24 Day 8 12AM-1AM S08E09 (Fox)

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After a somewhat lukewarm and disappointing season 7, 24 is back with another season. It’s been a while since we saw Jack Bauer and it looks like he’s fully recovered from his ordeal from the end of last season.

Jack is living it up with his family. He’s fully reconciled with Kim and her husband and he’s spending time with his granddaughter Terri, who looks like she’s about 4. One of the biggest mistakes of the screenwriters in the last season was coming up with a fictional African country. It’s really bad that they did this. They’ve done it again with this season. This season features an Islamic republic named Kamistan. WTF you imbeciles? Didn’t you guys learn anything from last season?

This is why Spooks is so much more entertaining because it’s more realistic. I’m kind of annoyed that they’ve done it again this time around. Still, it’s good to see Jack at it again. There was another thing that kind of annoyed me. Chloe is having trouble with the new CTU systems. She’s been back a month and has trouble learning them. It’s really surprising and doesn’t make much sense, since Chloe has always been the über-analyst of this season.

There are some interesting additions in the cast. Katee Sackhoff is most intriguing. She plays another analyst, who’s involved with an agent named Cole.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

This season of 24 isn’t bad. I’m entertained. It’s kind of funny how Jack gets roped into things once more.

In the ninth episode, Jack gets back in the game because he needs to make sure that no one charges Renee with anything.

* * * * *

They make Bazhaev call Josef. They are trying to triangulate his location. He agrees to hand over the road. Before he can do so, Fahrad has him shot. He leaves with the rods.

Looks like Jack is going to hook up with Renee. Rob Weiss isn’t happy how things went down. He’s putting pressure on Hastings. Rob wants to blame Renee. Renee will get charged. This way the blame won’t fall on Hastings. Hastings was appointed by Weiss, so if he fails, they both fail.

Ortiz gets a call from Arlo. He tracked down Dana’s phone. She’s outside the place where Jake and Nick are holed out.

Kristen Smith from the Justice Department arrives. She’s here to put the frame on Renee. Hastings is cooperating, but he isn’t happy about it. Smith is insidious. She exploits Renee’s weaknesses. When Jack arrives, Chloe immediately tells him about what’s going on with Renee. Jack deduces that they are setting her up as the fall guy.

Jack arrives and takes her out. It’s too late though, she confessed. When Jack steps out of the interview room, he gets tasered.

Fahrad’s adviser has got other plans for the rods. He’s got his own agenda. They can’t export the rods. The US will be vigilant about their borders. Samir wants to unload the rods and do what he wants. Samir wants to use them in the US. Some kind of radiological bomb.

Fahrad has got someone in the city who will help. Fahrad tries to get away.

Jack is all in Hastings face about being a total asshole. Hastings isn’t impressed that Jack will call the White House. Chloe bursts in. She says that Fahrad is on the line. He says that the people with him turned against him. They are targeting NYC. Hastings tells Jack that they are going to escort him out of this building.

Cole finds Dana. She’s about to kill those dudes that hassled her. He wants to understand. She’s a convicted felon. Jake was going to tell this to Hastings. Cole takes her silenced gun.

Cole threatens Nick and Jake. Nick doesn’t take it well and retaliates by stabbing Jake and going after Cole with a .357 Magnum. Cole shoots him with a shotgun. My guess? They are both dead.

Hastings puts Owen in charge. He’s inexperienced. Cole is away with Dana. Hastings talks with Jack. It looks like Hastings wants to have Jack lead the assault. Jack is offering to help only if they leave Renee alone. If Hastings accepts, Jack is in all the way until this whole thing is done.

* * * * *

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