5 Sites with Great Tech Deals

Anyone who reads thememoirs knows that Range finds some of the coolest, quirkiest and most expensive gadgets out there. Trying to find some you haven’t seen may be a bit of a challenge, so we decided to go in opposite direction and locate sites where you might find some of the cheapest gadgets.

There are tons of sites that have gone through the trouble of rounding up the great deals for you, so now it’s our turn to do the rounding up. Here are five great sites for finding tech deals we think you’ll enjoy.

1. Tech Bargains

    Tech Bargains is a cool site because it rounds up the best deals found around the web and lists them under “Today’s Hot Deals.” Also, you can find some great coupons from top brands like Dell and HP, as well as top stores like Best Buy and Office Depot. And if you want, you can even search for deals on eBay.

    2. Dealigg

      While Dealigg is not completely dedicated to technology, it certainly places a heavy emphasis on it. This social bargain hunting site is unique, however, because it is based on a peer voting system not unlike Digg.com. The items that are deemed most popular by the visitors of the site will have a spot on the front page. Luckily, the front page leaves space for a lot of great bargains.

      3. Deal Mac

        Similar to Tech Bargains, Deal Mac (created by Deal News, which is a little less techie) rounds up some of the best deals from around the web. The major difference with Deal Mac, however, is that it places most of its focus on Apple-related products such as Macs and iPods. But don’t worry, if you’re a PC junkie or like other non-Apple items (cameras, headphones, TVs), you can still find some great deals.

        4. Tech Deals

          Tech Deals is yet another great site with plenty of tech bargains. If you’re looking for new and retro games, computers, laptops, digital cameras, GPS systems and more, this is the place for you. Right down the center of the page is a listing of the best bargains, sorted by date. And along the sides, you can find coupons and additional categories, some not related to technology.

          5. Deal Dump

            This site just may be the coolest of them all. Deal Dump doesn’t just round up the best deals found around the web and list them by category or price. It actually goes and finds sites like the ones listed above then dumps them all in one place so that you don’t have to browse each one individually. Even better, it lists the top 10 deals from each of the top deal sites, leaving you with virtually no work to do. Talk about living in the age of convenience!

            There’s nothing more savory than finding great deals on the items you want, so hopefully these sites have successfully been able to wet your tech appetite.

            This article was written by Melissa Tamura, who writes on the topic of online accounting degrees for the Zen College Life Blog. She would love to hear from you at melissa.tamura at gmail dot com

            Author: range

            I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

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