Back At School

It’s good to be back at school. I missed most of last week because I was teaching 30 hours. I didn’t miss much³, but I felt terrible. In the future, I won’t want to miss any school at all. My classmates were actually worried about me, which was kind of nice.

I ran some errands.

I finally got my health check. As usual, I’m doing this at the last minute, but it will be in time so that I can get a Resident Visa and an ARC. I went to the hospital on Renai Rd. To my surprise, the health checks are about 2.2 times more expensive. I seem to remember them costing about 800 NTD (~$24). I paid about 1,880 NTD (~$58) for mine. Luckily, I was at the hospital at around 2:40PM and I was finished by 3:20PM. It was pretty quick. I got some blood drawn and a chest x-ray. Since I had already gone to this hospital in 2007, everything else was kept on file. That was pretty neat. All that’s left is to collect it next week, get my Resident Visa and then get my ARC. Pretty straightforward, though they make you jump to a bunch of hoops.

I got dinner at Evan’s. I had a cheeseburger. It was pretty good. I need to remember that they have lunch special on Wednesdays only. Yesterday, I bought $13 worth of fruits at a fruit shop. That doesn’t sound like much, but it is. I bought 30 Taiwanese oranges. They were 6¢ each. That was damn cheap. They don’t taste as good as Sunkist oranges and they are green for some reason¹, but hey, at 6¢ it’s hard to say no. I plan on detoxing from the bad carbs that I’ve been eating over the last few months². It hasn’t gotten out of hand, but I know that I need to completely cut out carbs for a while.

I went to get a haircut at my usual place Fully near Taipower Building on Fuxing N. Rd. I got a great massage and head massage from my hairdresser. Initially, about 2 years ago when I first started going there, I was surprised when I got it. Now, it was something relaxing. My hairdresser is meticulous and gives a hard massage. It’s painful at times, but feels pretty good.

It’s been a few weeks since I took any photos, so yesterday, I snapped away. As always, I started with my pets. I got some nice shots of both Yoda the cat and Spike the French bulldog together on the couch between my legs.

* * * * *

[¹]: They are actually tangerines and they are pretty darn good.
[²]: I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but I just got onto it today, after eating fried rice at my school yesterday.
[³]: That’s actually wrong. I spent about 3hrs today catching up on what we did in Complex Analysis and the Stokes theorem proof was especially challenging. I started swearing when I noticed that it was a few pages long. My classmates found that funny. I as in my office.

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