Sanctuary Penance S02E09 (Syfy)

Sanctuary title card, via Wikipedia
Sanctuary title card, via Wikipedia

I have to say that the season premiere of Sanctuary impressed me quite a bit. From on online show, Sanctuary has developed a lot. The show has a lot more money poured into it. Plus, the story is just getting interesting, with Magnus and her acolytes fighting the Cabal.

The premiere impressed me enough to want to write something up for it. I watched all of last season while it was being aired, and I really enjoyed where the end of the season was heading. The Sanctuary is a place where all abnormals can go to seek Sanctuary from the modern world. Abnormals come in all different types, from vampires to Yeti. I know that it sounds a bit stupid, but the show matured well into its new TV format, especially towards the end of last season.

This season is no different. Well, actually it is, but things just keep getting better. We’ve got a dark conspiracy, a kidnapped daughter that’s been brainwashed, and the Sanctuary team trying to right wrongs.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

In this episode, we learn more about Kate’s background. Not much happened in this episode, but there was some good character development on her part. I learned that Agam Darshi, the actress playing Kate Freelander, is from Birmingham, UK. She’s an interesting addition to the team.

* * * * *

The team is picking up an abnormal from James, an old contact of Magnus’. He’s also an abnormal. He’s got some kind of pouch in his abdomen to hide it. The abnormal they get is a Tunisian fire elemental. James didn’t tell Magnus this, but he stole the abnormal from the Abnormal Mob of Chicago. A Daiyukon is leading them. He’s a human offshoot that has uncontrollable bouts of rage and anger, and he secretes radiation through his palms.

Kate manages to get away with Jimmy, but she’s been shot. Before leaving, Jimmy told Magnus that they have a leak. Magnus didn’t believe it. Jimmy is bandaging Kate and taking care of her injuries. He wants to stay off the grid because of the leak. The others are looking for them. Henry finds out that their radios were remotely hacked. Magnus and Will aren’t together. Magnus finds that Will is gone.

Jimmy performs CPR and mouth-to-mouth on Kate when she stops breathing. Jimmy tells Kate that the mob was planning on weaponizing the elemental due to the unlimited energy it generates.

Magnus takes a gamble and tells Duke that she’s got James. James starts interrogating Will. Henry notices something wrong with their systems. The Abnormal Mob had a backup plan in place. Magnus decides to use this. The Duke contacts Magnus. She’s got 30 minutes to transport Jimmy to his location. Magnus saw the electrodes that were implanted into the Duke’s brain. She thinks that he can be manipulated through them.

Kate realizes that Jimmy was the one who planted the bomb which killed her dad at a police station. She recognized the tattoo that he had removed. She pulls a gun on him. He says that her dad was a target for trying to cut a deal with the DA. She wants to kill him, but the Big Guy arrives in time to save Jimmy.

Magnus arrives at the Duke’s location. Magnus is stimulating the Duke’s visual cortex in some manner and releases both Will and Magnus. Henry is using the mermaid Sally to transmit this.

The illusion fails and Jimmy arrives. He surrenders and says that he’s got the elemental, when in actuality he’s just got another bomb. He kills himself and the Duke with it.

Magnus apologizes for Kate. She wasn’t aware of her connection to Jimmy, and she didn’t know that he was a mass-murderer. Will thanks Sally by swimming in her tank naked.

* * * * *

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