Californication Dogtown S03E10 (Showtime)

Californication title card, via Wikipedia

How long will it take Hank to mess things up with Karen? Not very long. Hank’s usual nice disposition doesn’t win him any favorites when he tries to talk his way out of a warning. He just gets arrested.

I enjoyed the whole first series. I enjoyed the second series as well. Even though some critics were against some of the more controversial scenes, I enjoyed them. It paints an interesting picture of the life of Hank Moody and his messed up life. Hank has been a real asshole in the past, but at the end of it all he’s a good man. If you thought that the second season was going to be any less controversial, think again. This time, it’s mouth rape. The third season starts smoothly enough.

Warning: Spoilers ahead and strong language.

* * * * *

Hank is a college teacher. That’s a strong word. He’s just trying to make some money. He’s got trouble at home with Becca. Runkle is still trying to patch things up with his ex, but he comes across the fact that she likes rape fantasies. He tries to do one himself. It doesn’t work out. He’s moved back into his house. Now, Marcie is having animal sex with Rick Springfield.

Kathleen Turner looks really bad as his nympho boss. She keeps trying to get into Runkle’s pants. I don’t know which is more disturbing. Runkle messes things up with Marcie by relenting to his boss’ sexual harassment. Moody fantasizes about Jackie and has sex with his TA Jill, while fooling around with Felicia. All in all, a good day for Hank Moody!

The aftermath of The Apartment is still going on. Runkle also messed up and got his ass fired for the whole Rick Springfield incident.

* * * * *

Karen and Becca are going out for dinner. They aren’t taking Hank. They are taking out Marcie. Karen is still pissed at Hank for screwing Felicia. Hank isn’t winning any favors. Runkle is packing his office up. He was fired. Sue makes some more inappropriate advances while Hank is in the more.

We could have been life-long fuck buddies.

Runkle and Hank go out for drinks. Hank gets into a fight. They get tossed out of a bar. They decide to go on a bender. Then, they go to a book store and find one of Hank’s early books. They steal the autographed book and Julian Self’s.

Karen, Becca, and Marcie are having dinner. Marcie is speaking of her vagina a lot. The boys run into the girls. They make asses of themselves and go to a convenience store for some liquor. They continue to make asses of themselves there and some guns get pulled on them. Luckily, the convenience store owner has a gun and chases the ruffians away.

After that, they decide to get royally shit-faced. Becca tells Marcie and her mom that she wants to know the benefits of being married. Until now, she’s only heard the bad parts. She tells her mom that Hank will never change. She needs to grow up and move on, because he will never do so.

I feel like I’ve been fucked in the ass by God himself. He pulled out and jizzed all over my face. Got my eyes and now I can’t even open them properly.
Runkle to Hank

Runkle got a tramp stamp of a butterfly. Hank comes home. His tattoo is of Karen and Becca on an anchor.

* * * * *

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