Belle de Jour’s Ex-Boyfriend Interviewed

image via Daily Mail

My wife told me that this was pretty scandalous, and I agree. Sex blogger Belle de Jour unmasked herself over the weekend as a medical research scientist with a PhD. Are you shocked?

We’ve been talking about this since the news broke and we still can’t really understand the situation. Needless to say, unless you are Dr. Brooke Magnanti, you can’t. We just wonder if she is going to continue being a researcher or if she will just be a full time writer. Two TV series were made from her books. The Daily Mail published an interview with her ex-boyfriend.

Here is a link to her academic publications.

She has made a great deal of money from Belle de Jour, but I haven’t received a penny and my life has been completely affected.
The Boy from Belle de Jour comes to life in a Daily Mail interview

My wife says that he was in love with her. I said that he was a dumbass for believing that a call girl didn’t have sex with her clients. He sounded like a simpleton. Then again, love blinds.

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