Doctor Who The End of Time Part One S04E17 (BBC)

Doctor Who: The End of Time

Doctor Who is a long-running, award-winning British science fiction television programme produced by the BBC. The programme depicts the adventures of a mysterious alien time-traveller known as “the Doctor” who travels in his space and time-ship, the TARDIS, which appears from the exterior to be a blue police phone box. With his companions, he explores time and space, solving problems and righting wrongs.

The show’s lead character is currently portrayed by David Tennant. A Christmas special co-starring Kylie Minogue aired in December 2007, and the fourth series started on 5 April 2008. For that series, Catherine Tate will reprise her role of Donna Noble, from the 2006 Christmas special, as the Doctor’s latest companion. Midway through the series, Freema Agyeman will also return to her role of Martha Jones, following a multi-episode guest appearance in the Doctor Who spin-off series, Torchwood. John Barrowman will continue his role as Captain Jack Harkness, and Billie Piper will return as Rose Tyler for three episodes. Elisabeth Sladen is also set to return as Sarah Jane Smith in a cameo role.

After a 2008 Christmas special and three further specials starring David Tennant, scheduled to air in 2009, Doctor Who is planned to return in 2010 for a fifth full length series.

From the Doctor Who entry at Wikipedia.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

The Doctor is a long lived alien from the planet Gallifrey. He’s a Time Lord and travels through time thanks to his aging time capsule the Tardis. David Tennant is the tenth Doctor. My favorite has always been Tom Baker as the fourth Doctor. The Doctor periodically regenerates. When he does so, he changes outward appearance which let the producers change actors easily. All Time Lords regenerate 13 times. The Doctor’s nemesis is the Master, a renegade Time Lord who found a way around this limit. Other enemies include the Black Guardian, the Daleks and the Cybermen.

During the previous serials, before 2005, Gallifrey was alive and well. It appears that for the new series, the Doctor is the only survivor of the last great Time War between the Dalek Empire and the Time Lords.

This is the first of a series of specials that will air this year. Since David Tennant couldn’t commit to a full series this year, due to some previous acting commitments, we are left with a bunch of specials.

After two disappointing specials, we come to the end of David Tennant’s Doctor. Tennant has rapidly become a favorite of mine. I still love Tom Baker above all, but Tennant is very good. What is it about him? I’d say that David Tennant was almost perfect for the role. It’s too bad that he’s moving on. Already, the 5th season has been delayed until later this year because he couldn’t commit to a full serial.

It’s sad because he was so good. However, it’s good that Tennant is going out with a bang. The ending of part one of the End of Time was amazing. The Master, the Doctor, and the Time Lords, all reunited at last for one final confrontation.

Still, I wonder how the Time Lords got out of the Time Lock that kept the Time War under lock and key. It probably has something to do with the Master. I’m sure we’ll find out. Out of all of the recent specials, this has to be the best one and part two will surely be better as well!

* * * * *

Looks like that Master is back!

Ood Sigma calls the Doctor. It says that the Ood are plagued by bad dreams.

The Elder Ood show the Doctor that part of the Master survived. He’s part of a greater conspiracy of darkness. A vast shadow has moved across creation. Time is bleeding. The Ood have gained this sight.

The coming darkness heralds the end of time itself. The Master’s wife is being released from jail. A jailor introduces her to the new Governor. They’ve got the Master’s ring. They tell her that the Master prepared for this eventuality. They perform some kind of ritual and bring the Master back by sacrificing themselves.

He says that the never-ending drums are louder than ever. While the ritual is happening, Lucy flings the anti-life potion of Saxon at him and an explosion consumes them all. The Doctor arrives too late.

The Ood spoke of the King. The King is watching the footage from the prison and saw that someone survived. The King wants the gate prepared. The King is a human named Naismith.

Wilf comes back home. He’s also been having the dreams. However, he remembers them. He’s mobilizing some seniors to find the Doctor and the TARDIS.

The Master is being evil in a junkyard. That’s scary! The Doctor arrives and they can smell each other. The Doctor chases him. The Master has got some superpowers now. Also, his skull is showing from time to time. It’s bluish. The Doctor says that he is burning up his own life force.

Wilf and the Doctor have a cuppa. They see Donna in the distance. The Doctor can’t go see her. Her mind will burn if she remembers. Wilf says that she’s engaged. The Doctor cries about the things that he has done.

The narrator is Timothy Dalton and he says that dawn will bring on the final day of Earth. The Doctor and the Master face off. The Master has got electrical powers. He shoots the bolts of lightning at the Doctor who’s unfazed until two of them hit him in the chest.

The Doctor collapses. Something is wrong with the Master. The Master tells him about the drums in his head. The Master makes him hear them. The Doctor recoils. There is something inside the Master’s head. The Master takes off like a super-hero.

He lands and makes some crazy statements. A helicopter lands and some soldiers take the Master away. They also knock the Doctor out.

The King is called Joshua Naismith. Donna gave his book to Wilf, her granddad. Naismith has got the Master. The Master is all tied up.

Wilf is getting a message from the strange woman he met in the church. She says that only Wilf can see. She’s on TV. She says that the Doctor’s life can still be saved, but he shouldn’t tell him anything about this. She tells him to get ready to bear arms. He takes his gun and goes outside when he sees the Doctor. Wilf shows him the book. The Doctor recognizes Naismith from what the Ood showed him. Wilf leaves with the Doctor.

I can’t go back inside my own timeline. I have to stay relative to the Master within the causal nexus.
The Doctor

The gate was found by Torchwood. When Torchwood fell, Naismith acquired it. There are two aliens trying to hijack the project. It’s some kind of cellular regeneration machine. He wants the Master to repair it so that it can give his daughter Abigail immortality. It’s called the Immortality Gate.

Naismith is some kind of billionaire. The Doctor arrives and uncovers one of the aliens. The Master repairs the gate quickly enough. Naismith wants the Master restrained.

The green spiky aliens say that the machine belongs to them. They are a salvage team. They say that the machine mends whole planets not just one person at a time. The Doctor arrives too late. The Master jumps into the gate. The Master has transformed every human into himself. Everyone on Earth has become the Master.

Donna starts remembering. She hasn’t changed. The Doctor protected Wilf from changing as well.

Timothy Dalton is playing a Timelord. He’s addressing them in the Panopticon, which is filled with his fellow Timelords. He says that this was the day that the Timelords returned. For Gallifrey! They are many and all want the end of time itself.

A rhythm of four, the heartbeat of a Timelord.
The lord President of the Timelords

* * * * *

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