Survivor Samoa The Day of Reckoning S19E09 (CBS)

Thanks to Russ’ immunity idol, Kelly was evicted last time. Russell is also working Shambo to get rid of Laura. The immunity idol is also going back into play, much to Laura’s dismay. Russell is pretty happy how things are going.



That was almost as great as my kids being born.

Shambo is feeling quite a bit of schadenfreude. At the crack of dawn, Russell is back looking for the next immunity idol.

She is the viper queen on Galu.
Shambo on Laura

Shambo comes out to John about voting for Laura. He can’t assure her of that. She asks him not to tell.

It’s time for the challenge. They will divide into two teams of 5. One person will be suspended in a cradle. The other tribemates will maneuver them around to gather 15 flags. The winning team will fly out to another island and have a nice dinner. Laura and Russ are in the same team. Nat has 2 flags for purple while John is struggling for yellow. Yellow knocks out a flag and they have to put it back into its slot. Nat almost falls out, but she gets the 15th flag. They easily win the reward.

The winning team gets to take pictures with a smartphone. They get to eat some food. Jaison talks with Monica. She’s not saying much. They tell her that they’ve got 5 votes already. Is this is a smart play? They basically tell her that Shambo is the traitor.

On the phone, they get the clue about the next clue. It says that a rolling stone gathers no moss. They also see a rock covered in moss underneath which the idol is hidden. As soon as they get back to camp, the old Foa Foa goes looking for the idol. The old Galu tries to sabotage them. Russell leads Dave around because he’s annoyed that he’s tagging along. Dave loses him easily. Russell outsmarts them again and manages to find it quite easily.

Monica tells Laura that the old Foa Foa is after her and this includes Shambo. She needs to win immunity.

The goal of the immunity challenge involves breaking tiles to gather spears. In the 2nd part, they will launch spears at a bulls eye. Jaison knocks out a tile. Dave knocks out one of Monica’s tiles. Brett knocks out two of his tiles with one shot. Mick gets one too. Laura, Russell, Shambo, Dave, and Nat don’t get a shot at immunity. Brett is on the board. Jaison shoots wide. Monica is too low. Mick gets a better shot of Brett’s. Mick wins immunity.

Shambo tells Brett that she is voting for Laura. Laura and Dave ask John’s advice. He says that they need to vote for Nat. She’s the one who’s the least likely to have the idol. Monica and Dave scramble with Brett. Monica comes up with the idea of telling Foa Foa that she is voting for John. She tries to talk with Russell, who doesn’t care what she is saying. Monica is greasing everyone’s wheels in Foa Foa. None of them believe her. Russell comes up with the smart idea of letting John know. Brett tells John that he’s a patsy. He’s not happy about hearing this. John tells Russell. They talk. Russ says that they are still voting for Laura. Russell tells John to do a switch after the 1st tie. John isn’t very confident.

It’s time for tribal. Shambo says that after they voted off Erik, Galu was broken. Laura glares at Shambo. She says that her group is tight knit. Jeff argues that if Shambo is on the fence, they aren’t. Russell doesn’t look worried and doesn’t play the idol. The old Galu vote for Nat. It’s a tie between Laura and Nat. Laura and Nat won’t vote and they vote again for only those two. Will John switch? Laura is evicted by a 5-3 vote. Laura and Monica are shocked. Dave is devastated. Shambo is laughing.

* * * * *

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