Dexter If I Had A Hammer S04E06 (Showtime)

Red stairs

Dexter stars Michael C. Hall, most known for his role as David in the HBO drama Six Feet Under. Michael C Hall plays Dexter Morgan, a blood spatter specialist working in Miami for the police.

A lot has changed for Dexter this season. He’s married with a new house and he’s got a new baby in the world. It’s taking a toll on our favorite serial killer. He’s messing up at his job because of his lack of sleep.

Season 4 is pretty incredible. Dexter just keeps getting better. It’s been a while since I wrote this and I just didn’t have time to post these, so I decided to do so this week. Here you go!

Warning: Spoilers ahead and strong language.

* * * * *

Rita finds out about Dex’s apartment and he’s in deep trouble. Meanwhile, Dex starts to study Trinity. He’s astounded at what he learns. He’s got a loving family, a career and fits in generally. Dex wants to learn more.

* * * * *

Dexter is going to Trinity’s church. He’s a deacon and a teacher. Rita is still angry with Dex for keeping his apartment. Rita made an appointment for them with a therapist.

Deb needs a ride to the station. Dex is called to a bludgeoning. Deb knew where this would happen. Dex is trying to get the beat on Trinity, but Matsuka is fast.

Angel is getting a promotion and a desk job out of homicide. He isn’t disappointed. He tells Maria that she did the right thing telling Matthews.

Matsuka found out that the smudge that Dex found was DNA. The smudge is composed of saliva and human bone fragments. Angel sends Deb home.

Dex is in deep shit with Rita about the apartment. Dex is trying to study Trinity.

Deb asks Quinn about going on the record and saying that she saw Rhodes shooting her and Lundy. Quinn’s girlfriend also wants to interview Deb.

Matsuka learns that the killer is related to the remains. Dex decides to work with Trinity on some housing project that he’s involved in. Dex talks with the kids as well.

Instead of leaving it alone, Deb goes to question Nikki. She tells her that she will say that she saw her.

La Guerta tells Matthews that she wants to transfer out of homicide. Matthews isn’t too keen on the idea. He’ll let her know what he decides. She tells Angel. She doesn’t want him to leave homicide. She should have just kept quite. That would have solved their problems. They both tell Matthews that they broke up. They’ve got sworn affidavits. He tells them if they are lying, there will be severe consequences.

Dex is trying to learn to open up to others. Trinity can do this without problems. He needs to learn to do this as well. He’s used to keeping everything inside.

Matsuka finds out that the smudged DNA is female. Deb tells Quinn that she isn’t going to lie about seeing Nikki. She thinks that Nikki is right. Someone else killed Lundy. Deb is going over Lundy’s file. She says that some things are missing, including notebooks and audio tapes.

Dex finds out that Arthur Mitchell’s sister was found dead in a bathtub 1959. Marcia Mitchel jumped to her death in 1961. Henry Mitchell died in an alley of a fatal head wound in 1964. He’s recreating their deaths, decade after decade.

Dex cuts himself to find out where Trinity keeps his killing tools. Trinity’s trophies are hidden in plain sight. He doesn’t need to hide things. Dex provokes Trinity by touching the urn of her ashes. Arthur almost crushes his larynx, but is able to reign in his anger. Trinity says that he jumped in with both feet. His family saved him. Before leaving, Trinity gives him some tools. He gives him the murder weapon.

Dex has an epiphany about his family. He shares this in his next therapy session. He says that he wants space to store his stuff, physical and emotional.

-Have you told LaGuerta your theory?
-Not yet. Need to make sure that I have a case first, I don’t want to step on my dick.
Deb and Dex talking

Deb and Dex talk. She tells him that she believes that Trinity killed Lundy and shot her, after he stole some of the evidence that Lundy had amassed on him.

Dex and Rita build a shed for him to store his stuff. Much to his surprise, Rita gives him a padlock to lock it up and keep it away from the kids.

* * * * *

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