The Amazing Race When the Cow Kicked Me in the Head S16E02 (CBS)

Teams must travel to a hotel in Chile. All of the teams get on the same bus to Santiago. The lesbians align with Heidi/Joe. Joe/Heidi are on the 1st bus with the lesbians. The cops are pissed with Joe for “saving” a place in the line. The grandma team are last. The Big Brother team, the coyboys, and Caite decide to go to the other bus station in another city in Temuco.

In Temuco, the coyboys discovers that the 6:30PM bus leaves from Central Temuco, not the station that they are at. The coyboys are at the right station at the right time. They go to the other bus terminal and just miss the bus. They leave for the 7 PM bus. They miss it. The coyboys will be there first.

The others have to take a 1AM bus.

The coyboys are in a car on the way to the hotel. The path opens at7:30AM. Joe/Heidi are 2nd, followed by the Lesbians. Then Brendan/Caite and the BB team.

The coyboys are on the island first. Steve/Allie, the gay brothers and the cops arrive next. The gay-brothers have trouble with the stick shift. The grandma team is last.

They face a Detour. Teams have to choose between lamas or condors. In Lama Adoration, they must choose a lama and dress it up. In Condor Consternation, teams must dress as birds and soar to a target in the water from a launchpad.

Joe/Heidi see the coyboys leave. Caite can barely read. The coyboys do the lama task. It’s pretty easy for them. One of them is a lama whisperer. Teams will drive themselves to the next clue.

Let’s take this one, it likes me.
Joe before getting spit in the face

Joe/Heidi and the lesbians are doing the task but they don’t have much luck. Brent/Caite naturally do the condor task. Steve/Allie do the condor task. The cops do the lama task. Joe/Heidi finish the detour and leave. The lesbians are close behind. Brent/Caite are still in 4th. The BB team does the condor task.

They gay brothers get lost. Steve/Allie are 6th. The gay brothers have trouble with stick. Jordan makes Dan push the car.

The attorney moms join the cops at the lama task. They beat them and move on.

The cowboys face a Roadblock. They must collect the 5 fresh ingredients needed to make a cake. They make a quick job of it and leave for the pit stop. Joe/Heidi are 2nd. The Lesbians are next. Carol gets kicked in the hand. Heidi gets peed on. Brent/Caite arrive. Heidi is done. Carol is also finished. Brent is done. The BB team arrives. Dan/Joran still haven’t done their Detour. The grandma team is close behind them. The BB team leaves for the pit stop. Steve/Allie and the attorney moms arrive. The cops drive past the Detour. Monique gets kicked in the face by a cow.

Dan/Jordan leave for the Detour. So does the grandma team.

The coyboys finish 1st and win a sailboat each. Joe/Heidi finish 2nd. The lesbians finish 3rd. Dan/Jordan pass the cops, who are lost. Brent/Caite finish 4th. The BB team is lost.

Jody/Shannon arrive at the Detour. The BB team informs the cops that they are 19 miles off course. The attorney moms finish 5th. The BB team finishes 6th. The grandma gets kicked in the head by a cow. The cop has trouble finding the pantry. Steve/Allie finish 7th. Dan/Jordan finish 8th.

The cops leave for the pit stop. The grandma team is close behind. The cops finish 9th. The grandma team finishes last and is eliminated.

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46 responses to “The Amazing Race When the Cow Kicked Me in the Head S16E02 (CBS)”

  1. Thoth Harris Avatar

    I am grateful to say The Cow never kicked me in the head. But I suppose there are worse things.

  2. range Avatar

    Man that was freaking hilarious. An old granny getting hit in the head by a cow, while it poops. I think at least 3-5 people got hit by the cow’s hoof. It was pretty darn funny!

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