Parks Are Filled With Siberian Huskies

Female Siberian husky, exactly like the one I found today


Today was somewhat laid-back. I took my dog for a walk and suddenly, I came upon a beautiful Siberian husky with clear blue eyes. He was docile and playful, and his leash was still on him. He followed us around a bit and Spike quite liked him. I looked around for an owner, but none materialized. This dog was not fixed, but seemed to have been well taken care of. I couldn’t see any sores, scars, or marks on him. He was also extremely friendly.

I took his leash and not knowing exactly what to do, took him with me. I tried dropping him off at a friend’s place. They had four dogs before, two of them huskies, but now they have only 3. I thought that they could do something, but they weren’t home. Chad’s girlfriend Kate is Taiwanese and knows the area well, so she’d be able to phone people around to find out who his owner was.

Having struck out, I left the dog wander around and brought my own dog home. I left him outside. He wandered back to the dog park. I decided to get a Slurpee. I then went back to the park to check up on the dog. He was at the border of a park trying to make friends with another dog. The owner was leaving and our husky was left alone again. I took him home for real this time. He was very excited.

Yoda the kitten in July 2008. She was so tiny!

I gave him food and water. I had to leave him on the patio for two reasons. My cat Yoda¹ had never seen a big dog before and she obviously didn’t like him. She had her back all curled up and was emitting strange growling noises. I had never heard her do those noises before. They didn’t let up, even with the husky on the porch. The husky didn’t eat, but drank. After half an hour, he started yelping. I couldn’t have that. I took him back out to try and find his owners. I came upon a sort of temple right in front of our apartment. I’ve been told that these house temples are a sort of cover for local gangsters. Anyway, this older man with rotted out betel nut teeth knew exactly what was going on after I explained it a bit with gestures and my limited Mandarin. He brought me down the street to a place where old women were dancing. He gave the dog to the woman. I don’t think that she was the owner, since she didn’t greet him as much, but my guess is that she either knew the owner or would be able to find him a lot quicker than I would.

Spike in quarantine in Taipei in September 07
Spike in quarantine in Taipei 2007


It’s a bit sad though. I’ve wanted to get a bigger dog for a while, but I can’t. I don’t have the time nor the place in my apartment for a bigger dog. As I watched him, I knew I couldn’t keep him. He was a cutie, but another dog would have been too much for right now. I barely have enough time for Spike. It made me realize how little work Spike is. He needs two walks a day and some play time inside. He doesn’t bark, yelp, nor destroy stuff. He’s also well trained and fixed. I’m sure that I could have trained the Siberian husky, but it wasn’t meant to be. At least I rescued him from the park, that’s what’s important. He won’t become another of Taipei’s strays.

I wonder what Jo will say to all this. We are leaving Taiwan in about two years. Having two pets is already a burden. Shipping them to the US will be expensive. Luckily, they won’t be in quarantine.

* * * * *

[¹]: My cat Yoda is a rescue. I rescued her as a kitten in July 2008. She was between 7 and 10 days old. I had to bottle feed her milk every four hours. She’s a bit feral, but mellowed up quite a bit since then.

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