2010 Velocite Millennium Preliminary Build

2010 Velocite Millennium Elite*

I went to the shop and took some photos with a recharged battery. It’s the day after we’ve received the components and the bike still looks good. The 2010 Velocite Millennium is Velocite’s top of the line bike. It’s made out of titanium and has got a lifetime warranty. It’s also got a 3-year replacement warranty for crashes. This frame sells for $1,899 USD.

Velocite MONC50 wheels on the Millennium

Velocite believes that this frame is quite bombproof. This is one of the reasons why I chose this frame a few months ago as my training ride. Why? I tend to ride really fast at night and have taken some spills last year, around 3. One was pretty bad and I woke up in the hospital, the others were just little ones. I spent some time talking with a few bike racers and they don’t use their top of the line rides for races. They used some pared down bikes for that because it’s dangerous and there’s a real possibility of crashing and breaking carbon fiber frames. That’s kind of hard to swallow after you’ve spent $5,000 USD on a frame.

Back view of the Millennium

This is another reason why I think that getting a Velocite Magnus is going to be very useful. I wouldn’t want my Pinarello Dogma to be totaled in a race. The Magnus is a full carbon fiber monocoque bicycle frame that weighs around 1,115 gr for L size. Anyway, I’ll start thinking more about this in March. A customer’s Dogma will arrive, so I’ll get plenty opportunity to ogle over the frame and details. At that point, I’ll take a final decision considering my premium frame. Odds are that it might be something completely different.For now, the Colnago EPS and the TIME RXR Ulteam are top contenders, but you never know. I’ll at least have two Velocite bikes, that’s for sure.

As you’ll notice, the components were just added onto this bike while we wait for some more to arrive. The fork needs to be cut and the stem needs adjustment. We just popped everything in and saw what needed to be ordered in. A chain ring is missing, as well as a SRAM Red BB. They’ll arrive next week and then the bike will be completed. I might get some red handlebar tape, although the Fizik black looks pretty good and I’ve got the supplied Prolog tape.

Close-up of the font end with the SRAM Red shifters

As I mentioned before, I am really surprised at how good this bike looks. It’s a looker. The absence of decals on the titanium really makes it nice. The titanium/red look is going to be interesting. As a training ride, it’s one darn nice-looking bike.

All in a line

I’ve researched some of the ITM Pathom parts, and I have to say that I am tempted by the handlebar, stem and seatpost. Since I will be getting another bike pretty soon, I’ll have room for these on that bike, although there still is an FSA Plasma that’s available. I’ll have to try them out before we start finalizing it.

TRP 960 SL brakes

I’m also feeling a bit ambivalent about Shimano Dura Ace 7900. I’d rather have SRAM Red or Campagnolo Super Record 11 on these types of bikes. SRAM Red is feather light and the cheapest of the high-end gruppos.

Everyone was impressed by the TRP 960 SL brakes and the Velocite MONC50 wheels. Jimmy was surprised at the quality of these parts. He’s got an EPS and is planning on building a training bike as well.

I wanted SRAM Red for this bike. As it wasn’t available yet at Velocite, I ordered the bike with no gruppo. I had a 2010 SRAM Red group ready for this bike.

All in all, I’m very happy with how this bike is progressing. I look forward to test riding it and recommending it to all of my clients.

TRP 960 SL on Vittoria tires

Millennium Elite*
Frame                    Velocite Millennium titanium 1,490
Headset                 FSA Orbit C
Compressor          FSA Carbon
Bottom Bracket   SRAM Red Ceramic BB
Seatpost                 Velocite TLC                                      185
Seatpost clamp     Velocite Anchor                                 138
Spacers x 4            generic carbon
Fork                       Velocite Zephyr                                  375
Stem                      Velocite FCS                                        132
Handlebars           Velocite LICOS                                   176
Crankset                SRAM Red                                          630
Cassette                 SRAM Red 11-25                                155
Chain                     SRAM Red PC 1090R 255
Rear derailleur     SRAM Red                                          153
Front derailleur    SRAM Red                                           72
FD clamp               FSA clamp
Shifters                  SRAM Red                                          280
Brakes                    TRP 960 SL                                        249
Wheels                   Velocite MONC50 carbon fiber  1,580
Tubes                     Kenda
Tires                       Vittoria Open Corsa Evo-CX            430
Rim tape                High pressure tape
Bar tape                  Prologo Pro Touch
Saddle                     Prologo Scratch Pro                          240
Cables                     SRAM Red


Total actual weight                                                          7,090gr

Preliminary build on the Millennium

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4 thoughts on “2010 Velocite Millennium Preliminary Build”

  1. What a great looking bike. Bet it rides like a charm too! Hope you didn’t pay too much for the warranty on that because the materials used in this bike are built to last for the long run. Enjoy!

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