My Dream Stable of Road Bikes

Pinarello Prince, Dogma 60.1 and Dogma FPX

One of the reasons that I started Asterisk*Cycles is because I love bicycles. I really do. By being involved with bikes this way, I am assured that I will be able to get my dream stable of bikes this year, which is no mean feat, I might add.

Without further ado, here is my dream stable. For a long time, I was thinking about the TIME RXR Ulteam as my preferred lugged carbon fiber frame, but feedback from some serious enthusiasts as well as some comments that I’ve read, leads me to believe that the Colnago EPS would be better suited.

2010 Pinarello Dogma

2010 Pinarello Dogma

The Pinarello Dogma is quite cheap here in Taiwan, just a little bit more expensive than a Prince. This means that the top of the line from Pinarello is accessible to me. The asymetric engineering that went into this bike is astounding. It’s a beautiful bike and was chosen by Team Sky as their steed. The Pinarello looks gorgeous and I’ve decided on the 464 Black Red Silver color. Ideally, I’d get a set of Campagnolo Bora Ultra Twos with this bike. It would naturally be mounted in Campagnolo Super Record 11.

You have to be smart when you have many bikes. If I have two bikes with the same gruppo, I can easily change wheels, or simply have one set of wheels for both bikes. I’m also thinking about getting Fulcrum Racing Zeros 2-way clinchers as an alternative. I’d like to get the Campagnolo Hyperons Ultra Twos, but they are significantly more expensive than the Boras. Well, actually no. They aren’t that much more expensive here in Taiwan. I’ll probably get a pair later on.

2010 Colnago EPS
2010 Colnago EPS

2010 Colnago EPS

I didn’t know much about lugged frames before I was introduced to this frame by the guys at my LBS. They showed me this great frame and the superior craftmanship that went into it. It’s supposed to behave better than the TIME RXR Ulteam when going fast downhill. The TIME is a great bike though, but I am a bit weary of the impossibly loud decals that it sports. Other TIME frames aren’t as loud, but the RXR is pretty loud.

Also, the TIME frames are expensive here in Taiwan. The Colnago EPS is at least $1,000 cheaper. I know a serious racer who went from TIME to De Rosa and will move onto Colnago soon. For this year, the Colnago comes in great colors. I like the white/blue combo.

Having the Colnago as a great lugged frame and the Pinarello as a great monocoque frame will be quite fun.

2010 Velocite Magnus

Velocite Magnus and Millennium

Thanks to a sponsorship deal, I’ll be getting hooked up by Velocite sometime this month or next with some great bikes from Velocite. Initially, I was going to go for the Helios, a easier bike to ride for multi-day races, but went for the Magnus after I saw what this frame actually is. The Helios is good, but the Magnus is something really neat. The geometry is more suited to sprinting and climbing.

2010 Velocite Millennium

The Millennium is a great premium titanium frame that will be extremely durable. I plan on making it my training bike. No need to worry of breaking it by spilling or falling. Titanium is extremely durable and it won’t break. It is a big concern of mine since I have had a few spills this summer. They happen quickly, especially if you ride a lot. There’s nothing to do but be careful.

The Magnus will be decked out in Shimano Dura-Ace and the Millennium will come with SRAM Red. They will also come with Velocite MONC50 carbon fiber clinchers, TRP brakes, and Stronglight Fission cranksets.

To find out more about these bikes, send me an email at djrange at gmail dot com or visit Asterisk*Cycles.

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