The Amazing Race Were Not Working With Anybody Ever Anymore S15E09 (CBS)

Matt/Gary got eliminated in the last leg. Tensions flared between the BB players and Sam/Dan. Teams start off from Estonia. They are leaving for Prague. They must find the old town square to find a vintage Praga, a vintage convertible. The 1st flight leaves at 5:20AM tomorrow. Meghan/Cheyne smartly figure out what a Praga is. Meghan was to lie to the other teams, but they don’t.

Ericka/Brian are taking a shuttle bus and the subway. Someone on the plane mentioned that this was the fastest way. Meghan/Cheyne arrive 1st. Sam/Dan arrive and follow. Teams must now make their way to an adventure center. Dan is annoyed by Sam’s narration. Meanwhile, Ericka/Brian are stuck in traffic. They decide to take a taxi instead. It’s Ericka’s fault and she’s not taking responsibility. The BB players get into a funky taxi.

The teams face a Detour. In Fast & Furious, they make their way through man-made rapids to get a flag. If they tip over, they have to try again. In Slow & Steady, they must make their way through aerial ropes. Sam/Dan do the rapids. Meghan/Cheyne do the ropes. The BB players also do the ropes. Sam/Dan can’t stop arguing. Brian figures out that the Praga is the car. Sam/Dan fall over on their 1st attempt. They have to do it again. Big Easy is so heavy that his boots dip into the water. Dan is terrible. He’s obnoxious bossy gay brother. Meghan/Cheyne are in 1st place. Flight Time is waiting for Big Easy to finish. Flight Time goes down first and takes his time to slow down the other team, who’s freaking out.

Meghan tries to make nice with Flight Time. Teams must now figure out that the words on their flags refer to an estate theater. Sam/Dan go overboard for the 3rd time. They switch detours. Brian/Ericka arrive. Meghan tells the BB players to go with them to the tram station. Cheyne drags Meghan away to get a taxi. Meghan says that he’s being rude. They leave. Cheyne tries to reason with her, but she’s adamant about helping the BB players. Meghan wants to play nice. She makes some sense, but Cheyne wants to finish 1st.

Ericka is terrible as well on the ropes. They face a Roadblock. They must find a tiny Mandolin in the opera house. Cheyne is an idiot and starts with the lounges instead of starting on the floor. Cheyne is a double idiot. He finds a sort of banjo and brings it down. It’s not miniature. Meghan keeps saying Cheyne’s name and it’s aggravating Big Easy.

The BB players have to take a subway. Sam/Dan head to the theater. The BB players arrive. Sam/Dan take Ericka/Brian’s cab. They arrive at the theater. Flight Time has a good time jerking around on the stage. For some reason, none of the teams are thinking about finding a miniature instrument. Cheyne finds it first. They leave. They must make their way to the pit stop, Prague Castle.

Dan finds the next miniature mandolin. Brian/Ericka arrive at the theater. Brian makes Ericka do it. Sam/Dan leave for the pit stop. They see Brian/Ericka and snub each other.

Meghan/Cheyne finish 1st. They won a trip to Hawaii. Sam/Dan can’t find a taxi. Big Easy finds the mandolin. They leave for the pit stop. They almost catch up to Sam/Dan. Sam/Dan finish 2nd. The BB players finish 3rd. Ericka finds the mandolin thanks to what Brian said. They finish last. They aren’t eliminated. They will face a Speed Bump in the next leg.

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