2010 Pinarello Dogma 462 White Red

Pinarello Dogma in 462 White and Red

We just received a 465S sized Pinarello Dogma, with a top tube length of 515mm in White/Red 462 colors. It looks amazing and I spent a while trying to photograph it properly.

Update: this bike was sold on the 14.10.2010. Send us an email at asteriskcycles at gmail dot com to order your Pinarello Dogma.

Frame just got popped out for photos

Prices start at $7,000 for basic SRAM Red bikes and go up for Campagnolo Super Record 11. We’ve got good deals on Campagnolo Bora Ultra Twos, which would go well with this bike.

Like a painting on the wall

To find out more, email djrange at gmail dot com or visit Asterisk*Cycles.

Split view of the back





7 responses to “2010 Pinarello Dogma 462 White Red”

  1. juan Avatar

    have you sell this bike? I hope not….because i would like to buy it 😉 i just sent you a email about.

  2. range Avatar

    Hi Juan, no we haven’t. We still have it in stock. I just sent you an email!

  3. range Avatar

    Hi everyone, this bike was sold today, so it’s no longer available. However, we can order in any type of Pinarello Dogma that you want.


  4. alex duong Avatar
    alex duong

    Hi, I am interested in the new dogma 60.1 I am in ohio, How much am I looking at for a white and red one in a size 50? also what is the lead time for the frame? thaks


  5. range Avatar

    Hi Alex, I sent you an email!

  6. Mathieu Avatar

    I am interested to buy the new PINARELLO DOGMA 60.1 COLOR 464 SIZE 560
    i live in FRANCE,i read you sell frameset alone ,question what is your best price with shipping and the lead time .THANKS a lot for everything.

    1. range Avatar

      Allo Mathieu, je t’ai envoyé un courriel. A+

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