Survivor Heroes Vs Villains Slay Everyone Trust No One S20E01 (CBS)

Rupert is back! Russell is also back in the Villain’s tribe. JT, James, Colby, Tom, Cirie, Stephenie, Amanda, Sugar, Candice make up the Heroes. Jerri, Coach, Rob, Sandra, Randy, Parvati, Tyson, Courtney, Danielle make up the Villains. Basically, I have no ideas nor recollections about who won what. I remember the strongest personalities, but the rest are just excess meat or boobs, since Survivor likes putting babes in bikinis on beaches.

Some BS talk by Jeff and the tribes. I don’t remember half of them. Who’s that Courtney chick? Don’t remember her at all. I do remember Parvati. Boston Rob is the best player in the game, so I think that my money is on him. The trouble is that now, they all know of him, so it won’t be as easy this time around.

It’s time for the first reward challenge. Something about finding some bags and dragging them back. They have to battle the other tribe.

The girls look good. They are really going at it. Pig-faced Stephenie squeezes Parv’s boobs. Stephenie dislocates her shoulder. The doc pops it back in. Danielle actually sprinted back with her boobs out of her top. They need a non-PG version of Survivor, Naked Survivor!

Amanda/JT take on Randy/Jerri. JT is trying to do a reverse crocodile WWE maneuver. JT gets it back. Colby/Tom vs Coach/Russ. Colby gets free of Coach and drags him along to the finish. Russ has got a leg lock on Tom, the old guy looks in pain. It’s pretty darn good TV. Coach drags Colby to his mat. Villains score. That was impressive.

Colby getting owned by Coach, OMG dude, I can only imagine what Colby is thinking. He’s got to be like “I may as well become a woman” because there’s no point in trying to maintain his masculinity.

Sugar/Candice take on Courtney/Sandra. Courtney finds it. Candice takes it. She drags Courtney along. Sandra has Sugar immobilized and then gets involved. Sugar just gets pushed around. Sugar takes off her bra and is able to get the bag to the mat. Sugar isn’t embarrassed, shows off her assets and flips off the villains.

Boston Rob/Ty vs Rupert/James. James just powers through and scores. Heroes win reward. That was pretty cool. It wasn’t evenly matched. Rupert broke his toe.

First damn toe.

Heroes get fire. James should have been matched alone against three Villains. Russ tries his same strategy with Danielle. It worked well before. He’s got her in his bag.

What I’m telling you is that I want to be on top with you.
Russ to Danielle

Russ does the same to Parv. Parv goes along for now, but she knows all about her and she’s a bit scared of him.

At the Heroes camp, it starts to rain. All the injuries were on the Heroes side. Sugar is looking good. A chicken pokes his head out of the bushes. There’s a rooster and three hens. James is ripped. They decide to throw the fishing net at the chickens. It works pretty well. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

They’ve got 4 chickens.

The Villains are pretty happy that they injured the Heroes. It looks like Jerri and Coach are going to hook up at some point.

The next day, Russ and Parv tell Coach to go ahead and hook up with Jerri. Sandra and Courtney are also poking Jerri to love.

James and JT get into an alliance. James is looking a lot bigger than before. Colby tells Candice that she should look out for JT and James. Candice says that there are people who are already aligned. Candice and Colby are worried about players who have a history. Amanda and Cirie are talking. They decide to lay low. Tom and Stephenie are also talking. Tom wants to be aligned with JT because they both won. They do so.

Boston Rob isn’t happy with the way things are going. They need to build a fire and get water. Nobody wants to do anything. Coach is doing his Tai-Chi. Randy tells Rob not to try to make fire. Rob still wants to try. They get smoke pretty quickly. If the kindling is dry enough, they’ll have it. Rob has got fire almost immediately. Everyone is speechless. Boston Rob, the best player in the game.

I’m bromancing my idol, what can I say?
Coach to B Rob

What’s Rupert doing? Fishing! That’s what he’s best at. He’s trying to start a fire, but not succeeding. Let me this straight, the Heroes can’t get a fire started with a flint while the Villains got fire with nothing. Rupert scrapes a lot of magnesium off the flint. JT takes it and starts a fire quickly.

Boston Rob and Ty want to cut some palm fronds. B Rob decides to make Coach do it. Coach tries and abandons pretty quickly.

In the middle of the night, Sugar wants to snuggle up to a man. She needs a protector. Everyone shimmies away from her. She’s kind of stalking Colby, who didn’t sleep much.

JT kills the rooster by spinning it around by the neck. James is impressed. It reminds him of his childhood. They eat well. They also had a bunch of eggs.

It’s time for the immunity challenge. They have to assemble a boat, paddle out to grab a torch, paddle back, and solve a puzzle. Then, they have to make a ladder and put the puzzle on top and light their fire barrel. It’s pretty elaborate. Both Parv and Candice played in this challenge in their season of Survivor. The Villains have trouble while the Heroes head out. The Heroes have a good lead. The Heroes are also paddling well. The Heroes are starting on the puzzle already. Rob and Sandra are working well together on the puzzle. The Heroes lost their lead. They have to start over. The Villains complete their puzzle first. They build the ladder. Heroes are way behind. It’s all about Rob. That was a great way to go. Villains win immunity. Sugar is crying because she knows that she’s going out. Colby isn’t happy with her.

The Villains are working together finally.

They got to stab someone in the back. They over there being Villains, that’s what they doing there.
Russ on the Heroes

Sugar tells some people that Amanda should just go. Sugar is pretty emotional because she blames herself for losing the challenge. JT doesn’t agree with that. JT and Colby talk. Pretty much everyone wants Sugar gone. Tom thinks that they should take out Cirie. She’s the bigger threat. That would be very smart. The tribe talks and agrees. Amanda, Danielle, and Cirie will vote for Stephenie or Tom.

It’s time for tribal. Cirie is dressed up in a bad mom outfit for tribal council. They are 40 feet in the air in the jungle. Sugar is voted out by a vote of 6-1.

* * * * *

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