Month: February 2010

  • Asterisk*Cycles Now Sells Velocite Bikes

    It’s official, Asterisk*Cycles is now selling Velocite Bikes‘ full lineup of products, from complete bikes to components. One of the best examples of what Velocite does is the Millennium, their top of the line titanium road bicycle. This frame is bombproof and weighs 1,250 gr. Right now, I’m really getting excited because the Magnus frames…

  • My Daily Tweets

    This is what I tweeted about today… 00:03 My Daily Tweets: # 00:52 Robo-Rex Combines LEGOs and Robots With Dinosaurs: # 00:54 First Step In Becoming A Cyborg: Bionic Feet!: # 01:45 finished for the day, need to log off now. It’s 1:46AM # 12:17 Hacking Old Laptops Into DIY Projectors:…

  • Vajazzle My Vajajay

    After the whole Jennifer Love Hewitt thing about vajazzling her vajayjay– apparently, she’s got a whole chapter devoted to this in her new book, Bryce, a Manhattan socialite vajazzles her vajayjay. It gets better! She brought a camera crew with her.

  • Integrated Washers & Dryers Save Much Needed Space

    While most people have both washers and dryers, it’s really an interesting idea of having a single appliance to get your clothes clean. Think about how much space you’re saving! We think that this one appliance combination is perfect to put into your kitchen! Read Full Post

  • Hacking Old Laptops Into DIY Projectors

    LCD projectors are great to watch movies and to play games. Having tried them out ourselves in a few different settings, we can say that there’s nothing quite like having your own home movie theater, especially when it includes one of these projectors. How about making your own? Read Full Post

  • First Step In Becoming A Cyborg: Bionic Feet!

    The one concept of Cyberpunk that I’ve always enjoyed is bionic limbs. In that near future universe, people could have cybernetic limbs. For years, this concept was relegated to science-fiction. However, there has been progress to make these sort of replacement limbs a reality. Read more @ Technabob

  • Robo-Rex Combines LEGOs and Robots With Dinosaurs

    This just can’t get any better: mash up robots with dinosaurs and LEGO bricks and you’ve got Robo-Rex. Could we want more? Read more @ Technabob

  • My Daily Tweets

    This is what I tweeted about today… 00:04 My Daily Tweets: # 02:06 finished. its 2:06AM I need to log off. # 13:17 Orb Audio Has Small Speakers & Now With Amplifiers: # 13:21 Justin’s Desk Features Clever Lighting Built Into Shelves: # 13:24 Ghostbuster Wii-mote Mod: Ready For Action!: #…

  • The Headphones to Rule All Other Headphones!

    These amazing headphones will make your puny little earbuds look like nothing! These headphones were designed by William Gerwin do everything you’d ever want your headphones to do, and then some. Read more @ Technabob

  • The Death of The Exile, Moscow’s Angriest Newspaper

    A great article over at Vanity Fair about the death to The Exile.