Ericka guesses 57. The right number is 62. Ericka wants to give up. Sam/Dan complete the 2nd hole. Sam/Dan finish easily. They must bike through town to find the pit stop at the harbor. Meghan/Cheyne start over and over again because Meghan can’t golf. Matt doesn’t like fish, so they do the golf instead. Meghan/Cheyne finish their detour.

Maria/Tiffany are having fun but having trouble with the high striker. Ericka finally gets the right number. It took a long time. Sam/Dan finish 1st. They won a sand buggy. While Meghan/Cheyne get dressed, Gary/Matt arrive.

The poker players have tried about 30 times. They decide to go do the golf. The BB players get it on the 1st try. Meghan/Cheyne finish 2nd. Gary/Matt and Maria/Tiffany are golfing while Brian/Ericka forget to take their bikes.

Once we got it, it was Soultrain!
The BB players

The BB players are hilarious to watch with a bunch of small ladies dancing around them. They have no trouble eating the herring. The poker players head back to the dance.

Maria/Tiffany are trying the high striker again. After their 50th attempt, they hug it out and try it again.

While traveling, Brian reads the clue again and sees that they need to get on bikes. The BB players finish 3rd. Gary/Matt finish the detour and head to the pit stop. After attempt 71, the poker players go back to the golf. Gary/Matt finish 4th. Ericka/Brian finish the dance. They have to eat the herring.

Brian/Ericka borrow some random bikes. They head to the pit stop. They are 5th but because they didn’t use the bikes they incur a 30-minute penalty. Tiffany’s arms are too tired to work anymore. Ericka is crying. She doesn’t want to be eliminated. Phil checks them in. They finish 5th. Phil comes to see the poker players. They quit. They get eliminated.

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