Survivor Heroes Vs Villains Its Getting The Best Of Me S20E02 (CBS)

JT formed conflicting alliances. At the Villains’ camp, only Boston Rob was working at camp. Russ was up to his old tricks. Villains won the immunity challenge decisively. Heroes evicted Sugar unanimously.

At the Villains’ camp, torrential rains are making the tribe miserable. Boston Rob is pissed. He’s stuck on the buffoon camp again. This is his 3rd time.

The next day, the Villains decide to work on the shelter. Everyone has got their opinion, especially Parv. Courtney understands his pain. They can’t work together.

At the Heroes’ camp, they are working well together. Rupert wants to get rid of Stephenie. Stephenie is getting bossed around by Rupert. She doesn’t like it but she keeps quiet.

Boston Rob quits trying to make the shelter.

Everyone is having a meltdown, but I’m not.

Rob collapses by himself in the forest. He mentioned feeling sick and dizzy. Jerri finds him. She gets medical. He was dehydrated and the flu. He goes back to the tribe.

It’s time for the next challenge. Two members of each tribe will race to roll large crates. They have to roll a few and stack them to spell their tribal name. First ones up win immunity. The reward consists of tarp, rope and nails. JT, Coach, and Ty did this in their season. Randy, Courtney, and Rupert sit out this challenge. JT and Cirie have the initial lead. The Heroes have the lead after a few crates. Parv gets hit with the crate in the face. Heroes have a 20 second lead. Boston Rob leads the tribe through the puzzle. JT and Tom lead the Heroes. They don’t have a lead anymore. Boston Rob is giving his all. The Heroes start talking trash to each other. The Villains win immunity in another decisive win. James isn’t happy. Stephenie doesn’t give a shit but doesn’t say anything. James thinks that Stephenie is the problem. She needs to go.

Rupert thinks that Boston Rob is great at puzzles and made everyone listen. JT takes responsibility, but James and Amanda say that no one listened to JT. James has a little rant. Tom isn’t impressed. He also had to hold his tongue.

Russ is jealous of Boston Rob. Russ goes hunting for chickens and catches one.

James is rallying his tribe against Stephenie. He tries to convince Candice. James is getting annoying. Tom, Colby, and Stephenie think that they are going out. Tom wants to have Candice and Cirie switch over so that they send Amanda home, they’re in business. Cirie isn’t going to vote off Amanda. They were together in their season. Cirie is smarter than that. Tom is working on Candice. Tom tells her that she is the swing vote. Candice and Cirie talk. They kind of start an alliance.

It’s time for tribal. James says that it’s all Stephenie’s fault. Colby defends her. James blames Colby as well. Tom says that he was bullying Stephenie. Stephenie gets voted out by 6-3.

* * * * *

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