Dexter Dirty Harry S04E05 (Showtime)

Red stairs

Dexter stars Michael C. Hall, most known for his role as David in the HBO drama Six Feet Under. Michael C Hall plays Dexter Morgan, a blood spatter specialist working in Miami for the police.

A lot has changed for Dexter this season. He’s married with a new house and he’s got a new baby in the world. It’s taking a toll on our favorite serial killer. He’s messing up at his job because of his lack of sleep.

Season 4 is pretty incredible. Dexter just keeps getting better. It’s been a while since I wrote this and I just didn’t have time to post these, so I decided to do so this week. Here you go!

Warning: Spoilers ahead and strong language.

* * * * *

LaGuerta tells the brass about her relationship with Angel. This won’t be pretty. Deb was shot in the last episode. She’s still alive, but Lundy was killed. Trinity outplayed Lundy easily, because he wasn’t astute enough.

* * * * *

Dexter arrives on scene. Some idiot uniform tries to stop him from seeing Deb. Deb is still alive. Lundy is dead. The MO smells like the Vacation Murderer. LaGuerta and Angel send him to the hospital. Lundy was shot twice. Deb was left alive. It sounds like the MO.

Christine arrives to see Quinn. Dex checks Lundy’s hotel room. He made his life to search for Trinity. Dex takes his evidence.

Rita answers Dex’s phone and learns that Dex still has his apartment. Deb wakes up. She didn’t need surgery, just a couple of stitches. Anton arrives, as well as Rita. Rita tells him about the pipe bursting at his apartment. Rita wants to talk about it later. Deb tells Anton that she slept with Lundy. She wants to break up with him.

LaGuerta told the brass that she made disclosure about their relationship. The Deputy Chief is waiting and hovering around. Baptista planted a story about Johnny Rhodes in the papers, using Christine. It may pit Nikki against Johnny.

Dex is at his place. It’s no more his sanctuary. He needs it for his Dark Passenger. Deb calls him. She needs him to pick her up. She also needs a place to stay. Dex is starting to listen to Lundy’s tapes. Dex figures out that Lundy was killed by Trinity because he go too close. Lundy couldn’t put together the pieces.

Trinity is shopping for hammers. Dex is staking out Trinity’s next murder place. He realizes that he doesn’t have all of Lundy’s tapes. The last one must be in his recorder, which is locked into evidence.

Quinn is giving Christine some head. They start their relationship back up. Deb stays at Dex’s place. She senses some tension between Dex and Rita. Dex manages to stall her.

Angel and LaGuerta have made up. Dex manages to swipe the tape easily enough. Trinity gets the skinny on the office building. He gets a tour and a lot of info on how to get in.

Rita asks Deb if she knew about Dex’s apartment. Deb is punishing herself by not taking her pain pills. Dex listens to the tape. Lundy ID his encounter with Trinity. There is a shooting at a motel. It’s Johnny Rhodes. Matsuka works the scene. He was shot 3 times. Nikki is cornered behind a liquor store. Quinn tasers her.

Quinn phones Deb that they got Nikki and Rhodes. Deputy Chief Matthews wants a word with LaGuerta. Matthews says that Angel will have to be transferred out of homicide. He will get a promotion included in the transfer.

Deb talks with Dex. She’s freaking out. She tells him that she is broken. He replies that he is. He comes to his apartment and finds Rita waiting for him. She went through his stuff and didn’t find anything. He opens his trunk and there is a gun in there. He says that he wasn’t comfortable bringing it home. Rita says that she is seeing how good he is at lying. He should sleep here tonight. When he comes home, they’ll have a lot of work in order to make their marriage work.

Dex arrives at the building. He’s too late. Trinity is already killing the sandwich guy by bludgeoning him to death. The security guard is fine. Dex goes to the security desk and sees Trinity doing his dirty work. He follows him in his van. He leaves the city. He goes to a home in the suburbs. He’s got a wife and a family.

* * * * *

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