Sanctuary Next Tuesday S02E08 (Syfy)

Sanctuary title card, via Wikipedia
Sanctuary title card, via Wikipedia

I have to say that the season premiere of Sanctuary impressed me quite a bit. From on online show, Sanctuary has developed a lot. The show has a lot more money poured into it. Plus, the story is just getting interesting, with Magnus and her acolytes fighting the Cabal.

The premiere impressed me enough to want to write something up for it. I watched all of last season while it was being aired, and I really enjoyed where the end of the season was heading. The Sanctuary is a place where all abnormals can go to seek Sanctuary from the modern world. Abnormals come in all different types, from vampires to Yeti. I know that it sounds a bit stupid, but the show matured well into its new TV format, especially towards the end of last season.

This season is no different. Well, actually it is, but things just keep getting better. We’ve got a dark conspiracy, a kidnapped daughter that’s been brainwashed, and the Sanctuary team trying to right wrongs.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Will and Magnus crash while nabbing another rare abnormal. Things go badly for both of them.

* * * * *

Magnus and Will are in a helicopter. They are being attacked by a tentacled creature. They crash down into what seems like a nuclear reactor or a missile silo.

Eleven hours earlier, Magnus says that they have found a vampire squid. Magnus wants to go after it. Will wants to go to a conference in Iceland instead. He’s presenting and he’s pissed. He told Magnus about this months ago. Magnus makes it an order.

So they didn’t crash into a missile silo, but just a big shaft in the oil rig off the coast of Louisiana. It’s a bore well which leads to open water. They lost the squid.

An hour ago, they caught the cephalopod. My guess is that it wasn’t the big squid, but the baby squid.

In the present, Will isn’t happy with the state of affairs. They are lost. No one knows where they are and they can’t radio for help. Magnus tells Will that it’s about some tryst with his internet chat buddy, Dr. Sigrid. She’s been spying on him and decided to sabotage his plans. The squid grabs Will and drags him under. Magnus was still convinced that it was peaceful. She grabs a knife and gets him loose. Magnus wants to shock it. The squid arrives to the surface. It looks very pissed. Magnus shocks it and it swims off into the depths.

40 minutes ago, Magnus and Will are getting onto the chopper. The squid is in the back. It started freaking out as soon as they took off.

Will figures out a way out. He says that they should take the transponder from the helicopter. The squid seems to hate Will more, so he’ll stay behind as a distraction.

Magnus goes down but her arm gets caught. Will comes to save her just in time. Magnus comes up with a plan to boost the transmission of the radio. Magnus makes the SOS call. The squid is back. They notice that the food has gone missing. The squid must have taken it. Magnus and Will find something inside the helicopter. They find some kind of a giant sea scorpion. It must have jumped on the helicopter. The squid attacked it. It gets out and goes after Will. The squid comes back to fight it out with the scorpion. Will shoots the squid by mistake. Magnus manages to throw a knife at it.

They decide to drop the chopper. The squid will go after the scorpion. Magnus was meeting some billionaire named Olaf in Munich. It’s for personal reasons, a romantic getaway. They get into it. The scorpion gets back out and the squid goes after it. The chopper isn’t dropping. Magnus ignites the chopper with a flare. It drops.

Magnus says that Tuesday is Ashley’s birthday. She wanted him to stay. She didn’t know how to ask Will to stay.

* * * * *

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