Velocite Frames, Bikes & Prices

My Velocite Millennium

As mentioned before, I’ve become a Velocite dealer. They don’t just make great frames, they also make some great, lightweight components. Some of these are extremely light. I’ve posted weights for some of these.

The 175g LICOS handlebars

If you’re not in the market for a frame, then you should most definitely take a look at the components and wheels. The NOIR wheels feature ceramic hubs and bearings, but we can custom build you a set of wheels to fit your needs. Magnus frames were sold out until this month. They will be available for purchase and delivery this month.

If you are in the market for a complete bike, we offer complete build kits that can be customized to your liking. These kits include Shimano or SRAM components, but we also offer Campagnolo. Send us an email at asteriskcycles at gmail dot com or visit Asterisk*Cycles to find out more.

To check out a Millennium Elite build, check out this post.

Frames                          Price $USD  Weight
Millennium (titanium)        1,799        1,250g
Helios (carbon fiber)            1,699        1,220 (XL)
Magnus (carbon fiber)         1,699        1,115g (L)
Isoflow (carbon fiber)          1399         1,080g (M)
Selene  (alloy)                         699         1,300g (XL)
Flux (carbon fiber)              1,099         1,205g (L)

LICOS bar                               229             175g
ACROS bar                              149             260g
FCS stem                                 159             120g
SCS Saddle                              159             113g
Ethereal bottle cage                39            10.5g
TLC27  seat post                      89             175g
TLC31  seat post                      89             185g

NIOC32                                    599          1570g
MONC50 clinchers                 899         1510g
NOIR  38/50       tubulars      999         1200g      ceramic hubs and bearings
NOIR  38/50      clinchers     1,099       1450g      ceramic hubs and bearings
NOIR  50/90       tubulars     1,099       1400g     ceramic hubs and bearings
NOIR  50/90      clinchers     1,199        1640g     ceramic hubs and bearings

Mostly stock Millennium road bike

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