Survivor Samoa This Game Aint Over S19E15-16 (CBS)

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Russell is already up and about. The rest of the tribe is still in bed. He gets the tree mail. Nat looks anorexic. Russ tells Nat that they absolutely have to win the next immunity challenge, or she might go.

It’s time for the next immunity challenge. They have to race across some obstacles to retrieve a bag of puzzles. They then need to cross some other obstacles and assemble the puzzle. Jaison the clutz falls. Mick also falls. Russell is in the lead for now. Russell brought his A game. It’s going to be close. Russ has a slight lead. Brett is working against 4 people. It’s between Brett, Mick and Russ. Brett wins immunity again by a slight margin. Mick was really close, but fumbled with his pieces in a few crucial moments.

Brett is pretty happy that he’ll be sending a Foa Foa home. Nat is extremely worried because she’s the weakest link. Mick and Jaison want to get rid of Nat. Nat talks with Russ. Russ wants to keep her in.

Jaison checked out of this game a long time ago.

Russ is in a quandary. If he keeps Jaison, Jaison won’t be able to beat Brett. If he keeps Mick, Mick might win in the final. Russ has got a pact with everyone. He tells Mick to vote Jaison and Jaison to vote for Mick. This means that it’s between Nat and Russ to decide who stays. They discuss it.

It’s time for tribal. The former Galu on the jury are pretty happy. Laura and Dave are smirking. It’s clearly between Jaison and Mick. Brett says that the last immunity challenges were suited for his particular skill set. Brett says that he would like to be in Foa Foa’s shoes, but Russ retorts that it’s not that hard to beat the old Foa Foa. They are just too old compared to Brett. It’s a really funny comment and spot on. Brett is pretty young and fit, compared to Mick and Russ. Jaison is out of it. Even though it might make sense to keep Mick, Russ has always been closer to Jaison. Jaison is voted out.

During the exit comments, it’s apparent that Jaison is pissed and he says that he’ll vote for Brett, but I don’t believe that. Those were just spur of the moment comments in my opinion.

Russ talks with Brett about the final three. Brett would like to go to the final three with people who deserve. Russ thinks that he is going to the final three no matter what, since he kind of secured Brett’s vote at tonight’s tribal council if he wins immunity. It’s really smart and a sort of insurance policy. Russell is covering all bases, schemes within schemes.

Before the final immunity challenge, they do a remembrance ceremony for their fallen comrades. For the final challenge, they have to balance a statue on a pole. At regular increments of time, the pole gets longer. Mick is the first one out, followed by Nat. It would be so annoying if Brett wins this one as well. Russ wins immunity. Brett falls off. It was extremely close.

Mick says that it was intense and a sigh of relief when Russ won. Russ is rubbing it into his TM Mick and Nat. Mick thinks that there is some funny business going on. He’s got his doubts about Russ. He’s suspicious of Russ getting the firewood. Nat thinks that he’s on drugs and paranoid. Russ tells Brett that he made a deal with everyone. He talks it out with him to explain that he’s basically going home. Russ is only thinking about jury votes.

It’s time for tribal. Jaison looks totally different. He’s got a shaven head and glasses. Russ says that he put everything into the final immunity challenge. Both Mick and Nat are certain that Brett is going home. Russ comments that Brett is the best so that he earned being in the final three. It’s strange because Shambo actually looks worse with make-up. Brett is evicted. Russ had both Nat and Mick worried for a while, but it was part of his strategy in making bold statements for the jury. Erik whispers “Wow, they did it!”. Jaison and Shambo look bitter.

The next morning, the survivors get a feast. They immediately start eating. It’s day 39. Russ is kind of coaching Nat so that she places better than Mick. It’s kind of funny to watch. Russ is practicing his speeches and thinking about his strategy. Nat is Russ’ strongest competitor because he was responsible for a lot of backstabbing. If Nat makes this clear to the jury, she will win. She was also a stronger competitor than Mick at times. Mick is basically finishing 3rd. It’s between Russ and Nat. It all depends on what they say. If their speeches antagonize the jurors, they are digging their own hole. I think that Russ is trying to rile and shake his competitors into making a mistake.

It’s time for the final tribal. Laura looks terrible. Brett is wearing a T-Shirt that I saw at camp. Mick makes his opening statement. Mick says that he’s a good guy, please vote for him. Shambo and Jaison are shaking their heads. Nat’s speech is weak. None of the jurors is impressed. I wouldn’t be. Russ is confident. His speech is very convincing. He talks about his biggest moves. It was good enough to maybe convince some people that didn’t like Russ as much. It’s obvious that the votes are going Russ’ way.

Now it’s time for the questions from the jury. Jaison tells the jury that no one in the final three is broke. It was nicely done. Shambo is up next. She calls Mick feckless. She calls Nat a coattail rider. I thought that she was going to say cunt. Shambo tells both Nat and Mick that they aren’t getting her vote. Brett is next. He asks Mick what they would do on a bro-date. No one really knows what that meant. Kelly is up next. She is all in Nat’s face. Kelly looks at Monica when Nat answers some BS. Russ says that the three words that describe him are honesty, integrity, and loyalty. Kelly has got some nice verses tattooed on her left arm. Monica looks beautiful, but she’s wearing too much make-up. Russ retorts that both Nat and Mick were congratulating him after making the big evictions. Laura asks Russ what he learned about her that allowed him to beat her. John wants them to give him the hard sell. Why should he vote for them? Mick says that he is a nice guy. He’s got nothing to ask of Russ because John already respects him.

Erik tells Mick that he did nothing. Erik is being a whiny little bitch. Erik is very bitter. It looks like Erik is about to cry. Erik is making Nat cry. He tells her that she’s got his vote.

Survivor Samoa Reunion S19E16

Shambo looks terrible, Dave looks like an 80s reject, and Brett is wearing the same T-shirt as in Samoa.

Jury Votes

Nat wins the title of Sole Survivor by a vote of 7-2. Mick didn’t get one vote. John and Shambo voted for Russ. All of the others voted for Nat. That is total BS. You could see it on Russ’ face that he had lost before the votes were being read out.

Nat didn’t outplay anyone. The jury just hated Russ more. He antagonized most of the jurors, which is why he lost. Russ looks upset. Jeff even comments on this. Jeff says that if he would have taken Jaison and Shambo, he would have won. Jeff actually polls the jurors, including Nat and Mick. Russ offers $10K for the title of Sole Survivor. Russ has a pair of socks for Jaison, after he says that he had more respect for Nat’s game. Russ drops them in the fire.

Russ underestimated a part of the game, the votes. He didn’t think too much about how he stabbed many of the people sitting in the jury in the back, that’s why he lost. They would rather give it to someone nicer than Russ. It’s a bit pathetic though. The jury decided to give the money to Nat because she didn’t play as hard and they liked her better. I think that this was all spearheaded by Laura, Erik, and Jaison, who were really bitter at being evicted.

A bit later, Russ offers $100K. Nat declines. Russell wins $100K. Mike lost 65lbs. Jeff continues to make some BS comments to everyone who didn’t get far.

Jeff, you make me sweat every time you say my name.

The next season of Survivor will be an all-stars season. It will pit Villains against Heroes.

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