Survivor Heroes Vs Villains That Girl Is Like A Virus S20E03 (CBS)

So apparently, JT’s duplicity was revealed when he helped evict Stephenie. The shit is going down tonight. The heroes are acting like villains. Back at camp, Tom is the peacemaker. Tom doesn’t like how James acted. JT does some sucking up to Tom. Tom feels betrayed. Tom hasn’t got many options though, so he will have to stick with him. Tom and Colby talk strategy.

Parv is snuggling up to Russ. She’s got the giggles. Coach doesn’t like it. Boston Rob knows what’s up. He says that whoever sleeps next to each other is aligned. B Rob doesn’t trust Russ. Jerri is snuggling up to Coach.

The next day, it’s nice at the Heroes camp. Rupert wanted it to rain so that they could bond. JT and James make a chicken coop. Rupert and James go chicken hunting again. Tom catches another one. The tribe went chicken wrangling.

Coach warns Russ about Parv. He doesn’t think that Russ should stick that close to her. Even Boston Rob warns Russ about Parv. Coach says that it’s ostracizing him. Russ doesn’t really care much. He’s got his own strategy. He’s placating them.

Russ and Parv talk. Parv thinks that Coach is demented.

Why do they want to vote me off? I’m just a sweet, innocent girl.

Parv totally trusts Russ. He’s got her eating out of his hand. That night, Coach starts telling his ludicrous stories. Russ decides to hide the machete that night. He actually buries it. He wants to cause some conflict to get back at Boston Rob. Next, Russ will get rid of B Rob’s hat.

Randy gets a giant clam, but no one wants it so he shares it with Parv and Sandra. Parv gags. Sandra and Randy eat.

Randy and Coach talk about who to get rid next. Parv is in their sights.

Candice and JT talk strategy. Amanda sees them talk. JT thinks that Candice is a lot smarter than he gave her credit. JT then tries to maneuver against Candice by talking with Cirie and Amanda. Cirie shares her concerns with Candice. Candice is making things worse by hustling everyone.

It’s time for the next challenge. The tribes will square off sumo-style. It’s going to get ugly. The reward includes items from home, luxury food, and rice. Courtney and Sandra sit the challenge out. Tom starts out against Russ. Russ is out quick. Parv vs Candice. Parv had the upper hand but she fell. Parv is out first when they both fall into the mud. Rupert vs Coach. Coach pushes Rupert into the mud. They have to do a rematch. Coach gets pushed off easy. Heroes lead 3-0. Jerri vs Cirie. Cirie wins easy. It’S raining. JT vs Ty. Ty is in the mud easy. Amanda vs Danielle. Danielle is out. Heroes are leading by 6-0. Boston Rob vs Colby. Boston Rob is pushed off. That was pretty hard. Randy vs James. With one push, Randy is gone. Heroes win immunity. James wasn’t acting very hero-like. The villains point it out to him. Villains lose.

The villains are washing up. Randy knows that he’s on the block. Randy says that the women are manipulating the men. Randy wants Parv gone.

I guess the heroes ate scare-oid sandwiches before coming to the challenge.

Parv went aggressively against Coach. Coach isn’t impressed, but he has to double-talk his way out of trouble. Ty, Jerri, and Boston Rob talk. They need to get rid of Parv. Sandra, Courtney and Candice are there too. Boston Rob would like to keep Parv, kind of like a lightning rod.

Jerri is annoying. She’s just the fakest faky McGee I’ve ever met. She’s just like a bitter old cougar.

It’s time for tribal. Sandra targets Parv because of her past relationship with Cirie, Amanda, and James. Sandra targets Coach. Sandra also says that the machete is gone. The tribe laughs at life at the camp. Russ is smart. He’s probably my #2 fave after Boston Rob. Randy is evicted by a vote of 6-1. Randy isn’t happy. He burns his buff. The lone vote was probably Randy’s.

* * * * *

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