Month: March 2010

  • Honda Asimo Robot Gets A Redesign After 13 years

    You’ve probably seen or heard about this little robot, the Honda Asimo. Well, after 13 years, it was time for a much needed redesign. Read more @ Technabob

  • Dozracer: Bulldozer LEGO Kit Becomes Star Wars Pod Racer

    The great thing about LEGO bricks is that they can be used to build lots of different things from the same parts. Take this as an example: Martin Latta used the pieces from a 7685 Dozer kit to build a Star Wars pod racer. Read more @ Technabob

  • Make Your Own DIY LEGO iPhone Stand/Dock

    Although this isn’t the first iPod/iPhone dock that’s made out of LEGOs, it’s certainly an interesting design, especially if you want a unique-looking dock and you’ve got a bunch of spare LEGOs in the house. Compared with some of the previous models we’ve seen, this one looks pretty simple to construct. Read Full Post

  • Training & Diet Week 5 Day 1 & 2

    Monday Today I had 2 milk teas, 1 banana smoothie, 3 pieces of a light birthday cake (mine), rice with Thai minced meat and beef at Thai Heaven, which is around the corner. The birthday dinner with the wife was nice. We also had some pork stay and crab moon cakes. The cake was the…

  • My Daily Tweets

    This is what I tweeted about today… 00:58 TD’s Giant TCR Advanced SL 1 ISP & Customer Testimonial With Asterisk*Cycles: # 01:08 @lenachen I don’t mind gratuitous bikini shots 🙂 What is it with bulldogs and boxes? My Frenchie loves them too. # 01:57 Earth Hour 2010: # 11:15 Hack A File Cabinet…

  • Web Browsers Illustrated

    Caldwell Tanner is a cartoonist for College Humor and he made this great little cartoon comparing the different browsers to their equivalent modes of transportation. Read more @ Technabob

  • iPod & iPhone Cable Lights Up While Charging

    I don’t know why there aren’t more cables that light up, but I have to say that these iPod/iPhone charging cables look pretty sweet. Read more @ Technabob

  • Hack A File Cabinet Into A Budget Friendly Standing Desk

    If you tend to spend quite a bit of time at your desk in your home in front of a computer, you’ve probably tried a few different configurations to make things more comfortable. With laptops, it’s easy to just pick up your computer and change locations. However, there are quite a few benefits from using…

  • Earth Hour 2010

    I had a really hard time deciding which photo I liked the best. These photos showcase Earth Hour 2010 which took place on the 27th of March all over the world. What I really like is that you can see the photos fade in and fade out, which is really cool. The above photo was…

  • TD’s Giant TCR Advanced SL 1 ISP & Customer Testimonial With Asterisk*Cycles

    TD’s bike arrived a little more than a week ago and he finally sent me a few photos of the assembled and finished bike. As you know, we don’t fully assemble the bikes, we check that everything is accounted for and pre-assemble them. All that you have to do when you receive a bike from…