Castle The Fifth Bullet S02E11 (ABC)

Castle title card via Wikipedia
Castle title card via Wikipedia

I’ve been a Nathan Fillion fan for quite a while. Ever since Firefly, I was really impressed by his acting. Since he is starring in a new series named Castle, I took it upon myself to watch it weekly.

Anyway, what do I like about Castle? Well it stars an obnoxious, womanizing novelist. Detective Kate Beckett is a closet hottie, played by Stana Katic. Her hotness is kind of hard to explain. The actress is quite hot, but in Castle, she toned it down. She doesn’t wear much makeup and favors a natural look, kind of like “Oh I’m hot, but I could be the girl next door, BTW, FYI, I’m still smoking hot.” That’s how I described her in my mind. She’s kind of got the ex-catwalk model look going for her, which is quite good.

So that’s a good point. Plus she’s Canadian and a good actress. That’s always a good combination.

Warning: spoilers ahead

The show centers around a novelist who is brought in to help deal with a string of murders which seem to be taken from the pages of his novels. At the same time, Castle has hit massive writer’s block after killing off the hero of his mystery book franchise, Derek Storm. Through Beckett, he is able to write once again.

Halfway between a drama and a romantic comedy, Castle is a fun show to watch. The characters play around a lot, making the viewer wonder when or if they will ever get together. It didn’t take Castle long to find out what makes Beckett tick. He uses clues and his imagination deftly.

ABC has started to release chapters of Richard Castle’s new book Heat Wave on its website. They are up to chapter 8 and I haven’t started yet, but it’s a pretty cool tie-in to the show.

* * * * *

A missing bullet as well as a dead art dealer leads them to investigate someone from the Bahrain consulate. Things get touchy when they start unveiling what really happened. They also have a guy/witness/criminal who’s an amnesiac.

* * * * *

Beckett and Castle arrive at their next case. Victor Fink was killed at an art gallery. He’s the owner. Ryan is missing a bullet. The ex-wife is about to arrive at the precinct. Castle says that it was an ice bullet.

The vic got a call from an international satellite phone registered in Bahrain. A uniform arrives at the precinct with a strange man, who doesn’t remember his name. The wife says that Fink’s old assistant might have killed him. He was fired a few months ago.

Ryan finds his missing bullet in Dostoevsky’s Crime & Punishment that the amnesia man had. They match the bullet to the same gun. Castle is pretty smart. He makes the witness sign his name, using his procedural memory which is intact, as well as his muscle memory. A blow to the head coupled with some psychological trauma might be responsible for his laps in episodic memory.

Martha was out last night again with her beau. She’s in love. Later, she’s in tatters and doing some ice cream therapy with Alexis.

Rocco is brought in. One of the threatening voicemails he left for Fink implied that he broke the law for him. Fink paid him to paint forgeries. Fink sold them as the real ones. He sold one to a Bahraini cultural attaché, who has full diplomatic immunity. They can’t charge him at all.

Heroun bought a lot of paintings from Fink. They post J’s photo on the media in an effort to ID him. Some woman appears. Her name is Tory Westchester. She is his wife. J starts crying. His name is Joel. She isn’t married to him. She just faked it. She’s a mental patient.

Heroun arrives at the precinct to answer some questions. He says that he knew that they were fakes. His friends in Bahrain wanted them for their wives, who were more interested in signatures than the art. Heroun says that the night of the murder, he came to see Fink. He saw Fink have an argument with J. Heroun has got a cast-iron alibi. He isn’t involved, but could have hired someone.

Castle infers that J was walking his dog. That’s why he had a plastic bag. His name is Jeremy Prestwick. His ID was on the dog tag of his dog Lucy. He’s got an ex-wife named Emma Carnes. She says that he’s got a PhD in economics. He had a consultant firm in channel economics and strategy. He sold his business last year. She says that he was a jerk. That’s why they split up. They haven’t even spoken in a year. They ask her to tag along to his apartment.

They find an expensive painting at his place, as well as a gun. They match it to the one who killed Fink. They arrest him. Jeremy is pretty nice about it, but he feels like he tricked them.

Neither Castle nor Beckett could sleep the night before. The DA doesn’t need a reason why, but they do. They continue to investigate. Carnes says that the painting is a fake. He must have been arguing with Fink about it. They go back to see Heroun, who’s about to leave. They use the fact that he was using a car service to search his car, which was double parked. They find the painting. He bought the painting from Darius, Fink’s new assistant. He planted the gun and killed Fink. He bribed the super, painted a fake, and acquired the painting. Jeremy arrived at the gallery and wasn’t very happy.

* * * * *

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