The Amazing Race Amazing Grace How Sweet the Sound S15E11 (CBS)

I was surprised that this was the final episode of this season. They must have had budget cuts, or something. Usually the last episode is 2-hours long.

Teams start out from Prague and they will probably go back to the US. They are flying to Las Vegas. They will travel to the Graceland wedding chapel to get their clue from the King.

Sam/Dan apologize to Ericka/Brian, but Brian won’t forget their dirty move. Ericka/Brian are in the lead for now, but Meghan/Cheyne pass them in the taxi. They head to the Mandalay Bay. They face a Roadblock. One teammember must perform a face-first rappel down the building.

Ericka does it. They arrive 1st. Meghan/Cheyne are next. Cheyne does it. Ericka is almost halfway done when Cheyne starts. Sam does this roadblock. Cheyne has got his eyes closed.

I’m peeing my pants right now.

The teams head to the Mirage next. Ericka/Brian leave 1st. Sam starts going down pretty fast. Cheyne is almost down. He tells Meghan that his eyes were closed most of the time. Sam is down. All teams head to the Mirage.

The teams must join the cast of Cirque du Soleil. They must grab a bouquet using some kind of sling/bungee. Meghan/Cheyne arrive. Ericka is frustrated. Ericka gets bossy quickly. She wants to make Brian do it instead of her. Meghan gets her bouquet. Ericka is terrible. She freaks out and makes Brian do it.

Teams are heading to the Monte Carlo. Meghan/Cheyne head to the Venetian. They deciphered the clue wrong.

After getting the bouquet, Sam/Dan arrive. Ericka freaks out some more at Brian after they switched and wants to switch back. She’s ridiculous. Ericka is breaking down. She’s screaming a lot. When things don’t go her way, she totally freaks out.

Sam/Dan follow Meghan/Cheyne instead of deciphering the clue. Sam finally figures it out using the cabbie’s cell phone.

Ericka finally gets it. Brian immediately knows that they must go to the Monte Carlo. Ericka is totally pissed as usual.

Sam/Dan are the 1st ones at the Monte Carlo. They must count out a million dollars in poker chips. Meghan/Cheyne are at the wrong hotel. They confirm at least twice that they must go to the Monte Carlo.

Dan gets flustered so they switch jobs. Ericka/Brian arrive. A few minutes later, Meghan/Cheyne arrive. Sam/Dan switch to other chip colors as they run out of the biggest denomination. All three teams apparently finish at the same time. The dealers do a count. Only Meghan/Cheyne have the right amount. They must go to the high roller suite of Wayne Newton, Mr. Las Vegas.

Sam/Dan finish next and leave. Ericka/Brian get a wrong count again. Meghan/Cheyne arrive at suite 88. He tells them that the finish line is at his house. Sam/Dan arrive next. They didn’t know Wayne Newton’s name. That was kind of embarrassing. Both teams are on their way to the house. Meghan/Cheyne win this edition of the amazing race.

Sam/Dan finish 2nd. They win $50K. Sam’s speech makes Tiffany cry. Ericka/Brian arrive last. I don’t think they finish their roadblock.

So they cut out the big mental puzzle at the end. It’s a bit disappointing.

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