The Vampire Diaries The Turning Point S01E10 (CW)

The Vampire Diaries logo on CW, image via wikipedia
The Vampire Diaries logo on CW, image via wikipedia

Fresh on the heels of the boring Twilight craze, and the well-deserved True Blood phase, CW is offering up its latest in teen dramas. Apparently, this show drew 5 million viewers its first night. That’s probably due to Twilight-hype. I can’t stand Twilight. It sucks ass. I couldn’t read the books, but read a review from Dan Bergstein on those Stephanie Meyer books. It was very entertaining. The movie kind of sucked as well.

This is the situation, as I’ve divined it using my psychic powers. The Fox network saw that Twilight was really working well. Wow, maybe vamps are cool again, said one exec. Another said, maybe not, remember Forever Knight. Then, everyone went bonkers for True Blood. The same exec said it confirmed his theory that vamps are back in, notably teen vamps, not crazy sex-addicted vamps. One exec mentioned Teen Wolf, the other slapped him on the back of the head.

So, we need to find a teen vampire series. Wait, my daughter used to read some vampire thingie called The Vampire Diaries in the 90s. Let’s pressure L. J. Smith to write some sequels as an added incentive. That will make it cool!

Warning: spoilers ahead

* * * * *

Logan is back and both Damon and Stefan are after him. They aren’t the only ones, as the new boy in town, Alaric, is also a hunter. Other vampires are coming soon in order to break the vampires that were sealed in by Emily underneath the church. Now that Damon discovered this, he won’t be leaving Mystic Falls anytime soon. Elena gets into a bad accident and she meets one of the new vamps.

The show is getting less ridiculous, but I can’t really handle the romantic bits between Elena and Stefan. It’s still 100% pedophilia, as he’s almost 150 years older than she is.

* * * * *

Logan keeps insisting on getting invited in by Jenna. She closes the door in his face. Logan drains a woman on her nightly run.

Jeremy is engrossed by his family’s stuff. Elena sees him with his sketchpad.

The Sheriff comes to see the Salvatores. There’s been another attack. Someone else has turned up dead and drained of blood. She wants his help. There’s another vampire in town.

Stefan goes to see Elena. He tells her about the other vamp. He says that they are trying to find it. Jenna tells Jeremy that the journal he found is of a Gilbert who wrote fiction. She hands him a book.

Damon uses the vampire tracker and Caroline to find the vamp. Loga shoots Damon with some wooden bullets. Logan doesn’t remember who turned him. Damon says that he had to have vampire blood in his system to be turned. It wasn’t Damon nor Stefan. Some other vamp turned him. He wants to know how Damon walks around in the sun. Damon doesn’t tell so Logan shoots him a few more times and leaves him with a pile of drained bodies.

Logan arrives at the career fair. Stefan knows who the new vampire is. Logan wants to know how to become a daywalker. Stefan just blows him off. Elena asks Jenna about Logan. She finds out that Logan is a vamp. She tells Jenna to never speak to Logan again. Stefan and Damon talk on the phone. He tells her that Logan is here at the school.

Logan picks up Caroline, after having threatened her mom. He knocks her out once she’s in his car. Matt tells Stefan, who goes after her.

Ty and Jeremy get into it at the career fair. The mayor takes Ty and Jeremy outside to fight. Alaric arrives to break things out when the mayor pushes them to fight.

Stefan and Damon work together to get Logan. Stefan takes Caroline away while Damon deals with Logan. Logan says that there is another way to break the spell. There’s another way to get the vamps out. Damon tells Logan to take him out and to make it look good. He does so. The Sheriff arrives just in time.

Elena and Stefan kiss. They spend the night together.

Alaric comes to find Logan. Alaric takes him out easily enough with a stake. He’s a hunter, not a vamp. His face didn’t turn, only Logan’s did.

The Sheriff thanks Damon profusely once again for having taken out Logan. He’s dead. Elena runs away from Stefan after she discovers Katherine’s photo. On the way home, a figure is standing in the middle of the road. She has an accident with her car. The person is run over but gets up and comes to get her. The episode ends with her scream. It’s the vampire who turned Logan. He implied that he was sent by someone.

* * * * *

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