Survivor Samoa Damage Control S19E13 (CBS)

This was a really good episode, probably one of the best of the season. Although it seems like Russell is in the driving seat, the others have become weary of him. They know that he is in charge.

Last episode, Russell revealed to Mick that he made $1.7 million last year. This will coe and bite him in the ass. John was voted out.

Shambo was also surprised that Dave was evicted. He was blindsided. Russ does some damage control with Shambo. Sham tells him that next time, they need to get rid of Dave.

Jaison plays nice with Brett and Monica. They both believe that Russ will win survivor. Jaison tries to play up his role in Russell’s plans. Jaison is starting to play his game, but it’s too late. Jaison tells them that Russ has a lot of money. He made $2 million last year. Brett thinks that they could get him out.

It’s time for the next challenge. There is no reward, but it’s immunity. They will play survivor bowling. Nat is out, Sham moves on to the next round. It’s Brett vs Russell. Brett is out. Russell moves on. Monica is out, Jaison moves on. Dave moves on. Mick is out. Russell is out and Shambo moves on. Jaison moves on and Dave is out. Jaison wins immunity again. Shambo rolled two gutter balls.

Russ tells Mick and Nat that they are getting rid of Dave. Mick agrees. He doesn’t want to anger her. Russ tells Monica that Dave is going home. She’s trying to get Shambo out. He listens to her and thinks that he could get Shambo out. Dave agrees, but he doesn’t know if he can believe Russ. This is a bonehead maneuver by Russ. Shambo isn’t a threat. Dave is more of a threat.

It’s time for tribal. Everyone is working the jury, especially Shambo and Jaison. Russ sticks to strategy. Monica, Shambo, and Brett vote for Dave. Dave is voted out. For the 1st time, the original Foa Foa have the numbers.

Russ thinks that his next threat is Brett. He wants to get rid of him. Mick is worried. That worries Russ.

It’s time for another immunity challenge. They must race out to the water, retrieve bags and launch them into a basket using a see-saw catapult. Jaison and Mick are in the early lead. Brett gets his first bag in, followed closely by Mick. Russell is also close. Shambo follows. Brett gets it in and goes to his final bag. Mick is close. He also leaves again. Russell leaves after Jaison gets his 1st bag. It’s between Brett and Mick. Brett has got the lead and sprints back. Brett wins immunity in a decisive manner.

Russ tells Mick and Jaison that Monica is going home. She is in cahoots with Brett and Mick. She says that Russ is probably going to take Nat and Shambo to the final. Mick has got his doubts about Russ. Mick talks with Jaison. Monica continues to whisper into Russ’ ears. He isn’t happy to hear that everyone at camp knows about his millions. He investigates and finds out that Jaison is the culprit. Jaison lies.

It just makes me mad, and I like it.
Russ to Shambo

Russ takes the immunity idol to tribal. He says that he’ll play it if he feels any threat.

It’s time for tribal. Russ takes out his immunity idol and puts it on. That’s an interesting move. It kind of shocks the rest of the players. They might not know what to do with this. Monica is relishing what is happening. Monica is scrambling to stay in the game. She liked that his buttons were pushed. She sure is playing it up. It’s time to vote. Russ takes a look at his tribe, and doesn’t play it. Monica is voted out.

Russ’ move was extremely smart. By taking it out in front of them, he made sure that his alliance didn’t vote for him. That left the old Galu scrambling. In the end, it came down to the numbers, and Russ had them.

* * * * *

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3 thoughts on “Survivor Samoa Damage Control S19E13 (CBS)”

  1. I am sick of this crap as you have 3 people that makes more money than I could make in 8-10 years, bidding for one million dollars is so unfair to all of us that are out of work, or losing there homes and where there lives are at almost an end… yet we see 3 people who even if they do not win will still be million-aires with there line of work there in. CBS better get there sh_t together here and get people that need the money on this show as this is my last year watching this program, why is it the rich always get richer and the poor just die poor, give us a chance to win $1,000.000.

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