The Mentalist His Red Right Hand S02E08 (CBS)

The Mentalist tells the story of Patrick Jane played by Simon Baker, a man specializing in studying the micro-expressions of people who became involved with trying to catch a serial killer named Red John. Red John killed his wife and daughter. Since then, Jane has been working with the stupidly named CBI, California Bureau of Investigations, a kind of state police.

Robin Tunney plays Agent Lisbon, who is in charge of the unit. Van Pelt is the new agent on the squad. Rigsby has a crush on her. The Mentalist is kind of like the TNT show Psych, but it’s not a comedy, it’s a drama. I’ve enjoyed this series because it’s light and interesting. I’ve kind of come to despise Criminal Minds.

Jane uses his semi-celebrity and his lack of protocol to solve cases quickly, cases in which the CBI wouldn’t be able to come up with answers without him. Each episode has the color red in its title. The Mentalist resembles the show Lie to Me, which premiered in 2009 on Fox. The Mentalist started on the 23rd of September 2008 on CBS.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Rigsby and Van Pelt are in bed together. Lisbon calls Rigsby. They’ve got a case. Rigsby gets into the shower.

Bosco calls Jane. He wants to talk.

A guy was found dead and postured in a state cemetery. He’s got a freezer burn. Someone froze his body in that position and dumped him here. Jane is onto Van Pelt and Rigsby.

The team arrives back at the station and finds Bosco’s team murdered. There are agents dead. Lisbon is trying to revive Bosco.

A day earlier, Lisbon finds Bosco and Hicks stealing her food.

The EMTs manage to get a pulse from Bosco. Rigsby and Van Pelt are in full gear. Jane says that Hicks is missing. Jane suggests that Lisbon washes up first. She’s covered in Bosco’s blood.

Cho questions Rebecca’s, Bosco’s secretary. She was out getting coffee. She says that they were close to arresting the Armenian drug cartel.

Van Pelt says that two cameras were hacked remotely. The footage from the garage is missing. It’s 10 minutes worth of footage. Bosco is in surgery. His injuries were critical. Jane is bugging Lisbon about the ID of the body at the cemetery. He thinks that it’s connected to Bosco. The guy’s name was Dr. Towlen Morning. Jane runs off. Lisbon and Cho follow. He finds the same type of flowers marking the door. He breaks into his office and finds Red John’s mark. Music is playing. Hicks is dead on the examining table.

Morning was the doctor of Red John’s 3rd and 4th victim. Jane thinks that something went wrong with Carter and Janet Peak. He fixed it but somehow, it came undone. Hicks came to see Morning. Red John killed them all.

There is a press conference where Minelli announces to everyone that Bosco is still alive. I’m sure that Red John will come to clean up that mess. They should have said that Bosco was dead. Jane was about to unplug Bosco’s morphine. He wants Bosco to tell them what he found out.

Cho found out that Bosco called a cop who found a body buried in the foundations of a strip mall. It was a John Doe. He is missing a leg, an earlier amputation. This matches Carter Peak. This is the missing Red John victim. Red John must have heard about this from the bulletin. There must be damming evidence on the body. They go to Cloverfield and find the body missing. The doc says that the CBI already picked up the body and all of the samples. This happened right before the CBI attack. Cho question the guy who signed over the evidence. He gave it to a woman. The scene changes to Rebecca. She must be Red John or Red John’s right hand. We see Rebecca shooting all of the agents as well as Bosco with a silenced pistol. She told him that Red John said hi. We see her in Bosco’s room. She was about to shoot him. Lisbon and Van Pelt arrive just in time.

Van Pelt discovers that the footage was switched. They can’t trust anything on the cams.

Jane questions Rebecca. She isn’t saying much about Red John. She says that she loves Red John and won’t betray his trust. She says that she got rid of Bosco’s team so that Jane could have the case back.

On her way through holding, Rebecca spots Red John in a Sheriff’s deputy uniform. He brushes his hand against her. She smiles. She collapses and dies from poison.

Bosco asks Jane to kill Red John when he catches him. Jane answers that this is his plan. He whispers something in Jane’s ear. Bosco flatlines.

A week later, they find out that Minelli is retiring.

* * * * *

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