2010 TIME NXR Instinct

2010 TIME NXR Instinct

Justin makes a compelling argument for the new 2010 TIME NXR Instinct frame, which he built up for himself and plans to use on the back roads of New Hampshire as his daily training bike.

All frames are different. I’ve always had a penchant for the RXR Ulteam, but I’ve recently started thinking seriously about the Colnago EPS instead. The main reason is that it’s cheaper here in Taiwan to purchase a Colnago EPS than a TIME RXR Ulteam.

Just like the RXR and the RX modules, the NXR is made in France with TIME’s own carbon fiber, which they customized with more flex and damping for this bike.

As a former pro cyclist and bike shop owner, he can treat himself to a really spiffy training bike. It goes to show that getting the stiffest and lightest carbon fiber road bike isn’t always the best training bike. Training, day in and day out, takes a different kind of frame, one on which you feel extremely comfortable.

The frame weighs 1124gr, while the module weighs 1619gr. The fork is 374gr and the bottle cage is 20gr. As with all TIME frames, the NXR comes with a lifetime warranty, and that says a lot.

2010 TIME NXR Instinct

It sounds pretty cool and NXR Instinct frames sell for $5,300 USD in the US. You can match that up with Campagnolo Super Record 11 or SRAM Red, with a good pair of wheels, and you’re ready to go. The TIME frames are significantly cheaper in Taiwan. The NXR is cheaper than the Pinarello Dogma here, which is surprising since the US price for a Dogma is $5,500. Send me an email at djrange at gmail dot com or visit Asterisk*Cycles to find out more.to find out more.

This is the machine I will take on daily training rides up and down the hills of New Hampshire and over the rough, back country dirt roads that link one good climb to the next. Much akin to the VRS Vibraser, the NXR has extra shock absorbing Vibraser fibers (yes, they do work even though you can’t see them) woven into the tubes. As with all Times, this frameset also has specially layed up braids of carbon thus controlling the ride characteristics of each and every different size frame.

Author: range

I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

4 thoughts on “2010 TIME NXR Instinct”

  1. Hi Range,

    Thanks for your email response. Thought I’d post a ‘generic’ question here just in case others are interested. You mention numerous times in your blog that top-end bikes are significantly (20-35%) cheaper to buy in Taiwan than in the US (and presumably Europe). I understand why those bikes manufactured in Taiwan might be cheaper, for example the Giants you’ve detailed, Colnago EPS, Pinarello Dogma’s and more. But you’ve said above that TIME frames are also significantly cheaper. Since these frames are hand-made in France, I’m puzzled as to how they can be so much cheaper in Taiwan ? Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s fantastic that we can buy these dream machines from you at fabulous prices but I’d just like to understand how they can be so much cheaper than anywhere else ?

    Also, you’ve said that you’ve negotiated a deal with some LBS’s. Does this mean that you’re simply acting as a middle-man in the purchase ? ie I tell you what I want, you source it from one of your partners (shops), get it built up and shipped to me and I pay you ? Does this have any implication in terms of the warranty ? With the TIME NXR Instinct, is the warranty international ?Do any repair/warranty claims have to go back to you or your LBS partner in Taiwan or is the agreements directly with TIME in France ?

    Looking forward to your reponse. Keep up the great work.

  2. Hi Dave,

    The TIME frames are made in Europe, not in Taiwan. The cheaper prices come from my new European supplier. I work with dealers and suppliers in Taiwan and Europe, not with shops.

    In a sense, I am running a bike shop, an online bike shop, just like any other. Bike shops have deals with dealers and suppliers. The reason why I can get things cheaper is because for now, I am a one-person operation. I don’t need that much of a markup and I’m also a bike enthusiast. For example, the online shop Competitive Cyclist never sells anything except goods at US MSRP prices. I never sell at MSRP prices, unless I deal with a manufacturer who especially wants it as so.

    I try to make certain that any deal I offer is quite competitive, if not the best.

    All warranties are provided directly through the manufacturer. This might change as my operation grows bigger, but for now, they work through all bike manufacturers.

    The Pinarello Dogma and the Colnago EPS are cheaper because I source them directly through Europe, not through middlemen in America or Taiwan. Let’s not forget that the US price for a Dogma is $5,500 and the Colnago is around $5,000 USD.

    Why are the Taiwanese-made bikes cheaper in Taiwan? Here, I’m talking about most of the Colnagos, except the higher end models like the EPS, Pinarellos FP7, Giant, and other brands? First it has to do with the cost of living, which is cheaper here. Therefore, bike prices reflect this, as a general rule. They are slightly cheaper here, even if the frame has to be imported here from elsewhere. Heck, it could be possible that even US-made frames are cheaper here.

    There’s also the fact that I get even further discounts through my supplier. In the future, I’m looking forward to a time where I’ll be able to get even better prices for my customers.

    When a supplier from Taiwan orders a bike from a manufacturer in the US or Europe, they are accordingly priced. There are differences. If a US bike shop orders the same bike, it might be a bit higher.

    As I mentioned, I’m a bike enthusiast. That’s one of the reasons that I started Asterisk*Cycles. This means that I can get great bikes for myself as well, at great prices, which is one of the main reasons why I started doing this. Also, I haven’t seen anyone else doing this, so I believe that there is a market for this.

    Best from Taiwan,

    1. Hi Range,

      Thanks again for the reply.I agree there’s a market for what you are doing with Asterisk*Cycles, and I wish you the best of luck with this venture. I’ll be keeping in touch. I was simply on the lookout to see what the new Time’s were like when I picked up your site. Now I’m very interested 😉


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