2010 Scott Scale RC

2010 Scott Scale RC

The intriguing 2010 Scott Scale RC hardtail rounds up my foray into Scott MTBs. Just like the 2010 Scott Spark RC, it’s offered in an RC version, which, in my opinion, makes a lot more sense than the über-expensive LTD editions. It’s too bad that the 2010 Scott Genius doesn’t come in a RC version as well.

Just like the Scott Spark RC, the Scale comes with an ISP, admittedly reducing the weight by an extra 100 gr to a paltry 980 gr (2.16 lbs). Now that’s feather light!

2010 Scott Scale RC

One of the only ways of really significantly lowering the weight of this stock weight weenie is to forgo a suspension fork and use just a plain fork, though rare are the racers using this technique. Still, the DT Swiss XC 100 fork uses a lot of carbon fiber and will save a lot of weight while offering 100 mm of travel. The philosophy of a hardtail mountain bike is to diminish and try to absorb the biggest bumps, while the tail end just bobs around. The bike tips the scales at 8.75 kg (19.27 lbs). Some radical weight weenie-ism can further reduce the weight, but that’s up to you.

2010 Scott Scale RC

Aesthetically speaking, even though at this level, aesthetics aren’t really that important, but it’s always good to have a nice looking ride, the Scale can easily be mistaken for the Spark: the only obvious real difference is the Spark’s rear shock. The absence of the shock lets Scott almost halve the weight of the frame from 2020 gr to 980 gr. Scott has said that this frame is also made to absorb shocks. The shock damping system is integrated into the frame to assure that riders will be able to bike for long hours. There must be some flex engineered into the frame as a damping system, which is contrary to the ultra-stiff rides of top of the line road bikes.

The Scott RC is outfitted with SRAM XX, which, in my opinion, is really great. Stock MSRP is $6,600 USD, though it can be had for significantly less in Taiwan. Send me an email at djrange at gmail dot com or visit Asterisk*Cycles to find out more.

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