The Amazing Race It Starts With an F Thats All Im Saying S15E10 (CBS)

Teams must make their way to a Spanish Synagogue in Prague. They must now make their way to a museum. They face a Roadblock. To complete it, they must enter a Kafka-esque challenge. They must find 5 ringing phones among a bunch of phones to decode a message. Cheyne makes Meghan do it. She has to fill in her form again. She gets it the 2nd time. They must travel to Kryocentrum. They get out and find Sam/Dan there, who are adamant they don’t steal their taxi.

Meghan/Cheyne get another taxi. Ericka/Brian face a Speed Bump. The BB players arrive. Dan fills out the form. He has to fill it out a 2nd time.

Teams must strip down to their underwear and enter a cryo-therapy room. They must brave temps of up to -160°C. They must stay inside for 2 minutes. Ericka/Brian must pay a visit to the green fairy. They must go to a bar and drink some absinthe.

Dan is an idiot. He can’t figure out the puzzle. I think that Flight Time will get it before Dan. They decide to work together. Meghan/Cheyne exit the cold chamber. Teams must make their way to the Charles bridge for they next clue. The lounge is filled with hot girls dancing in skimpy clothes. Brian never drinks alcohol, he’s going to be tipsy for a while just after one shot.

Dan finally gets the code. He tells Flight Time that it starts with F and leaves. Brian/Ericka arrive. They face a Detour. They must either deliver some beer or create a golem. Meghan/Cheyne decide to do the golem task. Sam/Dan arrive at the cryo-therapy facility.

Brian arrives. Flight is still there and failing. He’s been doing it for 2.5 hours. Meghan/Cheyne lay the wooden golem down on the floor. That’s smart. Sam/Dan come out of the cold room.

Brian gets it right and leaves. Flight Team is still there.

And I did it drunk too!

Flight Time is still failing. They decide to take the penalty. They must serve a 4 hour penalty. That’s a bit ridiculous, especially it was a name. Meghan/Cheyne start wheeling their golem around. Sam/Dan do the golem task. Brian/Ericka arrive at the cryo-therapy room. Sam/Dan drop their golem and break on of its arms. Meghan is an annoying bitch. She isn’t carrying the golem. He is. They get the clue and make their way to the next pit stop. They finish 1st again. They win an HDTV each.

Brian/Ericka do the beer task. Sam/Dan argue all of the way. Dan wants to find the synagogue first. Dan is supposed to be in better shape, but keeps whining the whole time. Meanwhile, Flight Time is still at the Roadblock. Brian/Ericka drop their beers. Ericka wants to the other task. Brian won’t hear of it. They drop quite a few beers.

Yeah, I do have some American attitude. Touch me and you’ll get punched!
Ericka to some drunk

Sam/Dan get the clue. They leave for the pit stop. They finish 2nd. It’s early in the morning and the BB players leave the Roadblock. Ericka/Brian leave for the pit stop at around the same time. They leave for the pit stop. They finish 3rd.

When the BB players arrive at the cryo-therapy center, they are told to report to the pit stop. Obviously, they are eliminated.

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