The Mentalist Blood In Blood Out S02E14 (CBS)

The Mentalist tells the story of Patrick Jane played by Simon Baker, a man specializing in studying the micro-expressions of people who became involved with trying to catch a serial killer named Red John. Red John killed his wife and daughter. Since then, Jane has been working with the stupidly named CBI, California Bureau of Investigations, a kind of state police.

Robin Tunney plays Agent Lisbon, who is in charge of the unit. Van Pelt is the new agent on the squad. Rigsby has a crush on her. The Mentalist is kind of like the TNT show Psych, but it’s not a comedy, it’s a drama. I’ve enjoyed this series because it’s light and interesting. I’ve kind of come to despise Criminal Minds.

Jane uses his semi-celebrity and his lack of protocol to solve cases quickly, cases in which the CBI wouldn’t be able to come up with answers without him. Each episode has the color red in its title. The Mentalist resembles the show Lie to Me, which premiered in 2009 on Fox. The Mentalist started on the 23rd of September 2008 on CBS.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Cho gets a call. Someone he knows just got shot. Jane notices. He goes with Cho. Someone in his old gang got shot. His name is David Sung. Cho hasn’t talked to him in 13 years. They used to be BFFs. Sung’s grandma wants Cho to investigate his death. She says that David left the gang and got a job. Rigsby, Van Pelt and Jane want to help Cho out. He refuses initially, but decides to go along.

Cho and Jane visit the head of the Evan Park Playboys. He says that David was out, but a month ago, started working with KS. KS is still pissed at what Cho did.

They go see his old boss. KS was shot by Cho. The old boss liked David. The gun that shot David was used in another gang shooting.

Some dudes come to get Cho. It was some kind of scare tactic. Kimble’s girl was hurt. Lisbon says that they are going to take over the case. Cho is mute and leaves. Jane is in his car already waiting for him.

Cho says that KS wanted to do a home invasion. Cho didn’t want to and left the gang because of it. They are going to see KS. KS says that David came to buy some coke last month. Cho wants to take KS in, but he arrives in the living room and finds Jane with a gun to his head. Jane calms down everyone and they put their guns  down. Sung bought $5K of coke.

Van Pelt and Rigsby go to Cedar Creek Equities to see the manager. The 4 people that were with Sung when he was killed worked at Cedar Creek. Crystal, the assistant, was sniffing a lot. She’s obviously snorting coke. Van Pelt catches her in the act.

Crystal says that Adam Reed likes to get high, beat her and have sex. He got the drugs from David Sung. Adam caught David stealing a laptop, so he blackmailed him into getting the coke. Crystal knows about the numbers that were on Sung’s body.

The numbers are passwords to the accounts to some of the firm’s most wealthy clients. He was after those. After getting beaten a bit, Adam confesses to blackmail and the drugs. Cho takes Adam with him and locks Jane and Rigsby out. The janitor dude sees them.

It looks like some kind of a setup to get the janitor. The scene is set. Adam has blood on him. It looks fake. With a gun to his head, Frank confesses to killing David and beating Cho’s girlfriend.

Reed has to cooperate because of Crystal’s testimony against him.

* * * * *

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32 thoughts on “The Mentalist Blood In Blood Out S02E14 (CBS)”

  1. This episode of The Mentalist was one of the more intense episodes of the season. It was really interesting to see Cho get so intense during the investigation.

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