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'10 Giant TCR Advanced SL Team Giro ISP with Dura Ace 7900

I’ve mentioned a few times on my blog how cheaper it is to buy bikes in Taiwan. I’ve seen differences of up to 35% between the final sale price here in Taipei and the MSRP in the US.

It actually never crossed my mind, but after having received about a dozen inquiries about the bikes, I decided to investigate things further with a few local shops and dealers. That being said, after having negotiated a deal with a few different LBSs, I’ve come to an agreement.

[Update: I’ve got some great deals on the 2010 Pinarello Dogma with either SRAM Red, Campagnolo Super Record, or Shimano Dura-Ace. Check out this post for details.]

[Update: I’ve received news about the top-of-the-line Giant TCR Advanced SL LTD ISP. It has got a lot of differences from the US TCR Advanced SL 0. Check out this post for details.]

{You can also visit Asterisk*Cycles}

'10 Trance X Advanced SL 0

I plan on making available a small number of bikes for people interested in buying them, in the US, Canada or Europe. I’ll concentrate on the Giant TCR Advanced, TCR Advanced SL, Defy Advanced, FCR Advanced, and Trinity Advanced product lines for Giant road bikes. For Giant mountain bikes, it’ll be Faith, Glory, Reign (and Reign X), Trance X (including Trance X Advanced SL 0 carbon fiber), Anthem X (including Anthem X Advanced SL 0 carbon fiber), and XTC Advanced product lines. If there are enough bikes being sold, I might receive better prices, but initially, it looks like the ones I have will be between 10-35% less than US prices.

'10 TCR Advanced SL 1 ISP with SRAM Red

Although this is mainly about Giant, there are also a number of Pinarellos, Wiliers, Orbeas, DeRosas, Kuotas, Colnagos, and TIME bikes and frames available. Rebates apply to those as well, though they aren’t as steep as the ones on Giant bikes. For example, a ’09 Pinarello Prince w Super Record 11, Bora 1 wheels retailed about $9,000. US MSRP for this bike is about $10,200. To keep things simple, I’ll concentrate on 2010 models, but there might be some ’09 models available, if that’s what you’re looking for. All bikes are new. Packaging and shipping will be handled by pros. Different shipping options will be available, though I’ll suggest using Taiwan Post. It’s safe, reliable, and cheaper than FedEx and DHL.

Right now, the steepest discounts are on 2010 Pinarello Dogmas, 2010 Giant TCR Adanced SL models, 2010 Giant Trinity SL models, as well as the 2010 Giant Anthem X Advanced SL 0 and the 2010 Giant Trance X Advanced SL 0.

'10 Glory 0 8" travel DH bike

So take a look at the Giant US website and tell me exactly what bike you want. You’ll need to give me your bike size in cm. I’d prefer to keep things simple and to deal with the bikes the way they come in the box, but you can always ask me for some upgrades. You should also be aware that there might be some spec changes between the US models and the Taiwanese models. Some models exist in the US and don’t exist here, and vice versa.

I can also get components: Dura Ace, Dura-Ace Di2, SRAM Red, Record & Super Record. Wheels are also available.

Be advised that shipping a bike from Taiwan to the US costs between $100-150 and a frameset will cost less than $100 to ship. Accepted payment is through PayPal or direct bank wire.

Visit Asterisk*Cycles and send an email to djrange at gmail dot com to find out more. I’ve created a page for this, but you can leave any comment you want here.


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  1. rob Avatar


    i was wondering how much each for the 2010 giant reign x series bikes?

  2. range Avatar

    here are the prices for the 2010 Reign series:

    Reign 0 $2800 w SRAM X0
    Reign X1 $2600 w SRAM X0
    Reign 2 $1700 w SRAM X9

    If you need more information, please send me an email at djrange at gmail dot com.

    1. sam mouratsing Avatar
      sam mouratsing

      hi range!!!

      how much would it cost me for a new glory dh??

      or if you can still get hold of one a giant glory 8 in black but a 2008 model medium..but small if not?? shipped to london england??

      heres the link
      im hoping because its older maybe you could get it cheaper ??

      hope you can hope!!!


      please email me

      1. range Avatar

        Hi Sam, I sent you an email. We currently only have 2010 models available. In a few weeks, it will be 2011 models. Cheers

  3. Wei Avatar


    I’m very intrested in buying a frameset from you. Du you ship to Sweden? And what will the shipping cost bee? How mutch dose a TCR Advanced SL in black and a size small frameset cost?

    Best Regards


  4. range Avatar

    Hi Wei,
    The 2010 TCR Advanced SL frameset costs $2,900. Shipping to Sweden is about the same as to the US, somewhere between $50-100.

    Send me an email to find out more.

  5. range Avatar

    I’ve just received some great prices on 2010 Pinarello Dogma frames. Prices are in for gruppos, SRAM Red, SRAM XX, Campagnolo Super Record 11. Sent me an email to find out more!

    The 2010 Giant Anthem Advanced SL 0 is also in stock and its price is ludicrously low compared to what you’ll pay in the US and Europe. Also, this year, Giant is selling this frame, only the complete bike. Same goes for the Trance Advanced SL 0.

    IMHO, the best deal is to get a 2010 Pinarello Dogma frameset with an SRAM Red gruppo direct from Taiwan. You’ll save quite a bit of money. Without a wheelset, you’ll save at least $1,000 USD on that combination compared to anywhere else.

    With Super Record 11, you’ll save almost $1,200 USD.

  6. Michael Avatar

    Hi, I’m in the US looking for the international version(fenders, grip brakes) of Giant’s youth Animator. Do you have access to this model for shipping to the US?



  7. range Avatar

    Hi Michael,
    I specialize in high-end bikes. You need to spend at least $2,000 in order to save a significant amount of money, and better when you spend at least $3,300. Only then will you see the 20-35% rebates I mentioned.

  8. Daniel Avatar

    Hi, interesting blog! I live in South Africa, and it is fairly difficult to find decent frames here at a decent price. Please let me know if you can ship to SA, and I am looking for a Trinity Advanced SL2 frame set only, size Medium. Looking forward to your response!


  9. range Avatar

    Hi Daniel,
    I’ve sent you an email.


  10. emilio Avatar

    Hello Michael,

    I was wondering if you ship bikes to Brazil. I would like to by either a complete bike (TCR Advanced SL) or the frameset which you say it costs $2900 but in the US Giant website the retail price is $2700. Please send me an email so we can talk more.



  11. range Avatar

    Hi Emilio,

    The TCR Advanced SL ISP sells for $2,900 while the TCR Advanced SL non ISP sells for $2,750 on the US site. I’m sending you an email with more details.


  12. gmg Avatar

    any other bikes besides the giant? Looking at specialized roubaix sl2 2009 or newer not so keen on the higher end groups, ultegra, rival or force are all ok, even 105.

    What’s the advantage you mention of the cosmic carbone ultimate vs the zipp 404’s? Are there any reviews published by 3rd parties the compare the two?

    Any titanium frames available, ie, litespeed, etc?


  13. range Avatar

    Hi GMG!

    The Cosmic Carbone Ultimates are a grade above the Zipp 404. Just to mention, they cost about twice as much, retailing for almost $4,000. I’d check out for reviews.

    The Zipp 404 are a sort of entry-level carbon wheelset, whereas the Cosmic Carbones are the best wheels from Mavic. They are comparable to the Bora Ultra Twos from Campagnolo, though the Lightweight Obermayer III are even more expensive at $6,500-7,000 for a pair.

    Advantages are lighter weight, stiffer carbon and rigidity, basically better performing wheels.

    I’ll ask for the S-Works Specialized Roubaix SL2, though from the website I can tell that it doesn’t come with Ultegra, but I might be able to work something out. This module sells for $3,100 in the US without any components or wheels.


  14. range Avatar

    I just checked on the Specialized website. You’re sure that you’re not interested in the S-Works Tarmac SL3 Module? It’s $3,300, which is only $200 more than the Roubaix SL2 module.

  15. […] Send an email to djrange at gmail dot com to find out more. I’ve created a page for this, but you can leave any comment you want on the identical blog post located here. […]

  16. Jackson Avatar


    I am interested in Giant TCR Advanced 1 (NOT SL) and also Orbea Onix TLT & Orca Force. I am interested in either just the frame or completed bike. Can you please asvise the price? Thank you.



  17. range Avatar

    Hi Jackson, I sent you an email.

  18. Alex Avatar


    i`m interested in the following bikes and frames:
    – Bike Giant XTC Advanced SL 0, Size M
    – Bike Giant Athem X Advanced SL 0, Size M
    – Frame Giant XTC Advanced SL, Size M
    – Frame Giant Anthem X Advanced SL, Size M
    What would be the prices and delivery times? And how much is shipping to germany? And what about the import costs or do the bags come shipped declared as “gift”?

    Thank you,

  19. range Avatar

    Hi Alex,
    I sent you an email with all of the details.


  20. arnold Avatar

    Greetings! Where in taiwan could i find GIANT stores? thank you very much! -arnold

  21. range Avatar

    Hi Arnold, Giant stores are easy to find. Go to the Taiwanese website using Google Translate and find locations.

    Use the postal code of your area to find dealers that are close. 220 is Banciao.

  22. FRANCESCO Avatar



  23. Dirk Avatar

    I am interested in a Giant Anthem X, The 0 or pref. the Advanced SL0.
    Could you let me have the prices please. I am based in Canada.

    1. Jarek Avatar


      did yo get your info? I am from Vancouver and have exactly the same question.



  24. range Avatar

    Hi Dirk,

    I sent you an email,


  25. Zdenek Avatar

    I live in Czech republic and I am interested in a Giant Anthem X Advanced SL0, SL1 or only in frame set.
    Please, let me know if you can deliver to the Europe, and prices of bikes.
    Thank you

  26. range Avatar

    Hi Zdenek,
    I’ve sent you an email.


  27. eko Avatar

    Dear Sir,

    I looking Giant Reign X1 2008, could you sourcing for me ? How much the best price for those ? Are selling frame sets Giant Trance & Reign series 2008 & 2009 ? please submit the pricelist



  28. range Avatar

    Hi Eko,

    I sent you an email,


  29. eko Avatar

    Dear Range,

    I didn’t yet received your email, could you resend it ?



  30. range Avatar

    I sent it again. If you don’t receive it, please verify your email and send me an email at djrange at gmail dot com.

  31. olivier Avatar


    I`m interested in Giant trance X 3 Size M

    What would be the prices and delivery times? And how much is shipping to France? And what about the import costs or do the bags come shipped declared as “gift”

    Thanks for advance

  32. range Avatar

    Hi Olivier, I sent you an email.


  33. Tarek Avatar


    Im based in South africa and as Daniel mentioned its tough to get good products at reasonable prices. I am looking for 2010 Scott Scale RC or the Spark RC. If you could please send me the price for the frame set and complete bike I would really appreciate it. Oh, Ill also mention that I am not fussy, if you have any other top end mountain bikes you can offer if you could please send their prices through aswell

    thank you

  34. range Avatar

    Hi Tarek,

    I’ve sent you an email with details and quotes,


  35. Tarek Avatar

    Hi Range

    I recieved the email but there were no quotes attached. if you could please resend the mail to me.

    thanks alot

  36. range Avatar

    Hi Tarek,

    The quotes are listed inside my email, no attachments were included. I resent the email just to be sure.


  37. Alex Hampson Avatar

    could you quote me a giant glory 00 dh 2010 Large. Is the spec the same. fox, saint, mavic, etc

    1. Alex Hampson Avatar

      how much for a large. think i fprgot to mention that.

  38. range Avatar

    Hi Alex,
    I’ve sent you my quote.


  39. Kg Avatar

    Hi There,

    Interested in a price on the Anthem X 2010 SL0 and Trance X 2010 Sl0?

    Thanks, Kevin

  40. range Avatar

    Hi Kevin,

    Sent you an email,

  41. Greg Avatar

    I am interested in a Pinarello Dogma 60.1 in a 57cm. I am tossing up with price as to whether buy a frameset only or buy a complete bike with sram red/Di2….could you please send me an email with some pricing, availability and shipping to Australia. Also, I am looking at the Cervelo S3 although they have some Di@ internal cable routing problems…
    Kind Regards

    1. Peter Avatar

      Greg, I am thinking of buying a anthem or trance. how did your purchase work out? Peter

      1. range Avatar

        Greg didn’t purchase a bike from me yet. Cheers.

  42. range Avatar

    Hi Greg, I sent you an email.

  43. Alan Avatar

    Hi, I’m interested in a giant defy advanced frameset size m/l 53.5. Plus shipping to boston ma area.



  44. range Avatar

    Hi Alan, I’ve sent you an email!

  45. Eduardo Avatar

    Hello! Im Eduardo from Brazil

    Im interested in the Giant XTC frame size 20,…Can you help me to find it in a good price ??? And that ships to Brazil???

    Thank you!

  46. range Avatar

    Hi Eduardo, I sent you an email, Cheers!

    1. David Avatar


      I am interested in the 2010 Giant Anthem X Advanced SL 0 in size S. Could you please let me know the price and availability for shipping to Sydney Australia?

      Also, is the manufacturer warranty valid in Aust? And is the frameset available separately?


  47. range Avatar

    Hi David, I’ve send you an email.

  48. Jarek Avatar

    Hi there

    I am interested in Giant Anthem frame, either X or advanced, size L. To Vancouver.


  49. range Avatar

    Hi Jarek, I sent you an email with various quotes!

  50. steve Avatar

    I’m interested in prices for the Defy Advanced (1,2 &3), the TCR Advanced (2&3) & the women’s Avail. can you let me know? thanks!

  51. JT Avatar

    Hi, can you give me a price quote on the pinarello dogma and giant tcr advanced. I am interested in prices for both complete bikes and frames only. Thank you!

  52. range Avatar

    Hi Steve, I sent you an email.

  53. range Avatar

    Hi Joey, I sent you an email.

  54. David Avatar

    Can you give me prices on:

    Giant 2010 XTC Advanced with XX groupset (small)
    Giant 2010 Anthem X Advanced SL 0 with XX (small)

    shipped to Melbourne Australia?



  55. range Avatar

    Hi David, I’ve sent you an email.

  56. Stanley Avatar

    Hi, I am interested in getting the new Dogma 60.1 frameset. Do you have a price with shipping to Singapore?

  57. range Avatar

    Hi Stanley, I just sent you an email.

  58. Albert Avatar

    Hi Range,

    I’m interested in the Trance X Advanced SL 0 and 1 (small). Could you email me the price with shipping to Malaysia?

    BTW, hope you will post more pix from Taipei International Cycle Show.

    Thanks & Regards,

  59. range Avatar

    Hi Albert,
    I sent you an email!

  60. john Avatar


    Interested in 2010 Trance X1 shipped to New Mexico.



  61. range Avatar

    Hi John, I sent you an email!

  62. doron Avatar

    Hi, I am interested in getting the new Dogma 60.1 frameset. Do you have a price with shipping to Israel?
    Frame size 53.

    best regard


  63. range Avatar

    Hi Doron, I sent you an email. Shalom!

  64. jacqi Avatar

    I’m interested in a TCR Adv SL-1 in Medium. Can you give me a price, shipping times and payment guidelines? Also, where should i have the bike assembled? What about protential warranty issues?

  65. range Avatar

    Hi Jacqi, I sent you an email, cheers!

    1. jc Avatar

      I’m interested in a TCR Adv 3. How much would it cost with delivery to US. Also, I’ll going to the Philippines this year. Do you have a store there?

      1. range Avatar

        Hi JC, I sent you an email. Cheers.

  66. Wake Avatar


    Can you please send me a quote on either a 2009 or 2010 Giant Trance X Advanced SL frame. How do you handle warranty issues?



  67. range Avatar

    Hi Wake,
    I sent you an email.

  68. mike j ando Avatar
    mike j ando

    Hi I have a 12 year old bike and its time to upgrade!
    The Giant (2010( TCR range with Shimano 105 or Ultegra models seem good value here in Sydney Australia, could you please let me know your price. Cheers Mike

    1. range Avatar

      Hi Mike, I sent you an email. 0

  69. columbus Avatar

    I am very interested in a Pinarello Dogma 60.1, What would the price be for a frameset 54cm? Also do you get deals on Wheelsets?

  70. range Avatar

    Hi Columbus, I sent you an email.

  71. aaron Avatar

    how muh for a 2010 giant tcr advanced sl in size small?
    thanks for your time

    1. range Avatar

      Hi Aaron, I sent you an email.

  72. Uros Avatar

    Was wondering if you could get Giant Halfway 7s too. And how much would it cost and to ship to UAE, Dubai?

    Thank you very much.

    1. range Avatar

      Hi Uros, I sent you an email.

  73. khee Avatar


    How much for TCR Advanced 1, 2 and Defy Advanced 0, 1? All 2010 models.


  74. range Avatar

    Hi Khee, I sent you an email!

  75. Ariel Vanguardia Avatar
    Ariel Vanguardia

    Hi please send me pricelist of mountain bikes. Anthem, Rincon, Riegn etc. will yo ship to Manila?

    Thank you

  76. BT Avatar

    How much is the TCR Alliance? Please let me know the shipping cost to Singapore. Thanks!

  77. range Avatar

    Hi BT, I sent you an email.

  78. Bob Avatar

    Looking for an Anthem X frame, size small, maybe even Advanced version. Prices? Thanks.

    1. range Avatar

      Hi Bob, I sent you an email.

  79. Keith Avatar

    I’m looking for availability and price for a Giant Anthem X Advanced SL 0, Size M with XX
    or can you just supply frameset?

    Delivery Australia

    1. range Avatar

      Hi Keith, the Anthem X Advanced SL 0 is available only as a complete bike with SRAM XX and Mavic Crossmax SLR wheels. I sent you an email with further details.

  80. Arne Avatar

    Hi, iam from germany and searching for a Reign X Frameset in size LARGE. Is it possible to get some and how much would it cost incl. shipping? THX for the answer…

    1. range Avatar

      Hi Arne, Ich habe dir ein email geschickt. Tchüss.

  81. Lawrence Avatar


    Wondering if you can help me with prices for a 2009 XTC Advanced SL or 2010 Giant XTC Advanced. Shipping to Australia.



    1. range Avatar

      Hi Lawrence, I sent you an email.

  82. rider island Avatar
    rider island

    hello for all

    i m interesting to buy a giant bike size M giant reign x 1 or reign 1 model 2010
    im in REUNION island near Mautitius
    i have sent you a email for more informations
    someone can tell me if he has receipt his bike…
    can you give me adress for the shop in taiwan who have a better price for bike

    thank you for your assistance


    roudix 974

    1. range Avatar

      Hi, I sent you an email.

  83. Brian Avatar


    I am currenlty looking to buy a 2009/2010 trance advanced frameset with a rp23 shock. It would be awesome if you could email me a quote including shipping to Vancouver, Canada.


    1. range Avatar

      Hi Brian, I sent you an email. Cheers.

  84. Dean Avatar

    Im interested in 2010 giant anthem x3 bike & 10 Trance X Advanced SL 0
    may i know how much is it & the cost to ship to Spore?


    1. range Avatar

      Hi Dean, I sent you an email, Cheers!

  85. Kevin Avatar

    I am going to Taiwan at the end of August this year. I am interested in knowing if the price difference between, US and Taiwan prices are really that good.
    I am looking for something, priced within $1000-2000.


    1. range Avatar

      Hi Kevin, I sent you an email.

      1. MMoi Avatar

        Hey Range,

        I’m looking for pretty the same kind of information, what kind of bike could I get for around 500-1000 USD in Taiwan these days ?

        Thanks for your help 🙂

      2. range Avatar

        Hi, I sent you an email. There’s not much that you could get at that price. Most real deals are available if you spend between $3,000-5,000USD.

  86. Antony Avatar

    Hi Range

    I’m a Giant fan and interested in prices for:
    an Anthem X Advanced SL 0 in XS size
    and to the extent they do them in extra small, prices of any of:
    TCR Advanced
    TCR Advanced sl isp
    And Defy Advanced
    Also the Rabobank (or Giro editions)

    I’m based in Melbourne Australia



    1. range Avatar

      Hi Antony, I sent you an email. Cheers.

  87. Antony Avatar

    Many thanks for your uber fast response Range!

    I’ll take your helpful advice to narrow my selection.


    1. range Avatar

      You’re welcome, I use my inbox as a to-do-list and try to get everything done on it ASAP (GTD). Cheers.

  88. Warren Avatar

    Hello Range,

    I’m interested in the Trance X Advanced SL0 & SL1, Anthem X Advanced SL0 & SL1.

    Thank you,

    1. range Avatar

      Hi Warren, I sent you an email. Cheers

  89. Dickson Avatar

    Hi Range,

    I’m interested in the Anthem X Advanced SL0 and SL1 as well as the TCR Advanced SL line. Im a small in Giant sizing. Just want to know prices as well as shipping to Sydney Australia.


    1. range Avatar

      Hi Dickson, I sent you an email. Cheers.

  90. andrie Avatar

    I see you have already replied to Daniel with regards to shipping to South Africa. Please inform me too.

    Can you get 2011 Giants?
    I am looking for a 20″ large Anthem X 29er 1

    How much for 20″ (Large) Trance X1 or X0?

    Thank you

    1. range Avatar

      Hi Andrie, I sent you an email. Cheers

    2. range Avatar

      Your email bounced, please send me an email at asteriskcycles at gmail dot com. Thanks.

      1. James Sykes Avatar
        James Sykes

        I’m interested in an Anthem X advanced SL 1 in large.
        I have four questions.
        1. How much in GBP including postage to the UK?
        2. Can you guarantee it will arrive at my house without me getting stiffed for import tax by the UK government? That would be bad news, surely cancelling any savings I could make!
        3. How do I know you will send the bike after I give you the money? What guarantees do I have?
        4. If it breaks, can you honour warranty claims?

        Not being funny, but over three thousand pounds is a lot of money to take a risk with on something I have never seen. Do you have a happy customers contact list or something?

    3. jeff Avatar

      Looking at Anthem 29er X-1 or X-2

      What is your price shipped to the USA?


      1. range Avatar

        Hi Jeff, I sent you an email. Cheers.

  91. range Avatar

    Hi, I sent you an email. Cheers

  92. Josh Avatar

    Hi, how much for the tcr advanced 2 2010 shipped to australia? Thanks.

    1. range Avatar

      Hi Josh, I sent you an email. Cheers

  93. Gadi Avatar


    I would like to buy Giant Anthem X1.
    1. How do I know you will send the bike after I give you the money? What guarantees do I have?
    2. If it breaks, can you honour warranty claims?
    3. Do you have satisfied customers list that can recommend for your service?


    1. range Avatar

      Hi Gadi, I sent you an email. Cheers.

  94. Yi Avatar

    Hi, I am interested in the Giant TCR alliance (Taiwan version). Could you kindly provide a quote? Thanks.


    1. range Avatar

      Hi Yi, I sent you an email. Cheers.

  95. marty Avatar

    Hi,I would like a quote on a 2010 or 2011 Giant Glory frameset in size MEDIUM shipped to Pittsburgh PA USA.

    1. range Avatar

      Hi Marty, I sent you an email. Cheers

  96. Brandon Fortmann Avatar
    Brandon Fortmann

    I’m looking for a 2010 giant glory 00. I live in South Africa so how much would it cost plus shipping?

    1. range Avatar

      Hi Brandon, I sent you an email. Cheers.

  97. Bryn James Avatar
    Bryn James

    Hi there,

    I’m after pricing (including delivery costs) to Mauritius for a 2011 Reign XO.

    Many thanks.

  98. range Avatar

    Hi Bryn, I sent you an email. Cheers

  99. Hugues Avatar

    Bonjour Range,

    J’ai jeté un œil à ton blog mais je n’ai pas compris ton rapport avec le vélo. Est-ce juste l’export de vélo depuis Taiwan ou pratiques-tu également ?

    Je voulais savoir ce que tu proposes pour un montant compris entre 2300 à 3000 US$ dans la gamme Giant 2011.
    J’ai également les mêmes questions que James Sykes du 5 sept ci-dessus (à part la livraison en France). Tu as peut être des réponses toutes faites depuis le temps; tu peux répondre en anglais.

    Merci d’avance


    1. range Avatar

      Allo Hugues, je t’ai envoyé un courriel. A+

  100. Evan Avatar


    I’d like to purchase the 2011 Giant Reign X0 frame.
    Please give me a quote of the frame.

    1. range Avatar

      Hi, I sent you an email. Cheers.

  101. loupy Avatar


    Pouvez vous avoir le Giant reign 2 2010 taille S ou M et à quel prix?
    Pouvez vous m’indiquer les frais de port pour la france et le moyen de paiement.

    1. range Avatar

      Allo Loupy, je vous ai envoyé un courriel. A+, Range

  102. Stephen Avatar

    Hi Mate

    Looking for a Giant Defy Alliance 0, or Defy Advanced 0 either 2010 or 2011.

    Size medium (50)

    Price shipped to Taoyuan, Taiwan please, so i can have it put in one of my shipping containers to Australia!

    Could you please email me some prices or different alternatives. Reason for these bike is they have a shorter distance between the seat and handbars which keeps me more upright. TCR is too hard to ride for me!

    Thanks 🙂

    1. range Avatar

      Hi Stephen, I sent you an email. Cheers

  103. Jon Morton Avatar

    Hello, Im enquiring about current pricings you can offer for all Giant road frames, any other road frames you have in stock?

    Can you also provide any group sets prices you have available?

    Best regards

    1. range Avatar

      Hi Jon, I sent you an email. Cheers.

  104. Juan Carlos araujo Avatar
    Juan Carlos araujo

    Hi Im looking for an anthem X, I would like to know which is your price for that bike, medium size and shipped to the US. Thanks for your help, i will wait for your answer.

    1. range Avatar

      Hi Juan Carlos, I sent you an email. Cheers.

  105. maxim Avatar

    bonjour, avez vous des groupo shimano xt ou xtr 10 vit. ou sram x.0 ou xx en 10 vit. également.
    les prix

    merci beaucoup


    1. range Avatar

      Allo, je t’ai envoyé un courriel. A+

  106. Johnny Avatar

    Hi Range.

    Could I get a price on XTC advanced sl 0 size L?
    or something in same class.

    Is price without Vat?
    and what are shipping costs?

    Best regards

    1. range Avatar

      Hi Johnny, I sent you an email. We don’t charge any VAT and our customers don’t have to pay any as we are located outside of the EU and the UK. Cheers.

  107. Chris Avatar


    Would be interested on importing in bulk Forks for an e-commerce venture i am starting. Do you have the ability to buy whole sale in large quantities. I am particularly interested in the the Lryic, boxxer and ReBa products from Rock Shox.

    I look forward to discussing this further with you.


    1. range Avatar

      Hi Chris, I sent you an email. Cheers.

  108. Hoa Avatar

    Hi Range

    How much for a ’11 TCR Advanced SL 1 ISP with SRAM Red,or
    ’11 TCR Advanced 1 shipped to Australia? 2010 models is good aswell..



    1. range Avatar

      Hi Hoa, I sent you an email. We’ve got no 2010 models left, but we can order any 2011 model. Cheers.

  109. Cri Avatar


    je recherche un 2011 ou 2010 Giant Anthem Advanced SL 0… merci de m’indiquer un prix et aussi le moyen de paiement accepté.

    1. range Avatar

      Bonjour, je vous ai envoyé un courriel. A+

  110. Yusran Avatar


    Can you email me the price of 2011 Anthem X1 and also 2011 Anthem X 29er.


    1. range Avatar

      Hi Yusran, I sent you an email. Cheers.

  111. rizzo Avatar

    Hi Range.

    I’m interested to get either Giant XTC Fr or XTC advanced sL size M – frame set only. How much it cost plus postage? Can you post it to Malaysia ..?


    1. range Avatar

      Hi Rizzo, I sent you an email. Cheers

  112. W0LVER1NE_MG Avatar

    Hi Range!
    I´m interested in a Giant Trance X1 2010 (black/red)! You can send it for me in Brazil or Sweden? How much (bike price + shipping)?

    Thanks, have a nice week!

    1. range Avatar

      Hi, I sent you an email Wolverine. Cheers.

  113. shawn Avatar

    Hi range,

    Im looking for defy 2, frame size 58cm. How much with shipping to Malaysia?
    Thank you.

    1. range Avatar

      Hi Shawn, I sent you an email. Cheers.

  114. Brendan Cullen Avatar
    Brendan Cullen

    Hi Range,

    Interested in the Giant Trinity top line complete bike with zipps and di2. Can you please advise of the total landing costs for shipment to Australia.


    Brendan Cullen

    1. range Avatar

      Hi Brendan, I sent you an email. Cheers.

  115. Karim Luqman Avatar
    Karim Luqman

    Hi Range,

    I am interested in The:
    Giant Trinity Advanced SL 0 (large frame) and
    Giant Womens On-Road (Endurance) Avail Advanced 0 (small)
    Giant Womens On-Road (Competition) TCR Advanced W (small)

    2010 clearance perhaps? or 2011



    1. range Avatar

      Hi Karim, I sent you an email. Cheers.

  116. Brian Avatar

    Hello Range,

    I am interested in the Giant TCR Advanced SL framesets. Would you supply prices incl delivery charges to Sydney, Australia please. Would you also quote prices on the Dura-Ace 7900 double groupset as well, please.

    What would happen in the event of a warranty claim?



    1. range Avatar

      Hi Brian, I just sent you an email. Cheers.

  117. Ravi Avatar

    Hi Range

    Please would you quote me for the following items:

    Specialized S-Works 2011 Roubaix SL3 Frameset (black/carbon color)
    SRAM Red 2011 Limited Tour Edition Groupset (black/yellow color)
    Mavic Ksyrium SR Wheelset

    Delivery will be to the UK or Switzerland.

    Are there any other Specialized dealers in Taiwan apart from the Specialized Concept Stores?



    1. range Avatar

      Hi Ravi, I sent you an email. Cheers.

      1. gttig100 Avatar

        Hi I’m in Singpapore and I’d like to enquire if you have 2010 or 2011 Giant Reign X1 available?

  118. range Avatar

    Hi Gittig, I sent you an email. Cheers.

  119. Zeke Avatar

    I was wondering if you had a tcr advanced sl? What prices? What wheels can you get?

    1. range Avatar

      Hi Zeke, I sent you an email. Cheers.

  120. jabike Avatar


    i will be traveling to taiwan in a month or so. is it worth buyting a bike or frame and have it fly back home with me in the plane back to the US? i am mostly looking at a anthem aluminum frame or a trance aluminum frame????? thanks

    1. range Avatar

      Hi Jabike, I sent you an email. Cheers.

  121. Chris Avatar


    Would you have an idea as to how much a medium 2011 Giant Reign x1 would cost and also a 2010 Giant Reign x1. Additionally, do you have any available and do you ship to New Zealand.

    Cheers mate,


    1. range Avatar

      Hi Chris, I sent you an email, cheers.

  122. David Avatar

    Hi there. I would like to get a price for a complete Wilier Cento Uno Superlegerro Pitachi (Black and green decals). Can you let me know how much this would be?



    1. range Avatar

      Hi David, you got an email from me, thanks

  123. Lan Avatar

    Hello bro,

    I’m from Malaysia. I’d like to enquire if you have 2010 or 2011 Giant MTB bike (any model). Could you send to me the catalog
    and let me know how much the shipping cost per bike.

  124. jp Avatar

    Hi Range,

    I’m from Singapore.
    Do you deal in lower end bikes like the 2011 TCR Advanced 3 or even the TCR Composite 1?
    What would the total price be like, inclusive of shipping and handling and what not?


  125. Shawn Mabey Avatar
    Shawn Mabey

    Hi Range,

    I just came across your blog while searching for deals on a 2010 Giant Reign 2 large.

    Please let me know what price you have for these or if the 2010 is no more, then 2011.

    I live in Sechelt, BC.



  126. Marco Avatar

    I´m interested in a 2011 Giant Reign X. Could you tell me the prices of the different types (X2, X1, X0) incl. shipping to germany? Also i´d like to know the prices of the Reign X frames.
    Thanks so far….
    Greetings from Germany!

    1. range Avatar

      Hi Marco, Ich habe dir ein email geschickt. Danke!

  127. Charlie Chang Avatar
    Charlie Chang

    Hi interested in ANTHEM X ADVANCED SL 0 and ANTHEM X 29ER with shipping to Sydney Australia.

    Please advise.


    1. range Avatar

      Hi Charlie, I’ve sent you an email, cheers.

  128. vagelis Avatar

    my name is vagelis pantelios
    i m interested in giant ANTHEM X ADVANCED SL O 2010 small size
    what is the cost


    thank you in advanced

  129. Adrian Avatar

    Hi Range,
    I am interested in the Trance X Advanced SL 0 carbon fiber in Medium and also the Anthem both 2010 models. Shipping to Brisbane, Australia. How much for both of these please?


    1. range Avatar

      Hi Adrian, I sent you an email. Cheers.

  130. MARK Avatar

    Hi Range

    I am currently a novice, just starting out on a low budget, what would be your lowest sort of range that would be a good buy for someone just starting out?

  131. Woen Lee Avatar
    Woen Lee

    hi, how much would a giant Defy road bike cost?

  132. Lyndon Lim Abucay Avatar
    Lyndon Lim Abucay

    Hi Range,

    I am interested in the Giant Trance X Advanced SL 0 carbon fiber in Medium with XTR Group set.

    How much will is cost including shipment fee to Mindanao Iland, Philippines.

    Where will I send my payment and how? Is my payment secured and I’ll be guaranteed to receive my order?


  133. gerry san pascual jr Avatar

    hi range
    i am interested in giant trance 4 2010 0r 2011 model medium.
    how much will it cost me including shipment to uae

  134. desmond Avatar

    Hi there,

    I’m primarily interested in the Trance X Advanced SL or the Anthem X Advanced SL framesets. Can you find out if they are available in XS?


  135. Yee KC Avatar
    Yee KC

    I am using hardtail for quite sometimes already. Looking forward to ge a Full Suspension bike. I am eyeing the Giant Athem X1 or X2 and Specialized Epic Comp. Can You provide me the price, includes delivery charges to Singapore, transit time.
    Please advice, which is the better bike

  136. Jeff Avatar


    i`m interested in the following bike or frame:

    – Bike Giant XTC Advanced SL , Size L

    – Frame Giant XTC Advanced SL, Size L

    What would be the prices and delivery times? And how much is shipping to NewZealand?

  137. ark clasara Avatar
    ark clasara

    hi range! i sent you an email. cheers

  138. Soursurfer Avatar

    Hi range,
    Am interested in the Giant TCR Advance 2, size M-L (53.5). What’s the price for this one. Also, do you deliver to Aus?

  139. Zann Avatar

    Hey there.. May i know how much are u selling giant reign 2 and giant faith 1? Do you ship to singapore?
    Email me soon..

  140. Joseph Avatar

    Hi. Joe from Singapore. I travel to Taipei a little and was thinking of picking a 2011 giant reign 2 during my next trip. But if shipping is not too much, maybe it’s more convenient to get it through you. Can you advise how much the bike cost and the shipping fee as well. Thanks …. you are a good man!

  141. quan Avatar


    I am interested in the complete bikes. Can you please let me know of your prices for the 2011 TCR advance sl series and the TCR advance series. How much for shipping to the US?

    Thank you, looking forward to hearing back from you.

  142. quan Avatar

    Sorry, I am looking for either xs or s in sizes. Im also interested in the 2010 models if you have those as well. Thank you

  143. brian hogan Avatar
    brian hogan


    I am hoping to find a 2011 Giant XTC Advanced SL 29er frame.

    Thank you in advance.


  144. Kevin Avatar

    Hi There,

    Like to get a price on the 2012 TCR Advanced SL 0. Also be good to understand your payment options and shipping details (cost, time, import duties) to Australia?



  145. john Osborne Avatar
    john Osborne

    hi there
    am keen to get giant 2012 defy advanced 2
    i live in Auckland New Zealand
    any help appreciated

    kind regards John Osborne

  146. Sam Lim Avatar
    Sam Lim

    I would like to purchase bicycles, can you send the bicycle to Malaysia ?
    How much the cost for a bicycle?

  147. MrNiye Notsosupsophisticated Avatar

    I would like to get Fuji SST 1.0. how much is the price to singapore?

  148. Julián Cuesta Avatar
    Julián Cuesta

    I am interested in a Giant Glory 0 2011, grey color, M size. is it now a good opportunity on it , when the new 2012 model is launched, or should I wait a little bit more? I live in Barcelona, Spain. Do you have an idea about the taxes an shipment costs? thank you very much, Range

  149. paul Avatar

    i would like to buy sram red groupsets . please let me know if they are available

  150. Amor Fuentecilla Avatar
    Amor Fuentecilla

    Hi Range,

    I wanted to know how much can you get the 2011 Giant Reign X0 for? Please let me know. Thanks!

  151. Lenny Avatar


    I am going to Taiwan next week and plan to purchase a mountain bike to bring back to USA. Any suggestions where to look for Giant and others, I would be interested in closeout 2011 models. Also wanted to check with you if you have any preferred pricing where it would make sense from me to look at your options?


  152. Tristan Muller Avatar
    Tristan Muller

    I want to buy a 2011 giant glory 00 M
    Do you have one ?

  153. jason Avatar

    Hi Range, I’m in Taiwan looking for a bike. I emailed you. Thanks!


  154. jonas Avatar

    hi range,

    would like to know how much it cost for tcr advanced sl 3 (2012) plus shipping to singapore?


  155. James Cook Avatar
    James Cook

    Hi There

    Can you please confirm your availability to ship to Australia and provide pricing on a trance and reign x’s or any other high end mountain bikes.

    Do you have any 29ers with long travel suspension available i.e a specialised stump jumper eve 29 ?

    Regards James

  156. KH Avatar

    Hi there,

    Im looking at the Anthem Advance frameset, would you advise how much cost for 2011/ 12 model. Can you send enail. Thanks.

  157. Alfred Avatar

    Hello my name is Alfred I wanr either a complwte bike or a frameset pinarello Dogma 60.1 team sky edition. I also want price on groupset shimano dura ace 7900 and dura ace 7900 Di2 and ultegra and 105.
    I look forward hearing from you asap
    All the best

  158. Jon Anders Avatar
    Jon Anders

    Do you have a specialized stumjumper HT in stock ? frame or fully equpied bike ?? and what is the price ? i can send you a pic , Jon

  159. Pich Aki Avatar
    Pich Aki

    want to buy some bikes direct to Cambodia

  160. abdul Avatar

    I’m looking for frame set giant xtc advanced sl size S. What is the price include shipping to Indonesia

  161. beppe Avatar

    dear ALL

    my company have different factories located in Taiwan and especially in Taichun. Lately i have been there for several meeting at the end of Dec. Almost for sure within 3-4 weeks i need to perform follow ups on my project. Due to the staying in Taichun for at least 3 weeks time, do you have some referenced dealer / shop where is possible to get prices for TCR Advanced Frame types.
    Do you think possible buy only th frame and final set-up here in Italy where do i live ?? thanks a lot for a kind answer and regards

  162. LM Avatar

    Hi, looking for a giant reign frame, how much would that cost??

  163. yeekcKC Avatar

    price of

    Anthem X1 2011
    Anthem X1 2012
    Anthem X2 2011
    Anthem X2 2012


  164. Rizal Avatar

    Hi there..would want to purchase a giant glory 2010 complete version. How much will it be?

  165. Rizal Avatar

    Forgot to ship to Singapore.

  166. yeekc Avatar

    do you sell tern fodable bikes?

  167. kier Avatar

    hi, do you have a catalog?

  168. dani Avatar

    i tweet u already.. want to buy giant xtc composite 29er mountain bike(S)..
    pluss shipping to Malaysia..tq

  169. larry Avatar

    Do you have tern foldable bikes?

  170. yusri Avatar

    do they do Giant Roam for Women SM fr Tapei & how much? know u can get it fr oz & nz but xchange will kill u…thx

  171. segun ezekiel Avatar
    segun ezekiel

    please i need a bicycle urgently i based in nigeria so how can you help me get one but i love the one i saw above in the beginning please notify as soon you read this my contact is please mail me direct so that we can talk more better thanks


  172. teamanaconda Avatar

    I would like to buy a Giant TCR 2 (2012). May I know the total cost of the bike and the shipping? Thank you!

  173. teamanaconda Avatar

    Sorry, i forgot to mention shipping to Singapore. Thanks!

  174. Christopher Trajano Avatar
    Christopher Trajano

    Good Sirs and Mams, how to order mountain bike direct in taiwan. Im from philippines,I want to buy a MT bike like giant and merida.

  175. Louis Limjoco Avatar
    Louis Limjoco

    Hi. I just came from Taipei and bought a Trance 03 frame for only NT9000, new from a Giant store in Heping road. I was wondering how much an XTC 29er frame would cost?

  176. Ed Tindan Avatar
    Ed Tindan


    How much the price of giant trence x size 17 26er with and w/o rear shock frame only and shipping charge to Manila

    thanks and regards

  177. Tan Avatar

    How much is the giant Fd806 price? Foldable bicycle..

  178. Pullop Avatar

    Hello I am interesting frame of Anthem x size 19.5 inch and 29er .I want to purchase frame and front chock up Fox for 29er. I will have plan to purchase some machine from Taiwan ,I want to ask you to delivery to our machine supplier in Taiwan for ship to Bangkok Thailand together with machine .The brand of machine is Best Mark Taiwan.Kindly offer the price for frame and front chock up .

    Regards. Pullop .k

  179. Ruifeng Avatar

    Hi, I’m from Singapore. Can you provide the price of complete Glory (Medium size) bike and the shipping to Singapore.


    1. Rui Avatar

      Hello anyone here?

      1. range Avatar

        Hi, sorry I missed your comment. I’ll send you an email tomorrow. Cheers.

  180. mikemmacdike Avatar

    I’m interested in a Giant Anthem X 29er 0 (large “L” frame). I live in Thailand and can even make a trip to Taipei to pick it up if it works out financially.

  181. mikemmacd Avatar

    I take it you no longer monitor this blog

    1. range Avatar

      Hi, yes I do. Send me an email at asteriskcycles at gmail dot com. Thanks!

  182. Kelvin Avatar

    Hi, can I check what’s the price for medium size Giant trance x2 & x1? And also the shopping cost to Singapore? If possible, I would also like to know the cost to update the bike gear set to shimano xt or sram x9.

  183. Richard Willis Avatar
    Richard Willis

    Hi range, can you please provide me with a price for a giant trinity advanced SL 0 2013, SIZE M.

  184. Joy Avatar

    Hi Range,

    Can you quote me a price for the Giant Escape 2 Women’s bike, including shipping to Singapore?


  185. Joseph Avatar

    Hi am interested in Giant TLC advanced SL models could you please ldt me know the price and availability for transfering to Iringa Tanzania? Just for a one bicycle.

  186. Joseph Avatar

    How much the Giant Tlc advanced bicycle up to Tanzania?

  187. john bautista Avatar
    john bautista

    Good day. May I know sir how much will be the price of the Giant Defy 2 2011 US release? Color black, gray, white and yellow. Thank you and God bless…

  188. John Avatar

    Is giant glory 09 available??

    1. range Avatar

      Hi, no, only this year’s and next year’s models are still available. No back catalog on bikes. Thanks.

  189. Adam Kong Avatar
    Adam Kong

    hi, i m looking for a Giant Trance Advance 27.5 Carbon M size, do you ship this to malaysia and may i know the price and shipping price?

  190. Taylor Leske Avatar
    Taylor Leske

    Hi I would like to know the price of the following models:
    Trance Advanced 27.5 1
    Trance Advanced 27.5 2
    Trance 27.5 1

    Also could I get a price on shipping to Australia,

  191. biscottigelato Avatar

    I know your post is from a long time ago. I am in Taiwan right now and thinking about buying a bike here, riding it for a couple times (a couple hundred km total?), and bringing it back to Canada with me as check-in luggage.

    In particular, looking at 2016 Giant Defy Advance 2

    Is this a good idea? Any tips regarding taxes/duty? Thanks!

    1. range Avatar

      Sounds good. Remember to buy a bike bag to ship it back or keep your box. It cost me $50 CAD to ship a bike back to Canada.

  192. Sulman468 Avatar

    looking forward the prices of below model alongwith shipping cost to abu dhabi-UAE

    GIANT TALON 27.5 2 2016
    GIANT ANTHEM 27.5 2 2014

    thanks in advance.

    1. range Avatar

      I don’t sell bikes anymore. Good luck.

      1. Sulman468 Avatar

        at least gimme guidence how to buy from taiepe..inbox yours response

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