Dexter Road Kill S04E08 (Showtime)

Red stairs

Dexter stars Michael C. Hall, most known for his role as David in the HBO drama Six Feet Under. Michael C Hall plays Dexter Morgan, a blood spatter specialist working in Miami for the police.

A lot has changed for Dexter this season. He’s married with a new house and he’s got a new baby in the world. It’s taking a toll on our favorite serial killer. He’s messing up at his job because of his lack of sleep.

Season 4 is pretty incredible. Dexter just keeps getting better. It’s been a while since I wrote this and I just didn’t have time to post these, so I decided to do so this week. Here you go!

Warning: Spoilers ahead and strong language.

* * * * *

Dex and Trinity go on a road trip. Trinity makes some startling revelations. Dex learns that there is a reason why he did this. Deb makes a discovery about who shot her. It’s not Trinity, so it gets her back onto the Trinity case. One of the kids’ friends dad hits heavily on Rita while Dex is away. She doesn’t know what to do with all of this male attention.

Deb’s colorful language is always a highlight in any Dexter episode. It was particularly noticeable in this episode. I jotted down the best ones. It would have been simpler for Dex just to let Trinity die. That would have solved his problems and gotten rid of Trinity. It was a bad move for him.

This was a good, yet frustrating episode. Now that Trinity no longer has any ash, will his killings stop, or will he just evolve?

* * * * *

The squad is investigating Farrow’s disappearance. It’s been turned into a homicide, much to Dex’s chagrin, who killed him by mistake. During the meeting, Deb presents her serial bludgeoning case. During the case presentation, she mistakenly shows one of the bathtub murders. LaGuerta is quick and notices the smudge present there too. She wants Morgan to tell them the whole story. Deb obliges. She tells them about Trinity. LaGuerta buys it, but she isn’t happy with the way that Deb went about it.

Dex pops by Trinity’s place. Trinity is starting to crack. Dex thinks that it makes him look normal. Trinity is going to Tampa alone. Dex needs to go to so that he can take care of Trinity.

Deb tells Dex that LaGuerta took her off the case because she was the victim of Trinity. Dex finds some weather conference to go to. Trinity is also packing his killing tools. He’s running out of his sister’s ashes. What will he do when he runs out? Instead of following him around, Dex convinces him to give him a lift to Tampa. Dex is treading dangerously. He is annoying a very successful serial killer. He tells Trinity that he killed a man during a hunting accident. Trinity says that the remorse and guilt is eating away at him.

Deb tells Quinn to try for DNA sweeps on tall, blue-eyed Caucasians. Dex wants to go out shopping when Trinity asks him out. He says that he’s got a surprise for him in store.

While Maria and Angel are trying to find money in the budget for the DNA sweeps, a tipsy Quinn walks in to inform them that a bunch of guys will donate their vacation days. Angel and Maria get busy in the conference room.

Quinn is woken up by Christine desperately looking for a lead. While they get busy, she sees his paperwork and sees that he’s going to do some DNA sweeps.

Trinity takes Dex away with him. He’s got his tools with him. Dex doesn’t suspect a thing.

Matsuka tells Quinn about Leila. Dex was seeing a crazy Leila while he was dating Rita.

Trinity takes Dex to his old house. He grew up here. Trinity just barges in. He goes to the bathroom and recounts how his sister died while he was peeping on her taking a shower. He tells how his parents blamed him. His mother committed suicide. His father beat him relentlessly. He was mean drunk. Trinity killed him. He doesn’t say this. Trinity says that he never told anyone about this.

Christine comes to bug Deb. In order to stop her from reporting about this, Deb capitulates and offers her the hero interview.

While Dex goes to check in at the conference and create his alibi, he comes back and finds Trinity pontificating to some random family about his sister dying. Dex takes him away. It looks like the walls in Trinity’s psyche are breaking down.

Fuck me. Mother shit fuck.
Deb in the bathroom

Deb notices something about her wound. The trajectory doesn’t match Trinity’s height. From their evidence, they know that Trinity is 6’4”. From the trajectory, the shooter is Matsuka’s height. Considerably lower. It wasn’t Trinity who shot Lundy and Deb.

Rita’s neighbor took Astor and Cody out for fishing. They have a family dinner after they come back when he offers to gut the fish.

Dex finds Trinity gone from his room. He’s on foot with his killing tools. Dex finds him at the building site. Trinity is about to jump off the building. Dex saves him. He’s about to let go when workers come to help him out. That was a stupid move by Dex. He should have just let him jump. Dex is an idiot. He wanted to kill him himself. Before trying to jump off, Trinity dropped the bottle containing the last of his sister’s ashes.

LaGuerta tells Deb that since there is no longer a conflict of interest, she can work the Trinity case.

-Nobody know this case better than you. You’re taking lead.
-Motherfucker, really?
LaGuerta to Deb

When Dex and Trinity drive home, they face the random DNA sweeps. Dex lets Trinity know what the roadblock is so that he drives the other way.

* * * * *

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