Dexter Dex Takes A Holiday S04E04 (Showtime)

Red stairs

Dexter stars Michael C. Hall, most known for his role as David in the HBO drama Six Feet Under. Michael C Hall plays Dexter Morgan, a blood spatter specialist working in Miami for the police.

A lot has changed for Dexter this season. He’s married with a new house and he’s got a new baby in the world. It’s taking a toll on our favorite serial killer. He’s messing up at his job because of his lack of sleep.

Season 4 is pretty incredible. Dexter just keeps getting better. It’s been a while since I wrote this and I just didn’t have time to post these, so I decided to do so this week. Here you go!

Warning: Spoilers ahead and strong language.

* * * * *

Dex confronts a serious killer in this episode. Zoe is a cop gone bad and Dex has his sights set on her, but she’s wary of people poking in her life and Dex arouses her suspicion.

* * * * *

Dex is taking some time off from his family. He’s staying home while they are going to a wedding. The kids left him a present. It’s an “I Love Dad” mug. He’s got 72 hours alone. Dex will be recharging with Zoe Kruger. Her family got killed while she survived. Zoe’s husband and daughter were shot and killed. She was shot twice. The blood swipe at the scene belongs to a drug dealer named Ray. The blood guy’s theory is that Zoe planted the evidence. Ray was killed in a drug related incident.

Dex comes to his lab and finds his sister and Lundy looking through some photos. Quinn’s reporter fuckbuddy put Lundy on the front page. They are hiding from LaGuerta, who tells Lundy that his visitor’s badge has expired.

Trinity is staking out his next murder. He sees Lundy on the cover of the paper. LaGuerta tells Angel that they should inform the brass about their relationship. Angel is against this. He messes it up.

Dex finds out that Zoe was still wearing gloves when she shot herself.

Anton isn’t happy that Deb is spending so much time with her ex Lundy. She tries to reassure her, but Anton knows her pretty well.

Trinity provokes a drunk to rough him up a bit. Dex visits Zoe’s house. Dex meets her. She offers to give him a tour. Her story is that she’s separated and her daughter is with him. That doesn’t make any sense. Usually, realtors have to make full disclosures about murders that happened in their houses. Dex thinks that the gloves that Zoe used are in the garbage disposal. He finds some trace evidence just in time before Zoe walks in.

Lundy and Deb figured out where Trinity will strike next. There is some obvious sexual tension. He tells her about his feelings and it makes Deb uncomfortable. She leaves.

Angel tells Dex about LaGuerta. Angel wants to keep their relationship private. He doesn’t want the brass to know. It’s kind of ridiculous.

Quinn tells his reporter buddy Christine that he doesn’t want to work it out with her. She messed it up by reporting their pillow talk. Dex finds some blood on the glove he found in Zoe’s garbage disposal.

Lundy is at the site of the bar, which isn’t a bar anymore. Trinity is there and spots him from a distance. Trinity runs into him to provoke a meeting. Lundy is suspicious and follows him to a bus.

Dex gets stopped by a cop. It must be Zoe. She found out about Dex being a blood spatter analyst. Zoe knows that he has her file. She threatens him. Dex wants to call it off. Harry doesn’t let him. He needs to take care of her. Dex comes up with a plan. He asks for Ray’s file. He’s batting the beehive. The record clerk tells Zoe.

LaGuerta talks with Dex. She knows that he knows about her relationship with Angel. He tells her that he never leaves anything to chance. Krueger comes snooping around again. She’s out of her jurisdiction. He tells her that he’s got proof that she killed her family. There was blood on her glove in her garbage disposal. Also, there was gun residue on it. He’s going to tell his superiors in the morning. She pulls a gun on him. She dares him to tell them.

Deb turns up at Lundy’s place and starts to kiss him. He called her earlier to tell her about Trinity.

Dex is waiting for Krueger. She comes to his house with the intention of killing him and making it look like a home invasion gone wrong. She’s no match for him. He gets her quickly enough. She wakes up in Dex’s kill position. He’s made is so that they will believe that she went to the Philippines. There is no extradition theory. The glove evidence is back in her place. He also packed her a suitcase. Her car will be left in the port.

While taunting her, Dex realizes that he’d rather have his family find out the truth than lose them. The house is a mess. Dex has to scramble to clean it up. Rita and the kids arrive. They are beat.

Deb says goodbye to Lundy and gets shot by Trinity. Lundy also gets shot. Trinity takes his valuables. We don’t see Trinity’s face, but it’s obvious that it’s him.

* * * * *

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