24 Day 8 8PM-9PM S08E05 (Fox)

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After a somewhat lukewarm and disappointing season 7, 24 is back with another season. It’s been a while since we saw Jack Bauer and it looks like he’s fully recovered from his ordeal from the end of last season.

Jack is living it up with his family. He’s fully reconciled with Kim and her husband and he’s spending time with his granddaughter Terri, who looks like she’s about 4. One of the biggest mistakes of the screenwriters in the last season was coming up with a fictional African country. It’s really bad that they did this. They’ve done it again with this season. This season features an Islamic republic named Kamistan. WTF you imbeciles? Didn’t you guys learn anything from last season?

This is why Spooks is so much more entertaining because it’s more realistic. I’m kind of annoyed that they’ve done it again this time around. Still, it’s good to see Jack at it again. There was another thing that kind of annoyed me. Chloe is having trouble with the new CTU systems. She’s been back a month and has trouble learning them. It’s really surprising and doesn’t make much sense, since Chloe has always been the über-analyst of this season.

There are some interesting additions in the cast. Katee Sackhoff is most intriguing. She plays another analyst, who’s involved with an agent named Cole.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

The season premiere wasn’t bad at all. It had the right mix of intrigue, politics and espionage, though I’m still fuming at the fictional Islamic republic of Kamistan. Jack’s a granddad and he’s still got it.

In the fifth episode, Renee makes her way into the Russian Red Square cell. Meanwhile, Dana is having some problems with Jake. I don’t really care about those, but hey, it’s 24!

* * * * *

―That’s it, this is over.
―Maybe for you Jack, but I’m just getting started.
Exchange between Renee and Jack after she cut of the thumb of a suspect

Hassan’s brother Farhad calls a General to secure the payment for the uranium. Josef wants to get some treatment for his little brother, but his father won’t let him do so. Josef appeals to him and he transports him away to another location. Farhad says that the money will be transferred in 5 hours. Farhad passes the time with some whores.

Renee convinces Jack that they can proceed. Zia wakes up. Renee tells him that he’ll make 2 to 3 million off this deal.

Dana has to take time off work to deal with Jake. Will she be able to? Katee Sackhoff isn’t playing Starbuck in 24, she has issues with Jake.

Weiss briefs the President that Farhad is trying to acquire some weapon’s grade uranium. The Generals back at home have all but declared martial law. It’s going to be a problem for the President. Hassan plans on purging the elements in his government that were plotting against him.

Josef is taking his younger brother to see a doctor, despite what his father ordered. He wants to save him.

Zia arrives to see Vladimir. He mentions Renee. Vlad’s henchman is suspicious, but he wants to see her nonetheless.

Arlo tells Cole that Dana went home. Jake has got someone with him at Dana’s place. He starts to threaten her. He slaps her around a bit and wants her to do something for him. She agrees.

Chloe agreed to find out what went on between Renee and Vlad. It turns out that Renee was assaulted by Vlad, maybe even raped. Renee goes in. Vlad doesn’t trust her and ties her up. He puts them both into a trunk.

They drive off with them in the trunk of their car. Jack calls in a tactical team. Hastings is reticent to engage them, because the op will be over when this happens. They were duped. They were following a decoy. Vlad is taking out a pistol with a silencer.

Vlad kills Zia. He wants the truth from Renee. She eggs him on, but he doesn’t shoot her. He wants to hear what she has to say. He went for her bluff. She’s in.

* * * * *

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