Velocite Millennium Elite SRAM Red

Velocite Millennium + SRAM Red

Here are some new photos that I took of the Velocite Millennium. Now before you comment on my riding position, I’d just like to mention that I had some back problems last month. That’s why the handlebars are a bit high. They’ll come down in a few weeks and I’ll have it cut down further, dropping a few more grams.

SRAM Cassette and rear derailleur

Starting next month, I’ll start purchasing parts to weenie my ride. I’d be pretty happy with a weight of about 6kg. This would just be a sort of practice run for my real ww build, which will start in April.

Cinelli Bubble handlebar tape & SRAM Red shifters

I think a lot of people are curious about the Velocite MONC50 clinchers. I have only used them on a single ride, so I don’t have a full report. But they perform well. At $900, they are certainly cheaper than other deep dish wheels and they do have a look that grows on you. They don’t have decals, the logos are painted on.

Sloping geometry, perfect for long rides

Since I haven’t owned a carbon fiber bike with a titanium bike at the same time, I’ll also defer my judgment until next month when I will get a Velocite Magnus frame to fully test out.

I forgot to mention that the MSRP of this frame is $1,900.

Brakes, wheels & rims

As for the TRPs, they do work well. However, the pads are fresh, so that too will have to wait until I’ve got about 1000 km under my belt. Hopefully, this will be in two or three weeks.

Close-up of the welds

Author: range

I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

2 thoughts on “Velocite Millennium Elite SRAM Red”

  1. Range,

    I can’t imagine your bike getting any lighter weight. Already it’s an easy single hand pickup.

    Despite the low weight, the ride, as you have it equipped, is fantastic. The road bumps didn’t faze me at all while riding yesterday.

    Additionally, when I stomped on the pedals, the bike went. This is a great upgrade from my current ride’s stomp, frame flex and then a little push forward.


  2. Hi Michael,

    I agree, but I’m going to be using some of the stuff I’m thinking about on the Millennium to test them out for my next light build.

    Anyway, it was great to meet you yesterday!

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