2010 Scott Genius

2010 Scott Genius LTD

Ever since I started mountain biking, I’ve always wanted a Scott Genius. It’s been a favorite, though it couldn’t be sold in the US for a few years due to some legal issues with Specialized. Last year, the Genius LTD retailed for over $13,000 USD, making it an extremely expensive MTB. This year, the prices have dropped by almost $3,000 on the LTD. However, looking through the specs, I find it surprising that they didn’t use the full SRAM XX group. Maybe there is a reason behind it, but I’d rather equip my Genius the way I want.

Scott Genius

Prices are much more reasonable for the Genius frame and shock. They come as a frameset and include a Ritchey seat post. What’s really interesting is that the Genius 10, Genius 20 and Genius LTD use the same frame. The Genius 10 frame is pretty easy to get for about $3,000 USD, making it about the same price as the Giant Anthem X Advanced SL frameset.

Scott Genius rear shock

What sets the high-end Scott bikes apart is their feathery weight. The Genius LTD tips the scales at about 10.4kg/22.91 lbs with 150mm of travel in the front and back. The other remarkable thing is Scott’s Twinloc system that’s basically a remote lockout for both the front and rear suspension which is mounted on the handlebar. That’s really interesting. The Genius rear Equalizer shock always had this capability, but in 2010, this is the first time that even the front fork can be controlled this way.

2010 Scott Genius 30

The front suspension fork is a DT Swiss EXC 150, which has a lot of carbon fiber. There are a lot of weight saving features of the frame, like carbon fiber dropouts, alloy derailleur hangers and more.

2010 Scott Genius 10 frame

So my perfect Genius would start with the 2010 Scott Genius 10 frame, with the Scott Twinloc system, and the DT Swiss EXC 150 fork, so that the lockout system works on both shocks. The wheels would be Mavic Crossmax SLRs, though I’d probably get DT Swiss XRC 330 carbon rims with DT Swiss 240 S Disc hubs and DT Swiss Aerolite black spokes. Gruppo would be SRAM XX with Avid XX brakes.

Price-wise, we’d be looking at around $6,000-7,000 USD with odds and end included. So this would be basically a Scott Genius LTD at about 30% savings, since the MSRP of the LTD is $9,500 USD.

To build your own Genius LTD at a fraction of the cost of the real LTD, send me an email at djrange at gmail dot com or visit Asterisk*Cycles.

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