V A Bright New Day S01E03 (ABC)

I really enjoyed the original series. It was something quite astounding to watch. It was a mix between ultra-80s tackiness and just good old plain American science-fiction. I didn’t really get much at the time when it was originally broadcast nor did I watch it really, I just knew of it. I watched it a few times when I was older, when I got the DVD sets. The episodes were a standard science-fiction affair, but the concept was really good.

V tells the story of visitors from outer space coming to Earth to trade with humans. Strangely enough, they look human. In the original series, it took a while to find this out, as they were always wearing helmets for a while. It also took a while to discover that the Visitors aren’t really human. We discover this in the first episode of the new series. The Visitors have got a plan to take over Earth, only the people are too dumbfounded to react. They are in awe of the technology and the trades that the Visitors promise

Warning: spoilers ahead

* * * * *

I was pleasantly surprised by this show. I wasn’t expecting much, as the concept of the V show would have been easy to miss. For now, it’s nowhere near as good as Battlestar Galactica, but I’m expecting that the next few episodes will help flesh out the story.

The actors are good, so expect something better than Stargate Universe. The fact that they are using an ensemble cast makes parts of the story difficult to follow. This was true for the pilot, but not for the rest of the episodes

We will see 4 episodes of V in November. The rest will be broadcast in the spring. The 1st season has 13 episodes. All in all, I liked the pilot. I’m looking forward to more episodes.

* * * * *

Some Vs have been granted admission to the USA. Decker is reporting. Anna leaves unfazed.

Father Jack comes to see Erica. Evans gets called to the Visitor Center. There has been a death threat against the Vs.

Ryan is walking his fiancée to work. He meets up with George, a guy he saved at the warehouse. He wants to mount another resistance. Ryan says that John May is the leader of the 5th Column, the 1st group of Vs that turned against the Visitors.

At the mothership, the Vs are unsure if Dale will remember anything. The damage was severe. Joshua is taking care of Dale. Dale has been a sleeper agent for over 20 years.

Anna wants the face of the protest movement discredited. Her name is Faulkner. She wants her stopped.

Evans arrives at the Visitor Center and is told by her boss that she is told that she will be partnered up with one of them. She is giving them pointers on how to deal with the threat against the Vs.

Father Jack finds out that George Sutton was leading the meeting at the warehouse. George is the one meeting with Ryan right now. Ryan is meeting up with someone who can help them out. Ryan wants to put the Column back together. Ryan goes to see Cyrus, a dude he fought with in the Column. Cyrus is betraying Ryan. They told him that they were going to reconnect him, whatever that means. The Bliss, that’s how they control the Vs. Cyrus isn’t a match for Ryan.

Anna is meeting the captains of the 30 ships. It’s just a virtual conference. She wants them to deal with insurrection so that they can’t form a full resistance. Anna says that this kind of hatred is infectious. It needs to be stopped.

Erica finds out that the shooter is in the Visitor Center already and managed to steal a V uniform. Evans manages to restrain him quite efficiently, much to the surprise of very V in the center. Evans is informed that the Vs are going to be taking her prisoner. Before leaving, she gets into a higher security area, from which the Vs run their real security, not the sham that they showed her before. She sees that all of the Vs have surveillance on them. It’s in the badges of their uniforms. She’s being taped right now.

Erica is congratulated by Anna’s 2nd in command. She saved him from the shooter.

Ty’s friend manages to hook him up with Lisa. She tells him that he is back in the ambassador program.

Joshua is trying to bring Dale’s memories back. He says that there is another V at the FBI. He says that Erica cracked his head open. She saw his true face. He needs to go back down to kill her.

Sutton finds Father Jack after he went looking for him. Joshua say that he isn’t going down to the planet. Erica will make an excellent ally. Joshua is a traitor to the Vs and kills Dale for real this time. Joshua is with the 5th Column.

Anna’s 2nd in command arrives at Cyrus’ place. They find that his body has been disintegrated. Ryan left a message for them. “John May lives”.

Tyler takes Lisa home. Erica arrives. Lisa smartly disrobes. Erica is embarrassed.

The shooter was actually a V.

Erica and Father Jack meet with Georgie. He brought Ryan.

Lisa reports to her mom Anna about Tyler. They should use him.

* * * * *

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