Survivor Samoa Off With Their Heads S19E12 (CBS)

The old Foa Foa managed to get 3 of the old Galu out, one after the other. It’s quite impressive. Shambo is quite happy that Laura is gone. John switched his vote. Monica and the old Galu know about this. They want him gone. They get some money for the auction. Monica shows off her hairy armpits.

It’s time for the auction. Everyone is smiling. Nat offers $200 for PB&J. Shambo gets the 2nd prize for $240. She got sea noodles and slug guts to go, with some parmesan. Monica pays $340 for a whole roasted chicken. The next prize is a clue to the next immunity challenge. Jaison auctions him off and bets $500. Mick closed down the bidding to the next item. It’s a cheeseburger, a cold beer, and some fries. The next one is a clue to the immunity idol. Only John and Monica bid for it. John gets it. Nat gets a shower and clean underwear for $120. The next item is a piece of apple pie. John gets it for $300. He can choose to keep the pie or give the group a pie. He wouldn’t get any. He eats the pie instead. Russ thinks that John made a terrible move. Russ would have given it to his old Foa Foa tribe.

John thinks that he’ll find the idol. He doesn’t know that Russ already has it. He starts to dig. He wonders if Russ has already found it. Shambo doesn’t want to kill the chickens, but the group has decided. Russ and Mick do the deed.

Shambo insists on cooking the chicken. She wants to do something crazy. She wants to boil it. Dave says that if she boils the chicken for 2 hours, it will be ruined.

That night, Shambo has clairvoyant dreams about chickens. She dreamt that they voted Dave off. The next day, she tells Russ. He tells her that it’s a sign, a sign from God. He agrees. He tells Nat. He was playing Shambo. He thinks that she’s unstable.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They have to hold onto a log for as long as possible. Jaison opens his clue. At any point during the challenge, Jaison can move his hands up two knots during the challenge. After 9 minutes, Jaison uses his advantage right away. That’s idiotic. He’s a bit of a pussy. More hairy armpits from Monica, and possibly some cameltoe, sorry about that, couldn’t help but notice. Shambo is the 1st person out. Russ is the 2nd person out. That’s surprising. Monica is out. John lets go like a wuss. Brett is out. Who is Brett again? Nat is holding on. Mick is out. I can’t believe that Nat is still holding on. She’s so thin and tiny. Nat lets go. It’s between Jaison and Dave. Dave is starting to slip. Jaison is about to let go. Dave lets go. Jaison wins immunity. Shambo is a complete imbecile. I wonder where they find people like that. John tells Russ that they should vote off Mick. Russ is the puppet master. John doesn’t even know what is happening in the game. Russ reveals to John that he found the idol. Now, John has got a target on his back. Russ talks with Dave. He tells Dave that they could get rid of John. Russ talks with Mick. Mick wants John out. Russ agrees. Mick doesn’t trust the old Galu. He doesn’t know what will happen next. Mick tells Jaison. Jaison thinks that this is stupid. They will lose Shambo if they do this. This is what Galu did to her. It would be smarter to just get rid of Dave and then move onto John.

It’s time for tribal. It’s either John or Dave. It’s hard to tell. Russ would understand that he will piss off Shambo if he gets rid of Dave. Russ says that the whole day was strategic. Shambo is an idiot. John doesn’t even know that he’s got a target on this back. By a 5-1-1 vote, John is voted out. Laura whispers that Shambo has got no idea what happened.

* * * * *

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