24 Day 8 4PM-5PM S08E01 (Fox)

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After a somewhat lukewarm and disappointing season 7, 24 is back with another season. It’s been a while since we saw Jack Bauer and it looks like he’s fully recovered from his ordeal from the end of last season.

Jack is living it up with his family. He’s fully reconciled with Kim and her husband and he’s spending time with his granddaughter Terri, who looks like she’s about 4. One of the biggest mistakes of the screenwriters in the last season was coming up with a fictional African country. It’s really bad that they did this. They’ve done it again with this season. This season features an Islamic republic named Kamistan. WTF you imbeciles? Didn’t you guys learn anything from last season?

This is why Spooks is so much more entertaining because it’s more realistic. I’m kind of annoyed that they’ve done it again this time around. Still, it’s good to see Jack at it again. There was another thing that kind of annoyed me. Chloe is having trouble with the new CTU systems. She’s been back a month and has trouble learning them. It’s really surprising and doesn’t make much sense, since Chloe has always been the über-analyst of this season.

There are some interesting additions in the cast. Katee Sackhoff is most intriguing. She plays another analyst, who’s involved with an agent named Cole.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

The season premiere wasn’t bad at all. It had the right mix of intrigue, politics and espionage, though I’m still fuming at the fictional Islamic republic of Kamistan. Jack’s a granddad and he’s still got it.

In the first episode, he puts a fire axe in the chest of an enemy merc and throws another one down some stairs. Jack is back! The best part was the stinger missile destroying the chopper.

* * * * *

Some dude finds his friend dad in a crackhouse. He’s being scoped by a sniper. He phones someone else, who tells him that his other friend/partner was also killed. He jacks a car and leaves. He gets shot in the shoulder but manages to get away.

Jack is relaxing with his granddaughter. Kim is on her way home with Stephen. She wants Jack to move with them to LA. Jack has fully recovered from his infection with the nerve agent from last season.

The President and Ethan Kainan are negotiating with a President Hassan for him to surrender research into nuclear arms. It’s either Pakistan or a middle-eastern country. They have Indian accents, so my guess is Pakistan, because India wouldn’t submit to any inspections by the US. It’s actually a fictional Islamic republic named Kamistan. Ludicrous! These dudes playing the President and his brother are totally Indian.

Jack tells Kim that he will be moving back to LA with them. Jack says goodbye to his family, however the dude who got shot is nearby. He takes his gun and plans on seeing Jack.

The President is having a press conference. Some reporter’s press credentials have been revoked. She’s a blondie. She calls President Hassan and says that her press credentials have been revoked. She is interviewing him. To me, it looks like he’s having an affair with Mrs. Reed.

Jack recognizes the man. His name is Victor. Victor says that there is a hit going to happen on President Hassan before he signs the papers. Victor brought the killers into the country. He wants a deal with CTU.

Über-hacker Chloe can’t deal with the computer systems. She’s only come back to CTU because Morris’ IT company went belly up. Dana, played by über-hottie Katee Sackhoff, helps her out. Jack wants to talk with the director of CTU. Hastings takes the call. Jack coerces him after he tries to blackball him.

The mercs are monitoring the police frequencies, who have picked up the jacked car. They are on their way.

Henry divorced President Taylor after she put her daughter Olivia in jail. Taylor is informed of the new threat and that Jack Bauer is back in the game.

On the way to the pick up spot, Victor collapses. Jack gets spotted by a citizen, who called 911. The Russians will be aware where they are.

Hassan is estranged from his wife and they’ve got a sham marriage, even though she’s hot. Reed receives new press credentials.

Jack is confronted by cops then ambushed by the Russians, who start shooting. Jack takes out two of the mercs pretty easily. The chopper’s about to arrive. It lands.

Jack delivers the informant. He’s trying to walk away, but a stinger missile is shot at the chopper, which explodes. Before Victor dies, he says that the killer is someone on the inside, close to Hassan. The shooter is Mrs. Reed, the reporter who’s having an affair with Hassan.

* * * * *

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